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Place-setting Trees

Fabric tree

At Christmas dinner, I like to have a little gift for each person to take home. Last year it was vintage wall-paper stockings (which I realize I never posted. I will do a tutorial after Christmas on them. They really turned out amazing) , the year before it was figgy pudding boxes. This year it is little fabric trees. I am displaying them in my kitchen window till Christmas dinner. Then each place setting will have a tree they can take home. These were really easy and fun to make. I wish I could give each of you one xoxox

Christmas Napkins

Christmas Napkin 

For our Christmas table this year, I used vintage buckles and ribbon for the napkin rings. I saw these wonderful napkins by Elizabeth Maxson in the December Romantic Home mag. They were  napkins with sugar cookies recipes printed on them. I love them, so I toke old vintage napkins and a fine-tip Sharpe and I simple wrote out a gingerbread recipe on each napkin. I think we will be able to use these each year. If I need more, it will be easy enough to write.

I am enjoying on my Christmas morning unwrapping gifts, gingerbread bread pudding and smooching my family. I hope you are relaxed and enjoying thislast day of getting ready for Christmas xoxoxox

Where Else Can I Put A Pom-Pom ?

Cany cane table 

In November I just made a bunch of pom-poms and rose'ets with really not any specific ideas. I just wanted them on hand and I knew I would find a way to use them. I set them in among a bowl of ornaments.

Pom pom banner 

Tied them to a big bow. (Isn't that stocking cute. Sorry, it was Auberne` who made it for her dad last year, I had to mama brag)

Pom pom banner 2

To keep in the yarn theme, Auberne` finger-knitted me a length to use as garland. It turned out great, smart idea. Thank you sweetie xoxox   

Candy cane softe 

I thought I would share my candy cane softie., I have not made a softie before and probably will not again. As you can see, I am not very good at it. But since I believe it is the process of trying something, that is important, not the end results. I am sharing it with all of you !!!

Pom pom tag 

Of course pom-poms make great bows on packages. Here I added on to a rose'et. Not bad for $5.00 worth of yarn.

We have had snow, ice, cold and I guess we are in for a big whooper of a storm this weekend. I am hoping to gets some posts written and ready to go today. But if for some reason, I do not post, it is because of the storm. I hope it is not too bad, our Christmas eve is Monday. Thank you for all the well wishes. I am slowly feeling better. Have a cookie and think of me  xoxox

Gingerbread Tags

Gingerbread tags 

I am stuck on the couch with a cold, yuckkkk. So I am trying to do Christmas stuff, while passed out. I am making Gingerbread Tags, soooo easy. Just take a cookie cutter, trace out the shape. To make the buttons, use the eraser on a pencil and some red paint. We also ran around the edges, a chalk pastel to give it a more finished look  xoxoxox

More Wee Wonderful fun

Christmas child cab 

Some more corners of my home. I almost sorry I gave Chloe this metal child's china cabinet. I am sooooo in-love with it. She was kind of enough to let me "borrow" it for Christmas.  Do you see the rhinestone Santa. My MIL gave that to me when David and I were dating. She said it screamed me. That tell you a lot about the princess I use to be. I almost remember that girl ;-p

Paula christmas quilt

I have made it a rule now to not post gifts I get (it got tooo crazy) but some gifts are just to wonderful and have a lot of work and time put into them, to not be shared.This mini-Wee Wonderful quilt by Paula is one of them. Look at this, isn't it just smashing. Paula, had asked me all about my theme this year and sent me this. It is amazing and Paula is amazing to have made it. Plus, it was my colors, classic red and green, candy canes , yo-yo (which is a ornament and I pinned it to the quilt) and Wee Wonderful. Thank you sweetie for being so generous with me and all the work you put into this. It is perfect (and you stiching is soo straight) I love it xoxoxox

Even My Lamp Is Gussied For Christmas

Christmas lamp 

I gussied up my lamp, again. I love it so much, I am thinking I need to make an apron like this. This wonderful vintage trim by the way, is from Edge To Edge (and I saw there was still some when I was there). All I did is make tucks in the trim and pin it from under the fabric (there is a zillion pins under there). I covered it with ribbon. This way when I move on to a new look (and you know I will) I just unpin it all.

Christmas lamp back 

I also made new little curtains for my craft area. All I did was take the old drapes and cut small ones. I did not hem, I am lazy. I just sewed the pom-pom's on the side and hung them up with thumb tacks. It took like 15 minutes. Easy, peasy !!!

Christmas curtian

Pom-pom Garland

Pompom garland 

Yeah, I have my new camera (when I will see my lap top, who knows). Let the Christmas sharing begin  ;-) So my inspiration this year was blogs like Wee Wonderful, Allsorts, Inspireco, Loobylu, Posie Gets Cozy. To me when I think of these blogs, I think of rick rack, pom-poms, gingham, yo-yo's, polk-a-dot's and lots of red. I looks to these elements to inspire me. Also, as I am sure the rest of you, I have to spend as little as possible. I really needed to use what I had or make the most of what I bought. 

Pompom garland 2

I started with a pound of cheap red yarn and made a bunch of pom-pom's. From little to giant. Also small bits of fabric. I was going to make yo-yo's but I found it easier (since I made a lot) to cut small strips and gather them into rosette's. I left the edges raw.


The first thing I made was a garland. I simply left long yarn tails on my pom-poms and tied them together. Then glued the rosette's to the yarn. I love the green and red candy stripped fabric with the red polk-a-dots. Speaking of garlands go check out Nesting Place Garland Show and Tell. I will be back with more xoxox



Pompom garland 2