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Aloe, Lavender-Rose Face Spray

  Aloe  Lavender-Rose Face Spray 1 Storybook Woods

    I have been making bottles of this for all my friends (because that's how much I love this stuff), so I thought I should share it with you. This all started because last summer was looking for a good moisturizer for my body and thought I would try aloe vera. And found I LOVED it for my skin. It did not leave a sticky reside, like lotion can. Easy to spread on my body and I liked how it makes my skin feel. Since hitting 50 I am have more and more issue with dry skin. Plus I have always had very sensitive skin, even in my youth and moisturizers do not always work for me. I found aloe heals as well as adding moisture and that is a win/win combo for me.

  Aloe  Lavender-Rose Face Spray 3 Storybook Woods

    Then I decided to try to make a face spray and came up with this combo. I just spray it on my face liberally a couple of times a day. Only at night before bed do I use a heavier moisturizer. But this spray has become so much more, I will list all the ways I use it.

1. I spray it on before putting my make-up.

2. I spray it on after I put on my make-up as a setting spray. It sort of melts all the layers together and gives me a more natural looks without melting my make-up off. I love having looking dewy skin.

3. I use it as a detangler for my hair.

4. I use it on my dry ends of my long hair. I only wash my hair ever 4 days, so I spray the ends with this to help keep them from drying out.

5. I also spray my ends to help plump up my curls and give them more bounce.

6. I also use this spray as a hand sanitizer when I travel. The lavender works great for this.


If you research each of the ingredient you will see there is many properties for your skin and hair. So you can see why I love this face spray. Please give it a try and tweak it to your liking!!


A note about the aloe. Initially I went to use the aloe I had bought at the drug store and realized it had fragrance, thickeners and more. I wanted as clean a product as I could find with as much aloe in it. I purchased cold-pressed aloe which is 99% aloe/1% thickener and really love it. It is watery but I find that's better to rub in my skin and not have any leftover slipperiness on me. I encourage you to try and get the best an aloe for the healthiest results.

Aloe Vera  Lavender  Rose Face Spray1 Storybook Woods

Aloe, Lavender-Rose Face Spray

Makes about ⅓ cup


1 small spray bottle

2 TBL rose water or 2 drops of rose oil

2 TBL Aloe Vera Gel

1 small drop glycerin

2 drops lavender oil

1 tsp raw apple cider vinegar

Green tea, about 6 TBL


Add the first 5 ingredients to a small spray bottle, then green tea to fill. Leave a small gap at top. Shake well every time you use. Store in refrigerator.

Aloe  Lavender-Rose Face Spray Storybook Woods

DIY Chafing Dish Frame

  DIY chafing dish frame Storybook Woods 3

    Happy October 1st. Fall is in full swing and I am loving it. When I set up my autumn reading corner but the wall felt a little bare. So I scoured around my house and came up with this wonder print from an antique book I owned. By the way the book was falling apart, I wold never tear up an antique book. The printed needed a frame.

  DIY chafing dish frame Storybook Woods

DIY chafing dish frame Storybook Woods 6

    A girlfriend had found me this holder for a chafing dish and thought it would be a great prop for photos. I thought it would make a great frame (and I can still use it for photos). David just put two screws, one in each corner, in the wall and I can hang the frame on the wall. It was free, easy to do and a great up-cyling project. I love it. So next time you see one of the holders for a chafing dish with no insert, here is a DIY idea!

DIY chafing dish frame Storybook Woods 5

Stir Up Thankfulness

  Thankspon closee

    Every Thanksgiving I make a small gift for each of my guess, as a reminder of that year. This years gift is wood spoons. I have painted them red and stamped them with the saying "stir up thankfulness". In the past I have made acorn cross, bronzed pine cones, paper feather, book apple and cups. I think I will add a tag so each person can write what they are thankful for this year. 

Thank spoon3

     You will need wooden or bamboo spoons with a flat handle. Acrylic paint, painter tape, alphabet stamps and a stamp pad. You could paint over the stamped side of the spoon with some kind of sealer, I did not.


    Start by taping off the spoon, so you can paint the back and sides of the spoon. I found I only needed one coat of paint and then just a touch up in spots. Also I filled the hole with a little ball of painters tape. Tip, if you get paint on areas of the spoon you do not want, I found it easy to sand off with fine grit sandpaper.


    Finally stamp out your saying. I suggest you practice a few times on paper first but do not go for perfection. This is a heartfelt token to remind one of their blessings and that is what counts.

ps. even though I checked the spelling, you can see I misspelled thankfulness. Sighhhh but yet perfect because that is me. Dyslexic, misspelling me!

  Thankspon insta

Bottle Garden


    I was given a HUGE box of old bottles by a friend of my hubby's. He is a diver and has a huge collection of bottles, many covered in barnacles. He mentioned to David he was going to thin down and wondered if anyone would want them. I am sure my hubby's hand shoot his hand right up, as he knows me so well ;-)



    I picked out the gems to display in my house (I will share those soon) but there were a few extras. Since I live on the water and have a shell/sea glass walkway, I thought putting the bottles in my garden would be perfect. I just simple pushed some rebar in the ground and set the bottles on top. So simple!!



The Camellia Does Not Fall Far From the Tree

Teacup flow1

Chloe surprised me with this lovely vignette the other day.

Teacup flow4

We have a HUGE camellia tree and it is in full bloom. Floating camellia's in water is such a fun way to display them.

Teacup flow3

I love that Chloe gathered different tea cups. A simple but clever idea. I hope this means she has learned to appreciate the little things around her and how to make the most of them!

PS. this tea cup belonged to my great grandmother. A true treasure!

Teacup flow

Adding That Little Touch!!

Blinged match

I bought this beautiful candle for a dear friend but I wanted to give her some matches to go with it. I decided they needed a bit of bligging up! I just dipped the ends in some glitter paint and after they dried tied them up with some silver thread. Sometimes it is those little extra touches, that make a gift!!

PS, she loved it!!

Bling match

Jewelry Candle

Jelary candle 3

    I was given at the most beautiful 1930's French souvenir bracelet as a Christmas gift from a dear friend (thank you, you know who you are. I am besotted!!) I love this bracelet soo much and did not want to put it away when I was not wearing it but I also wanted to be able to easily retrieve it when I did want to wear it.

Jewlary candle

    I came up with a simple way to display the bracelet. Taking an old candle, drapping the bracelet around it and pinned it to the back of the candle with push pins.

Jewlary  candle 2

    I can simple pull out the pins, when I want to wear the bracelet and pin it back when I want to display it. A simple, easy way to make the most of what I love!!

Jewlary candle 4

Fabric Label Cards

Lable cards upped 

Well I am embarrassed, as I should have done this post months ago. I was lucky enough to win The Story of a Seamstress giveaway for custom fabric labels from Inked Papers. Michelle was soo easy to work with and willing to try to create whatever I wanted. I never dreamed she could recreate my banner. I was just thinking of something with the same feel as my banner, maybe one of the silhouettes. Well I was over-the-moon when she sent me my labels.

I received two rolls of twin tape (the size of my choosing) with my banner, printed over and over. I am not a big sew'er and really wanted to use these gems in a creative way. I came up with these fun mini cards. I cut card stock 3" by 6" and folded the card. I snipped off a label, fringed the cut edges and stapled them to the cards. I am really happy how simple these turned out.

Thank you Atlanta and Michelle for the labels. As you can see I love them!!

Folded Fabric Book

Folded books 

I wanted to share another writing project we did. I have to say I love these folded fabric books!! They were really simple and easy to do. The hardest part is writing on fabric. These were a project out of The Elemental Journal by Tammy Kushnir. I have mention this book before, when we made bark books.

Folded book 505 

I really think the sky is the limit with this. You could write a letter to someone, a poem your child has written, paint a nature painting, embroidery, etc.

Folded book 404 

In keeping things simple (I think in makes crafting with others, it is nicer when it is easy) I just tore 'paper' from muslin. I did not sew the edges. I figured others could do that if they wanted to. Cut fabric for the cover and hand stitched the two together along the top. Fold up the center piece and then fold the cover closed.

Folded book 303 

We found chalk pastels work lovely on the fabric, so do gel pens. If you make a mistake (as Chloe did above), you can cut out a piece of fabric, paint the word on the fabric and stitch it over the misspelled word. That is what we plan to do. Thank you Tammy for this amazing idea xoxo

Paint a Tray

Painted 303

Thank you so much for all the kind notes and looking forward to five more years of me blogging. We will see what I come up with ;-)

Speaking of coming up with, I wanted  share this simple but stunning tray I made. I was at a friend's and she had this old, beat up silver tray. Now normally I love old beat up things but this was one of those things that was not charming. It had good lines but just plan scruffy looking. The tray was a great size and she asked me if I wanted it (knowing I would bling it up).

Painted tray 404 

It was very simple, all I did was give it a quick cleaning to remove any dirt or oil. Dry and spray paint it. I used rust-oleum satin finish (krylon works too, any paint that can be used on metal) it took three coats, I painted both front and back. For the legs, I used plastic drawer knobs (If screws sticks out, just saw them off). I glued a knob on each corner for feet. That was it, very simple. I am sure you have some old (uncharming) piece of silver you could bling up!!

Painted tray 202

Now onto the winner of the little metal candy dish. Theresa congratulations on winning and thank you again for all your support of me and my little corner of the world xoxox

Spool Easter Basket

Easter spool 303 

Very simple: a large wooden spool, a pipecleaner (or I used heavy wire and covered it in glittery yarn), some moss and an egg.

Easter spool collage 

To glue the wire onto top of spool. I bent the ends, so there was a flat surface to glue. Glued on the moss and the egg. Add a little trim if you like, a Tad Dah!!! Simple, simple xoxoxo

I am linking this idea to Tatertots and Jello weekend round up. Check it out, lots of fun ideas!!

Painting Birds on Muslin

Muslin bird 101 

The girls and have been play with how to express ourselves, our thoughts and feelings, our writting through different art mediums.

Musslin bird 404 

I have purchased several books and are thrilled with them. The first one is Nature Inspired, mixed-media techniques by Tracie Lyn Huskamp. I was drawn to this book because she combines using nature (which is all around us and is free!!) with creative techniques such as painting, photography, distressing and journal. But the one idea we were really drawn to is painting on fabric. I pulled out some leftover vintage dishtowel fabric, it is slightly heavy and I like that.

Using Tracie's technique we sketched an outline of a bird. Then filled in with paint, layer by layer, slowly adding more and more detail. It was soooo easy and fun to paint on the fabric.

Bird 203 

Chloe's page for her journal is a tribute and prayer for Japan. She has been learning the Japanese language, her page says Love and Hope

My page is a love letter to my hubby. Using the envelope Karla sent me, I put in a heart with our names on it, in the envelope. I stitched on a real branch from my woods.

I know one of the subjects I have blogged about that has gained a lot of interest is journaling. A Holy Experience has a wonderful post on the subject. I think Nature Inspired, will help you find new ways to journal. I see a lot of potential for lots of ideas. I think next will will try making one of Tracie's necklaces from a painted fabric bird. Thank you Tracie xoxox

Musslin bird 303 

Square Wreath

Book wreath 202 

Two very dear friends of mine, Mrs. Staggs and Karla are having a Using The Good Stuff party, so I had to join in!! I have to say this book wreath is the most favorite thing I have ever made. I adore it!! I just cut cardboard into the shape I wanted, added torn pages from a very old children's book. Embellished it with pale pink roses off an old hat, a birds nest and some ribbon. Simple and stunning. Thank you ladies for the push, I love you both xoxox

PS I should say I was orginaly inspired by House Revival's wreath!!

Good stuff


Book wreath 606 

Book wreath 505 

Book wreath 404 

Book wreath 3 

Make a Vintage Sweater Clip

Sweater clip2 

I have always loved vintage fashion. It is so feminine, pretty, lady-like. I love dress and heels with little cardigans. For the book signing, I wanted a 50's feeling outfit and was looking a vintage sweater clips. I looked and look and decided I did not want to pay $15.00 for one. In my usual rebellious, do-it-my-way attitude, I made my own. It was sooo easy and cheap (about $1.00).

Sweater clip 33 

All you need it alligator clips, a length of chain (an old necklace would work), jump rings, glue and old buttons or jewelry or some vintage finding. Really the sky's the limit.

Sweater clip 44

Figure out the length of your chain you want and cut it. Attach the chain to a hole in the alligator clip with a jump ring. Then glue your button onto the front of the clip. That is it. Sooooo easy!!!  Sweater clips are very trendy right now. With a pretty cardigan, it would make a perfect Christmas gift!!


I also want to give a thank you to my dear (sweet) friend Theresa and Art & Beth @ Glass of Many Colors Stained Glass Studio, for the beautiful glass wind chimes I won. I have to say, I did not know there was so many pretty types and colors of glass. I found it fascinating looking at them and they make such a beautiful sound. Thank you so much!!


Making Pinecone Jewelry


Necklace pinecones 
This is my favorite kind of craft. Using something from nature in a whole new way. I am blessed to have at lest 6 different types of pine cones on my property. But I love these little fir cones. I thought for fall it would be fun to make jewelry. This was sooo easy just cones, glue and either a ring base or for a necklace I found a big button worked great. I just took some embroidery floss and string it through a hole and glued on the cones. The hardest part was holding the cones for 5 minutes or so, until the glue firmed up. This would be a wonderful project for children and great Christmas gift for them to make!!!

PS. Auberne` made the cutest toadstool ring from fimo!!

Ring 111 



Mushroom ring 


Home Inspirations

I will not be around for a few days, here is some home ideas to inspire you while I am gone. Remember to eat something yummy (I will have a lavender chocolate and think of you) and think of me xoxo

PS. Happy first day of September !!

Allsorts shares the most charming house full of inspration !!! Image above

Athro-inspired mirror

Fall paper wreath

Door plate hook

Pillow cases window shade

Make your own Niermann Weeks chandelier

Multi-ruffled bed skirt

Glass canisters

PS an extra goodie for you Hankie cards to print from EATdrinkCHIC. They are so darn charming!! (thank you Miss. Auberne` you are so on-top of charming things xoxox)

Gussied Up Canning Jars


A while back I saw these wonderful jars at Tracey McBride's blog, which is not surprising since she has a gift of taking simple, everyday items and making something special out of it. Amazing how a little tart mold can transform a jar. By the way the blue jar has a vintage jello mold on it. I think they go with my Coco Chanel inspired kitchen. Brilliant idea Tracey, bravo !!! xoxox



Mason Jar Light Fixture


Woo-hoo, look what my talented hubby made me. Auberne` showed me a mason jar light and I loved it. So I found a tutorial on making one. I have been wanting a new light fixture for the shoe-room and think this is perfect. I will say David did not do it the way the tutorial says. He bought all the parts separate and did his own thing. It cost $15.00 and hold a 60 watt bulb. Not bad. I could see a row of these in a kitchen !!!



Tweet Inspiration


Well life is unexpectedly crazy. Hubby last minute got a week off. It has been cold, gray and rainyyyy but we are still trying to enjoy our week. So I am behind on photos for my next post. I hope you do not mind me sharing some tweet inspiration. I love birds and anything to do with them. I hope they inspire you.

Thank you again for praying for Logan. I am happy to report last week Logan was moved to an intermediate Care Nursery. He is making improvements. But sadly he is having more seizures. At this point I have no more info. but I promise to share more as I do.

I hope you are have a (s)-tweet week xoxox


Sorry, I forgot to save where I got this picture from. I know it is a wedding blog. If you happen to knnow, please let me know. 

From inspirco



a bushel and a peck 


Make a wire cage

Coco Chanel Inspired Candle


In Wren Bay, I tried to weave into the story all these bits and bobs of subjects that I am passionate about. Fashion and Coco Chanel, is one of the subjects. I did a lot of research (which was so much fun), so you could say I've had Coco Chanel on my mind and after all that research, I wanted to add a bit more Chanel to my home.

While checking out the coolest fabric store on earth Esther's, for Chanel inspiration, I noticed they had a large selection of trim and FOE (fold over elastic) for making your own lingerie. What I think is soo cool about this stuff, is it is stretchy. Just think about it, cut a length, tack (sew) the ends together and you have a rubber band with pretty trim.  There are a ZILLION uses for rubber bands.

Here I just took a French jam jar, wrap some trim around it and added a candle. I plan to make more of these for my kitchen window. So check out your trim/ribbon aisle, who knows what inspiration there is xoxo

PS, I noticed at Etsy, if you search lingerie trim, there is a bunch of stuff. Have fun.



Necklace For My Lamp


A friend of mine was giving this lamp away. It is nice and heavy. I like the little table attached. I have plans to overhaul it but still am changing my mind on what I want to do. The shade was cover in stained fabric and I was able to peel the fabric off the shade. But I wanted to bling up the shade a bit with something temporary till I decide what I am going to do.

First I found and old piece of lace and tied it on with some ribbon you cannot see.

Then I started playing with old and broken jewelry I'v kept. I took a black bead necklace, added a charm bracelet. I use the clap on one side to hook onto the necklace and  jump-ring on the other side. Then I added a big pin on each side. One pin is broken, so I use a jump ring again to attach it. The other pin I can pull off, wear and pin it right back. Lastly I took a length of chain and add it to make the "necklace" go all the way around the shade and hook together in the back. I just used more jump-rings and a clasp.

What I love most about this project, is when I get sick of it, I can take it all apart and still have my jewelry pieces. All I am out is a few jump rings, which cost me pennies. So do you  have a bunch of old, broken jewelry you could maybe refashion into something?? I have another project with old jewelry I will share soon xoxox

Lampneck 1


Storybook Woods Gift Ideas

Pillow copy 

My friend Nadine, was asking for inexpensive Christmas gift ideas for her children. I was looking around my blog to remember what I have done (thank goodness I have this blog to remind me :-O

I decided it would make a good post, I need to be thinking Christmas gifts too.. If you have any ideas for Nadine, I am sure she would love to hear them xoxox

For Chloe's birthday last year. DiXymiss's  girls made her a coloring book of all the things she loves.They just printed up coloring pages on-line on subjects she loved and bind it together. If one of your children are into birds, here is beautiful vintage bird coloring pages.

Sewing kits filled with fabric, bits of ribbon, buttons, glue, embroidery floss. Go through clothes you do not want anymore, can you use the fabric, pull off trim, buttons, elastic, zippers, pockets, etc.You can find pretty embroidery patterns here.

 Make giant pick-up sticks (these are something my girls still love, I highly recommend them)

Pillow cases made with fabric of something they love.

Little Stuffed Birds

Buttercup bag

Is there a tee-shirt they love but can not wear anymore. Make a pillow out of it, like Auberne` made me above.

Here is some gifts I made the girls one year.

Gifts I have made in the past, play-dough, hope-chest items like wash cloths and embroidered dishtowel, beauty products like sugar scrub, hot chocolate kits, homemade book to draw in. Also check out One Pretty Thing, I love her search, it gives you picture of each thing xoxoxo

Vintage Storybook Woods-Autumn In A Box

Fall boxx

I have been busy cooking and baking for my father, as he will be here visiting for a week. My one gift to him is always the same. To stuff him full of yummy food. I tell him I only see him once a year, so do not worry about all that rich food   ;-)  

I will be taking the week off and going to Leavenworth, yeah !!!! I thought I would leave you with a vintage Storybook Woods post, autumn in a box. We had soo much fun making these and it is a great way to celebrate the season. Thank you Saucy's Sprinkels and Mrs. Staggs for the idea. We just pulled our box out the other day and already thought of some things, we need to add. I hope you are enjoying the beginning of fall. It is my favorite season and I know many of you feel the same way !!! So doing something you can only do in the fall, celebrate and come back and tell me what you did. Becuase I would love to hear, see you in a week (or so) xoxoxoxo

PS, see what happens when I let the girls out of the basement ;-p  (you can see my kitchen too) also check out the bloopers. Great job girls xoxox

Cheap Chalkboard Trick

Fall shoeroom2

I am starting to decorate for fall. I decided to do a black and white in the shoe-room. I wanted it to feel a bit cleaner, not a lot of little stuff. Instead just a few larger pieces but still charming. I saw Jill's  amazing chalkboard and decided that would be perfect.

In trying to use "what I had", I use an old frame. I was planning on getting some cardboard or foam-board and paint it with chalkboard paint. I wanted it light, so it would not fall on anyone. Plus this is just something for this autumn. I am sure I will move onto some new idea by spring :-)

Fall shoeroom


BUT I was looking at Joannes and did you know they sell foam-core in black !!!!!!!!!!!!! Perfect, no painting. You all know how I hate painting !!!!! I was not sure if I could use chalk on it, but I ws able to. The only thing is you can not fully wipe off the chalk, like a chalkboard. But it is black on both sides, so you have two boards.

As you can see the frame was wider then the foam-core, but I think it still works. I am over the moon. It was easy, cheap and I can use the other side for another use. I am really happy with the whole room. I have one more fun, cheap, easy trick to show you on my next post !!!! 

Fall shoeroom3

Forget-Me-Not Tray

012 copyey 



The girls and I have been enjoying our tea outdoors but I needed a tray to carry everything. Something fairly sturdy, room for all our tea stuff and not expensive. I remember some trays JuneMoon had fixed up as gifts for her family. I went to Michael's and they had them and the pretty blue paper. They are really cheap, you could do anything with them and they would make wonderful gifts. I am very happy with my forget-me-not tray. I especially love the scalloped velvet trim, which I found at my local scrapbook store. I decided to add just a few scattered velvet forget-me-nots on the inside of the tray. I thought it was sort of like a pretty lacey petticoat just peeking out. Also I found about three coats of modge podge, seems to make a finish on the paper that can handle some spilled tea, hot tea pot and can be wiped down. Now go gussie up a tray xoxoxo

Museum Wax


I realized when I posted I should have given some feedback about the museum wax. It has been 3 years (can you believe it) since I wrote the first post, I wanted to say a couple of things. First I do NOT recommend the gel, it just does hold like the wax. So skip the gel. Second I found there are several products out there that are the same thing. Glass wax, adhesive wax for glass, tackywax. I get tackywax at a Christmas store in the area that sell the Christmas villages. They sell little tubs of the wax for $2.50. I always pick up a couple when I am in there. So look around, do a search. Remember, you can reuse the wax. You just scrap it off when you are done, put it back and clean the item with orange cleaner. I do hope you can find some, because I am always finding ways to use mine.

Also I wanted to let you know that Amazon has removed their mark up of my baking issue, so now the price is the same as my Lulu shop, yeah. I really wish I could find a way to get it printed cheaper, so far I have not. But I am still looking. I hope you have a lovely weekend. It is the middle of the week for us, so we will be cleaning, gardening, math, tea outside. Wish you could have tea with us xoxoxox

More Stacking China

Stacking china

I was at my mom's house and saw this adorable vignette. She said I used your stacking china idea. She took a French glass I give her, put some dried lavender inside, set a pretty purple glass plate on top of the glass. Then added the figurine and set it under a dome. I LOVE it mom. Your so creative !!!

By the way my mother has started a new blog Foxtales. She has been posting a lot on trying to be more frugal. Something we all struggle with xoxox

Rick-Rack and Polka Dots

Spring black 

I saw these shoes at Walmart ($10.00) and had to get them. I will confess I do not shop much at Walmart, but I got some really fun (and cheap) fashions there. So I think I may have to check out Walmart more often.

Spring black 2

As much as I loved these Mary Jane's, I still had to fanny them up a bit. I added rick-rack and a flower. I took regular rick-rack and narrow rick-rack, and stitched them together to make a rosette. I just glued them on with Fabri-Tac. They are staying on just fine. I think the rick-rack makes them perfect. Okay I am off to bed waiting for breakfast, with a stack of mags, for my third day of Mother's day. Sadly I have to go back to normal life tomorrow. :-P xoxoxox

Cheap Necklace Trick

Flower necklace3_edited-1 

I LOVE fashion (I secretly want to be Emily at Some Girls Wander, oh and a lot younger ;) I could spend every day shopping and did before hubby and kids. But I just do not have the bucks to support my addiction. So I have to get creative, reuse, think cheap. My favorite way lately is jewelry.


I bought this chain with the idea I was going to make a necklace. But one day with no time, wanting something, I just grabbed it, wrapped around my neck and added a pin. How easy, how inspiring, how may different necklaces could I make from one chain? Ever changing with my whims. Pretty good for $3.00 bucks.

Cameo necklace 

Now I am obsessed. Have you been to look at Joanne's and Michael's jewelry section. There is so many wonderful pieces of chains, finds, etc. I even got a black Eiffel Tower, that I just added to my collection. (Although one day I may run a length of narrow black ribbon though it and wear it as a necklace) Most pieces are under $5.00 and with a 40% off coupon, yahoo. You can make a cameo choker.

Flower necklace 5 

For the necklace at the top (and yes, I love you readers, I actually put a picture on me on my blog. Akk were did all those gray hairs, wrinkles, saggy eyes come from ????) I took a safety pin, attached one end to the chain, ran the chain to the back so you do not see the safety pin.

Flower necklace 6 

Took a pin I love (this sweet pin is from Cassi, thank you xoxox) ran it though the other end and attached it, so you had two different chains, at different angles.

Pendent necklace 

A long vintage pendent.

Bracelet necklace 

Heck, even a cuff bracelet. Wouldn't pretty pink ribbon woven through the links make a gorgeous belt. Akkkk, I can not stop myself. Girl, you need to go get some chain xoxox

Silhouette Cake Plate Tutorial

Silhouette Cake plate1 

I am really addicted to cake-plates and could never have to many. I have been wanting to make some. In trying to reuses what I have, I came up with this silhouette cake plate using the top of an old popcorn tin, a candle stick and a plastic cup.

1: I painted the tin lidwhite. It was took a couple of coats of acrylic paint. It was still bit streaky. But you do not see the pained part, so that is fine. The candle stick was not tall enough, so I glued a plastic laundry soap cup to the top of the candle stick. The side pieces will cover it up.

Silhouette Cakeeplate 

2: For the top I printed the image (Down at the bottom of the post. Click on image and save in your picture) I measured my tin and figured out what size picture would be best. I cut it out the image to fit the top, spread basic white glue over the top of the tin and pressed down the image. I keep the lid face down to help it dry without out bubbles.

One thing about the image, because I printed the image myself (instead of using a printed image) I can not get it wet or the ink will run. You could take an already printed silhouette or cut out a silhouette from black paper, if you do not want to worry about the ink running. Or come up with a way to cover the image.

Silhouette Cake platee 

3: On the side of the lid there is a lip and the side images would stick away for the tin. So I glued rick-rack to fill in the side and it gave it a finished looked to the cake plate.

Sill edge

4: I printed the three ladies above full size on a piece of card stock. I need to print three sheets. I followed the curve of the ovals, cutting them out with pinking shears. I glue along the top of the three ladies and attached that to the rick-rack.

For my top it took two sheets of ladies and just one extra lady to fill in the back. Play with how to lay them out and overlapping them. It is easy, you will just have to see what will best fit around your lid.


All these words make it sound to complicated but really it is not. I hope this inspires you to look around your house and see what you can come up with. I would love to see it if you do xoxox


Okay I Lied

Squirrel heart_edited-1

I do not know if you remember, but on Valentine's day I posted this tutorial of a squirrel Valentine and said I wish I could make each of you readers one. Well I had not actually done one yet. Now I have  and you will just have to make your own ;-) I have a whole new appreciation for anyone who does paper-cutting. Not that it was impossibly hard, but it was not super easy either. I just had to frame my heart (after all that hard work!!!) I was inspired by Tompson Family-Life frame. I took a old, ugly, brown frame, painted it, added the buttons and spools, I am very happy with it .

PS. the sweet gnome tassel is from talented Selia, thank you xoxoxo 

Squirrel heart2

News-paper Bow Tutorial

Newspaper bow 

In my trying to use what I have, I decide to come up with a news-paper bow for a gift I was giving. I am sure there is a zillion ways to do this, but this is what I did.

Newspaper bow1 

With pinking shears, I cut 4 strips of news-paper, going the long way of the paper. (excuse my bad grammar, Kristin I see you wincing)

Newspaper bow2 

With the first strip I folded over and made two loops.

Newspaper bow3 

Next piece I folded three time, then next four and last 5. I tried to set the folds at different angels to fill in the bow more. I had Chloe holding the piece for me as I folded each one. After they are stacked from small down to large, I stapled them together in the center.

Newspaper bow4 

To finish off the bow, I cut the straight edges at an angle with the pinking shears. I took a piece of the pink tissue paper I was wrapping my gift with and crinkled into a little ball, then glued it to cover the staples. Lastly I fluff and twisted the loops. I glued the flower to the ribbon strips I had cut. I really love the graphic news-paper against the hot pink paper. It is almost chic  ;-) xoxoxo

Gift Inspirations



I have been looking for gift ideas. These are all ideas I am considering. If I only had more hours in a day. Thank you for the creative inspirations ladies  xoxoxoxo

Bulb forcer

Bulb Forcer - Farm Chicks


Ragamuffin Garland-Nesting Place

Silhouette ornament

Silhouette ornament - A Soft Place to Land


Eiffel Tower Washcloth - Knitting Heaven On Earth


Ribbon Wreath (in red)-The Long Thread

Chai mix- Craft Schmaft

Knitted Mug Cozy

Knitted Cup Cozy - Homespun Living

Merryville Sketchbook


Oh, you must go check out A Happy Miscellany's Sketchbook 's. Mrs. Stagg has made the most charming sketchbook from an old book. She copied it onto fabric and sewed the book together. Here part two. This really looks like an interesting fall project and a wonderful way to inspire anyone with their sketchbooks. Thank you Mrs. Staggs for the fun inspiration, Mrs. Clarice Fox-Hughes xoxox


Fabric Pom-Pom


I saw the fabric pom-pom tutorial on Molly Chicken and had to make one. They are soooo darn cute. I have to say that Molly uses the leftover edges of fabric, which is a wonderful use. But I did not have that, so I just cut edges off all my different fabrics with a rotary cutter. It was very easy. You do not have to cut straight pieces. Actually I think the wobbly the better, which I good for me ; -)


Food Cover


I love this, I mean, love. I bought the new Mary Jane Farmmagazine and was drooling over all the inspirations (I hate it and love it when there are so many ideas, I do not know which to pick first). Mary Jane has a wonderful article using old linens, which I have lots of. I saw this food cover and had to try it. It is just a wooden hoop and a round linen. The problem was (shockingly enough) I did not have a round piece. But I did have these two matching oval crochet dollies. I believe they were done by my great grandmother. So I just overlapped the two and added the wooden ring. To keep the two ends in the center, from falling in the food, I just tacked them down. I actually really did not sew them. I more just wound the thread around the lace and knot it off. So when I do not want to use them anymore, it will be easy to take them apart. I really want to make some more. I need a much bigger one for my pasta bowl.


I case you did not know Mary Janes Farm magazine has changed. She started off originally just making a catalog with a few articles. Well it grew and grew, till it was half catalog and half magazine. Well now it is a full fledge magazine and really very good. I was impressed and inspired. It comes out every three months. Check it out xoxoxo

Firecracker Favors


Aubern'e made these wonderful firecracker favors for the Hobbit birthday party. Gandalf brought firework to Bilbo Baggins birthday party. I guess Gandalf is known for his fireworks !!! Aubern'e took a toilet-paper roll and covered it in paper. Added string for the fuse and glued a bamboo stick to the side. They filled them with leaf pin, dragon egg (rock), poppers, mushroom bead, fluffy patch for their feet and of course a gold ring. Then she taped a top, like a little hat. I was soo impressed with these and how well executed they were done. You must also check out the hobbit house Aubern'e made as a birthday gift for Chloe's dragons to live in. Aubern'e you are amazing me xoxoxo


Hospital-i-Tea Blog-a-Thon: Decor-a-Tea


This week on Gracious Hospital-i-Tea Blog-a-Ton is the theme Decor-a-Tea. Share ideas and pictures that incorporates tea in our home. 


I am very algeric to most sented candles, so I really use tea-lights in my home a lot. I make mine is a bit different because I did not just want to set a tea candle down in my tea cups, creamers and sugarbowls. I was just too afraid they may get ruined. So I came up with this pretty solution, rock salt. I love using rock salt in decorating. It is dirt cheap (I keep an baggy full on-hand at all times) and it just looks so pretty. After a few years and it starts to look dirty it is easy to replace. All I did for the votive, is to fill a sugarbowl with rock salt to the rim and burry the tea candle. Then the flame is well above my bowl. I hope everyone is having a lovely week. Today is my Saturday and I have double chocolate bread-pudding made from my leftover bread in the oven xoxoxoxx

Build A Nest


Chloe and I had fun making simple nests. In my egg issue I show how to make a nest using a wreath as a base, taken apart. Here we built one from scratch.  I am blessed to have lots of different trees and bushes with just budding branches.  The trick is taking your time weaving, in and out, and around and around. Have fun playing xoxoxoxo



Flippery Cards


I saw these wonderful button note-cards at How About Orange. You just download the PDF for the card, print it up and add the buttons. But I thoughts some baby yo-yos would be great. I also rounded the edges of the card. Now I have sweet cards to send to you lucky readers who win a book xoxox

Also I wanted to take you for all your wonderful advice and prayers for Cynthia and her cancer. I just wanted to let you know she is doing well. She did have a mastectomy. But they feel they got all the cancer and she will have chemo. But it is only a precautionary measure. Her spirits are high and she looks wonderful.

Jennifer Murphy Bunnies


Well I have been meaning to make a Jennifer Murphy bunny for a while. I am soooo in-love with this bunny. I think it is the cup-cake skirt I love the most. I made Miss. Poppy a bit more fluffy and fat then Jennifer's because she has been munching lots of chocolate and jelly beans, just like me ;-) I needle-felted her some wool eyes and used horse hair for her whiskers. I glued Miss. Poppy on a vintage jello mold. Just perfect !!!!! Oh you can learn to make your bunny here. 

PS. someone keeps leaving very sweet comments, but leaves no name or address. So I can not say thank you. Whoever you are thank you and I will try to stopping eating chocolate and getting working on the baking issue xoxoxox




In trying to save money and wanting a more homemade gifts, here is a few things I made for the girls. I use Amy Karol Bend The Rules artsy clutch. These were a bit tricky to make because the fabric was so thin and slippery. I used a very heavy cotton with iron-on facing for the inside fabric, so the silky fabric could just sort of hang around the purse. I added wrist cord to carry them.


These were crystals from Walmart ($1.99) I decoupaged imagines (Ophelia from Shakespeare for Aubern'e and a black capped chickadee, Chloe's favorite bird). Added jewels, broken jewelry, beads for thier Christmas ornaments.


I also made these button rings. So easy, just cut a length of elastic using a whip stitch, sew ends together and sew on buttons. I also made pot holders and embroidered dish towels for my MIL. And I forgot to take pictures of the tote bags I made. The cool one I made for my sister, it is an evening tote bag. She takes to ferry everyday and is single, so I  thought a dressy, evening tote bag would come in handy !!!




When we were making the faux gingerbread ornaments, Chloe made one were she put a smaller cutout on top of a bigger cutout and painted it black. Well it looked like a silhouette and got me thinking. I made some from fimo and LOVE them. They are very easy.

Also I bought this wonderful pink and black paper with no idea what I was going to do with it (it was only $3.00 and the last piece). I came home took down a picture and taped the paper on the wall, but it looked a bit bare.Then I made these silhouettes and I knew they would be a perfect touch for my pink paper (and pink Christmas)

I took a length of mini rick-rack and glued the silhouettes to the rick-rack. Then just used a push pins to add them to the paper at the top and the bottom. They turned out smashing. One more craft I am going to have to make more of.

What I did :

I rolled out the white fimo on the pasta machine, the widest setting 5. Then I rolled out the black fimo on the next lower setting 4.

I cut out the white fimo with cookies cutters.

To cut the silhouette I had printed up some silhouettes I found on-line(here is a great free site)on card stock and cut them out. I set the cut out silhouette on the black fimo and cut around it. I found a small paring knife worked well.

Then carefully peel off the paper and set silhouette on the white fimo. Do not press down but use the knife to fix areas and then gently press down.

Bake as directed.

I tried painting black paint over the black fimo, also I tried using the shiny top coat. But really I like it plain, just back and white fimo.

I encourage you to play around with these and see what you come up with.