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"Anthroploging" a Skirt

A skirt

     Hi, I wanted to share with you how I blinged up this velvet skirt.( I got this $100.00 skirt for $12.00. I love those end of the season racks at the expensive department stores ;-). It is a beautiful velvet skirt but kind of boring. Plus velvet is so formal and I wanted to be able to use it for every day. I brain-stormed for a while how to "Anthroplogie" it and I am happy how it came out.

A skirt 3

    Here is what I did. I got some cheap polyester lining for suits and such at the fabric store, about 1/2 yard. I tore it into 1/2" wide long strips. The fabric did not always tear straight but that was okay! If a strip was too wide, I would tear it in half again, lengthwise. To get the tearing going, I would first have to make a snip in the fabric with scissors. When I had a ton of strips, I put on a good movie and with a needle/tread hand-gathered the strips. Again not being perfect, I would run the needle in and out of the fabric and every few inches, knot off the thread (but I did not cut the thread but kept sewing it until I got to the end of the strip). After a month of this I took all these gathered strips and arranged them on the skirt, overlapping and basically playing with them until I found a pattern I liked. Then I pinned the strips to the velvet and just sewed down the center. I left the edges raw. Really it is simple to do, just a bit time consuming but a great reason to watch a movie. This skirt looks great dressed up but also great with a chunky sweater and boots!!

PS do you like my teal shoes? A 50th birthday gift and another end-of-the-season deal!

A skirt 5

From a Skirt To a Shirt and Back Again!


Chloe will be 16 in a little less than a month and she is turning into to quite a fashionista (and a lot like her mother but do not tell her that. I mean she is wearing my red heels!!). She loves to stretch her wardrobe and find new ways to wear her clothes. She came downstairs the other day in this ensemble and I had to share!


I was impressed. She took a skirt and pulled it up  under her arms. But pulled the back down just a little more than the front. Added a little shell sweater and a wide belt.


And wah-laa, a cute peplum top. Great reuse Chloe and you can always use it as a skirt again!!


A Spring Apron

Spring apron 303 

I made a new spring apron and had to share! A couple of months ago, I was able to hit the bins at Goodwill. They have certain stores where you just pay by the pound. These carts roll out and you dig through them and like I said, pay by the pound. I had soooooo much fun and totally scorned a bunch of vintage (30's and 40's) clothes. I got handmade matching little girls dresses (big sis and little sis) with mini rick-rack trim from the 30's. They are in perfect condition and are of museum quality. Really, I think I am going to sell them. Anyways if you get a chance to go to the bins, go for it!!

Spring apron 606 

Well onto the apron. This apron starts with a little girl's dress (not vintage) that I got at the bins. I loved the fabric and actually only bought it for the ruffle.The dress is a straight piece with elastic at the top and ribbons tying at the shoulder. So I started by taking out the side seam and the elastic. Then I had a big flat piece and decided to do more with it.

Spring apron 707 

I also bought a round embroidered cloth, not in the best of shape, so I cut that in half. For the waist, I simple pulled out some vintage red seam binding and a little hot pink hem-facing lace to go over the seam binding in the front for interest. I sewed the half circle to the top of the dress and then the seam binding and then the lace. Waa-laaa, I have an adorable apron!!

Spring apron 808 

Why I wanted to post about this, well besides showing you my rocken apron (which I adore) is I am now looking at children's clothes in a whole new light. Really anything gathered. Just think about it, take out the gathering and open up one side and see what you have!!! I could have made a small curtain with this piece, a bag, if I was skinnier a skirt for myself, sooo many ideas. It only cost me about a $1.00  to make (Sadly the killer green heels were a bit more, but everyone needs to garden in green heels!! )                              You cannot get any better then that xoxo

I am linking this post up to Homemaking Link-up

Spring apron 101

Make Your Own Loveseat Protector

Couch cover 10 

Well only I am crazy enough to buy a white (well cream) couch! Actually a white couch with a slipcover is brilliant, because you can bleach the slipcover. BUT my couch does not have a slipcover. So I always keep a pretty twin quilt draped over it. Of course though the minute you sit on it, it slides all over the place, ugg.

Couch cover 20 
I was looking through a catalogue and saw these furniture covers for your for pets. What I love about them is they covered the high traffic areas but you can still see the lines of the couch. However they are expensive and havebad reviews. So I came up with my own and it is sooo easy.

Couch cover 30 edit 

Here is what I did.

1. I took a twin quilt and ran it length wise down the couch. This way you have a long piece hanging down the back, this keeps the cover from moving to much.

2. I measured across the seat, adding an inch on each side and cut up the quilt. So you will have one long piece for the couch and one long skinny piece leftover.

3. For the arms I measured how wide the arm is and the length from the seat, over the arm with some extra hanging over (to help keep the piece in place better).

4. I cut those two pieces from the leftover piece.

5. I figured out where the long piece and the arm pieces would attach and sew it together. You should probably finish off the raw edges with seam binding but I am lazy and did not ;-p If it starts to really fray I will add the binding then. I do not see why this would not work with a bigger couch/quilt. I will say it does not slip as much as just the quilt. I am thrilled a plan on making several to go with different seasons and feels!!!

Couch cover 40 edit 

Russian Mixer Cover and my Grandparents

Russian cover 111 

I do not know if you remember my old mixer cover made from a pillow case? I love it but it does not go with my pantry now. I wanted something old-world feeling. Two years ago I embroidered this charming doll and have been looks for the right fabric since. I finally found it. It is black with bits of red and gold like I wanted. It feels very Russian to me. My father's mother Claire (who I am named after) was born in Russia. My Grandfather Isador was born in Poland and went to Germany at age 10 to apprentice as a baker. He met my Grandmother there and they married, moved to England and eventually came to San Francisco, where I was born.

Russian fabric22 

I have never met my grandparents. My Grandmother Claire had a stroke and died when my father was 16 and my Grandfather died 6 months later of a broken heart. But I have felt a very strong connection to this side of my family since I was a young child. I decided at about age 10, whoever I married should take my name with their as a remembrance to all my family who died in the Holocaust (only 2 people made it out of Germany). This is why my husband also goes by Fox-Hughes. He generously took my families name Fox as his own, love that man.

Russian cover 44 

I only have two pictures of my Grandmother Claire, a set of silver candlesticks (my most prized possession) and a beautiful, huge, carved round mirror. There is almost no family left, only a handful of story to hold onto. I always thought I could have been born only two generation earlier and been lost in the Holocaust. It struck me as a child how blessed I was. As I said I have a very strong connection to my Grandmother. I like to imagine cook with her and my grandfather teaching me how to make rye bread. So it seemed fitting to using something Russian feeling in my baking pantry. I embroidered пирог because means cake in Russian. In the picture you see a pin but I will put  a snap there. The cover is a long straight piece and I just folded in the sides. 

I hope you preparing for the holidays but not feeling overwhelmed. Remember A. do as much ahead of time as you can (fill up your freezer) and B. it is suppose to be fun xoxoxo

Russian cover 33 

No-Sew Gathered Burlap Runner


I wanted a burlap runner with a gathered edge, which is not that hard to make. But I am always thinking of those who hate sewing, like I use to (and still do some days) and wanted to create a simpler version. I have to say this was sooooooo easy (did I get enough o's in there). Really and I think it turned out charming!!!!


Burlap runner 

Hamemade Gift Bags

Gift bags

I know this is not a new idea, but I was hopping seeing my fabric gift bags, would inspire you to make some. (Here is a great tutorial on how to thread a drawstring bag)They were soooo easy to make. I made myself only use fabric I already had. I took large scraps I had, found two different fabrics that complement each other (but not too match ;-). I let the size of the fabric dictate the size of the bag. I just use twin for a closer, add a pine cone. I plan on making a bunch this month to keep on-hand. It is a great reuse of fabric and can make even the simplest gift feel special. I am I the only already thinking next Christmas ??? xoxoxo

Gift bags 2

Wool Flower Tutorial

Wool flower 2

Wool flower 00WoolflowerWolflower

It has been a long week. David was doing better, then all the sudden started to do worse. I think it is just wearing on him. And on me, I have to do a lot for him and getting up in the middle of the night and early morning to help him, lots of appointments (which I hate). But you know even in the midst of it all, I have need to create something. Maybe even more then normal. I even got my little front room silhouette Christmas tree done (I will share soon).

I decided this pretty beret needed a little something. I wanted to make a wool flower fast and easy. I hope you do to.

1, Cut two circles of fabric. I decided what size I wanted my pin to be and then made a circle a little smaller. I used wool and left the edges raw.

2. Take a circle and fold in in half, but with one side sticking out a little farther then the other and pin.

3. With a needle and thread, run a basting stitch through the fold and pull and gather. Keep running the needle through and pulling till you get the gather you like. Knot off thread. 

4, You want the shorter front half of the circle gathered and the larger back half flat.

5, Gather the other circle and knot off.

6, Now sew the two gathered edges together and sew a button onto the center of the flower.

7, Sew a pin-back on and be done !!!!!

By the way be checking my blog, in a couple of days I will be having  a give-away xoxoxo


Strawberry Buttercup Bag

Strawberry bag22

Thank you everyone for the wonderful Tasha Tudor day. There were so many celebrating this year, it was marvelous to see how each person had their own way of admiring Tasha. There were some really touching posts. The one thread running through all the posts, was the admiration of how Tasha lived the life she wanted. Thank you again everyone.

This is a bag I actually made last spring and am finally getting around to posting. It is the wonderful Buttercup bag you see everywhere and is very easy to make, truly. I made the bag as a wristlet.

Strawberry bag3

I wanted some fun, bright, not-to-matchy strawberries. I just took a small length of chain, wrapped it around the handle and added some strawberries to it. I am hugely addicted to purses and like to change them everyday with my outfits. I am thinking now I need to make a fall buttercup !!!

Strawberry baggg

I Cut Up A Sweater

Cut up sweater 3 

Well, I am back ;-) My in-laws have a cold, so the trip is postponed a week or so. Yeah, that gives me a week to clean (or till I have to clean) !!!!!

Do you remember when I did a list not the long ago of things I love, someone had taken a pull-over and turned it into a cardigan? I had this pull-over with a deep v-front, I loved the color but it was not the most flattering sweater.

I, of course, did my sweater a little different then she did. I wanted to use a polyester trim because I was afraid if I used a cotton one, it would shrink when I washed it. I took some vintage poly lace trim and sewed it up the front and around the neck. I left a little space between the lace in the front, then I just cut from the bottom up to the V. I was going to add a clasp but I can tell I would like to wear it different ways with different tops. So I decided to just use one of my zillion pins I have as a closer. This will give me more leeway. I was also going to add a lace pocket, but I think I like this simple look better. I am sure you have something that you could cut up xoxoxox 

Cut up sweater 2

Cut up sweater 


Rosey cover

I have had a rosey week. It has been sunny, pleasant (not hot) and although I still really have not done to much cleaning, it has been a lovely. I saw this wonderful tutorial at LucyKate crafts, for making a strawberry jam cover. Well I have not made any strawberry jam this year but I have lots of rose syrup. So I a made a rose version. LucyKate also had a link to wonderful tutorial on making a felt rose. Mine turned out okay. I sewed my ribbon (variegated cotton yard)  a bit to close ot the edge.

Rosy cover

In keeping of my rosey spirit, I am hoping this week to make Rose Petal Macaroons. Althought these Rose Water Pistachio Macaroons (you can use the syrup instead of water) are really tempting too. Akkk choices, choices. Thank you for all your sweet comments, you have made my week the roseyest of all  xoxoxo

Rose cover




Chloe and I have been sewing little birds. She gave her grandmother one for Easter. I use Martha's chicken pattern and left off the wattle and comb. I also shortened the beak.  We just blanket stitched the edges. We prefer to hand sew and I like the look of it better. They were very easy to make. Also if you have not seen it, check Calamity Kim's birds. So sweet.

PS. If you know of any on-line bird patterns, could you please let me know. Thank you xoxoxo

A Bag


I have been wanting to make some bags for shopping. I have heavy plastic-coated ones for groceries but they are too bulky for the mall and such. I had several ideas then, I saw Debbie's market sacks. What a brilliant idea and she inspired me. Mine is a little different from Debbie's. I put a inverted-box pleat in on each side and added a firm bottom. I like wide bags, because it makes it nice to really see what in in your bag. I am still hoping to make one I can fold up and carry in my purse. Thank you Debbie for the inspiration xoxox      


Coral Love


Well since I had success with my Rubblework scarf, I thought I would take the same concept and make a table runner for Valentines. All I did was make a pieced top, add rick-rack to the edge and then a back side fabric. I did not add any filler or quilt it, I wanted it to lay totally flat. Thanks to Michele, I found a brilliant idea, 9 patch. Since the part I hate is all the cutting out of little pieces and putting them together, this was perfect for me. Thank you Michele. It is SO easy, you have to check it out !!!!!!!! My colors for my living-room this spring are soft reds, coral pinks and light turquoise. For the hearts I potato stamped them, I am pretty happy with the runner. The fabrics did not come together like I envisioned. I can see I need to develop more of a quilters eye. As usual I learned a few more things. With each project I do there are mistakes, but then there are lessoned learned. I have to say Kathy's tips in her Rubblework scarf pattern really helped me with the runner xoxoxox


Akk, A Wall Quilt


Akk I can not believe I made a wall quilt. For those who do not know me, for years I said I would never quilt. When I was 19, I made a small quilt. I can not tell you how crooked, wobbly and a mess it was. Never again I said, ha !!!!  At Christmas I saw this panel (below) and LOVED the center picture, it reminds of the old children books I adore. BUT I hated the rest of it (It all matched to much for me ;-). I keep thinking about it and what I could do, I finally decided to go for it. I decided to do the leaves and picket fence in wool felt (that I just appliqued on) Chloe needle-felted the holly berries for me, thank you Chloe. I actually quilted the scallops on the roof and appliqued it on but sadly you can not tell. I think I needed to add more batting to the roof to make the quilting stand out.

There is definitely some flubs and is it a bit wobbly. But for me, it is pretty even and that is all that matters. It was a big learn experience. I have to say it does not really go with my home and I am not sure were I will hang it. But I look at it and am glad I pushed myself to try something new. I have to tell you, I had all you quilting friends in my head as I worked on this quilt. I truly thought of all of you, it was like you were cheering me on. So thank you xoxoxox









Before :


After :


Rubblework Scarf


Yeah, I did a patchwork and did not kill anyone ;-) I made Kathy- Pink Chalk Studio, Rubblework scarf and love it. I soo struggle with patchwork, I can not cut anything straite (even with cutting mat, rotary cutter and guide. My scarf is skinnier then it is suppose to be and I spent 2 two hours re-cutting and still made mistakes. But I think you can not tell, I hope. Kathy if I see you at the grocery store, do not look too close at my scarf :-). But I have to say Kathy's scarf was very easy to make. As a dyslexic I have such trouble reading patterns but I was really impressed with how well written Kathy's pattern is. Very clear, easy to read, full of helpful information. I loved the extra tips she added but it was not so much information that it lost me. Sewing it was easy and it came together with no problem. One nice thing, is you are just purchasing a PDF file. No shipping to deal with.

I have to tell you I have been lucky enough to meet Kathy and she is such a kind, fun and down to earth lady. Chloe still talks about her daughters. She is just like how she is on her blog. Kathy I love the scarf and am ready to try a bit more piece work, thank you xoxoxoox

Christmas ideas


Wow everyone thank you for all the wonderful thrifty, creative (long list) of ideas. You have my brain going and that was just what I needed. I will share what I did end up doing, but it will have to be after Christmas, since my girls read my blog :-} Here are some wonderful ideas to help get you going. I will be posting some fun and easy snowflake tags I have been making. Stay tuned.

Free Elf Stitchette Patterns

Oh my I want to do the boy in blue and the girl in pink !!!!!


Mitten Ornament Tutorial

I love these mittens. We are talking about setting up a tea table this Christmas and having tea parties. I think at one of these we will make these mittens. Thank you Dawn. She also has a wonderful tutorial on making aged Christmas tags.


Waffle Knit Washcloth Pattern

Akkkkk, Debbie I love these. They are so french looking and I already have the right colored yarn. Thank you xoxoxo


Wine Giftbags

I thought these were a brilliant idea Andrea and so easy.


Thread Holder Pattern

Okay I think I am actually going to make this for me ;-)

Thank You and A Great Idea


You know how blessings seem to come in groups, well I have had a couple of weeks of blessings. I am always amazed how giving the blogging world is. Whenever I think people do not care I always remember how generous everyone has been and realize that is not true. Linda sent me the most adorable mini autumn quilt. Isn't it wonderful. She tea dyed the fabric, embroidered the pumpkin, added ribbon and included a stick to hang it from. Linda for years owned a holiday shop and you cans see what a great eye she has.

I thought this was such a clever idea, even if you do not sew. The quilt is about the size of a pot holder. If you had some special hot pad or vintage pot holder you could do the same idea. Thank you Linda soo much. It is just beautiful and I see every time I cook. Also thank you for the inspiration, I am sure the ladies can come up with some very clever ideas from your hanging mini quilt. PS. your sewing is sooo perfect !!!!


Dear Jill at Bittersweettreated me and girls to her amazing soap, some fresh bittersweet and paper I had been drooling over. Jill has one of the most giving hearts of anyone I know. Thank you Jill for blessing my girl too, it meant soo much to them. And as I told you they treasure their gift. xoxoxoxo


Janet(Janet is new to the blogging world, go say hello) was kind enough to offer some acorns to me. I do not have any that grow around here and was thrilled that she offered. But I was not expecting them to come in such a beautiful old tin and also oak leaves. Thank you Janet for taking the time and being so kind.


Hold'em Up Apron

Hold me up apron 101

Hold em up 202

    I have been sewing a lot lately. I made this apron for Chloe. It was so much fun because I just let it happen bit by bit. I took an old canvas money sack, opened it up and added tucks to the top. (yes there is a hole in the canvas at this point I have just left them there). I had to add fabric to the side and made the apron so it ties in the back. Sort of like a smock. I think she could just wear it out and about with her jeans if it were a bit shorter. I actually did a pieced square for pocket. This will probably be the closest I will ever get to quilting :-) I do not know how you quilt ladies do it. Chloe is thrilled with her apron. Now it is Aubern'es turn, well after I make four huge burlap drapes for my kitchen.

PS. thank you for all the kinds notes. My finger is getting better and my family took very good care of me. Thank you Aubern'e for all the cleaning and cooking you did. Also thank you Chloe for helping me and the peanut-butter chocolate piexoxoxoxoxo

The Thank-you Susan Apron



I do not know if you have seen it, but Susan Branch has new free patterns. I saw this scalloped apron and knew I had to make it. I have been unable to find an apron I love. I am large, curvy girl ;-) and I knew I needed an apron with curves. This turned out so prefect for me. If you read this Susan thank you for being so generous with all of us.

But as I said I am big girl so I was a bit afraid her pattern would not fit me. I will try to explain as best as I can what I did to make the apron bigger. I added one inch to each of the three middle pieces, so that gives six inches extra. What I did was move the smallest side piece down as far as I could (click on pictures below). To determine how far I could move that piece down, I started at the other bottom and laid the four straps, reversing wide end to narrow end, so it took up less room. I place the small piece above that and then the other three pieces. I had room to add the inches then. I just took one of those fabrics pens that vanish when fabric is wetted and drew a line in inch out from the pattern. The pattern calls for 7 yards of seam binding but if you buy those packages, they are four yards. So two packages will give you the extra seam binding. The only thing is I really need a pocket. So another day I have to figure out how to add one. But I LOVE this apron and the fabric.

Lastly I have never really worked with seam binding before and it was not easy. But about half way through I started getting the hang of it. But if you look close you will see places were the fabric popped out and I had to sew it down (shock)

Thank you for all the kind comments. It cheered me up and made all the last weeks negativity go away. Having spent a lovely day at home sewing and baking and reading all you kind words have made me feel right as rain xoxoxoxo

Picture1190   Picture1192 

du Puy


Say hello to my little froggy friend du Puy. I named him du Puy because he is filled with little french lentils (and I name everything after food ;-) I saw this wonderful project over at Pearl Bee. Have fun making one yourself !!!!


Pirates and flowers




It have been lazy around here. We have barely been able to hold off getting sick. So we are all laying  low. I made another hot-pad. This one is a large one for big pans. Thank you Debbie for this idea xoxox

Auburne's is still in a pirate/medieval/heraldry mood. She made this pirate pencil case. Chloe has not been crafting. With the sun coming out, she has been running around the yard looking for birds.I hope to get some bulk baking done. I will postabout that soon.





  • Aubern'e is into pirates lately. Although it has nothing to do with the movie, she has not even seen them. She just finds the history fascinating. She is redoing her room in a pirate/rock n' roll theme. Think of pirates and a disco ball. I love my free thinking daughters. We made pillows cases today. It as so EASY !!!!! Why have I not being making my own ? Just think off all the amazing fabrics out there. I can personal them. My mind is spinning with ideas. If you have not made any, check out the tutorials. PS. Look at Aubern'es cute pirate mary janes. Love Target !!!!







Pink Chalk Studio

Supper Eggplant


Pillowcase Bag

Another purse out of an odd thing. I had this wonderful satin pillowcase. I loved it was looking for something special to use it for. I am highly addicted to purses and have a lot of them. I saw a bag I liked and thought I could copy it. I am happy with it, except I would say it is a bit wide. But I took the extra fabric and made another tote-bag out of that. I used a stripped ribbon belt, leftover from some pants that did not fit Chloe anymore. I just sewed it on, with belt loops and all.  The width seem to work better with the tote. It was fun to play with. If you are looking for a really simple idea. Here is a easy pillowcase bag (and were I first got the idea). If it does not come up. Look under April fashion section.

What makes a handbag ??


I have been having fun thinking out of the bag on how to make handbag's out of things I would not normally use. I found (at the same store were I got the pillow) this $4.00 bag that is suppose to hold silverware. I loved it and thought it would make a fun handbag. Let me tell you, I am a lazy crafter. So everything I added, I did with Fabri-tac glue, no sewing. I LOVE this stuff use it all the time. Everyone should own a bottle !!


I was planning on making a ribbon handle but when I was in Joanne's I saw this bamboo handle that looked perfect. I took some red seam binding. Cut loops, glued them to the back of the purse to hold the handle. Changed out button. I went thru my stash of odds and ends and found this vintage wooden bead lady. (I am going to see if I can recreate her !! ). And wha-la !! a cute one of a kind purse to add to my (HUGE) collection. I need lots of purses though, well that is what I tell David. I change my purse everyday !! So what do you have laying around the house that you could glue ;- O (oh I am sorry "make") into a fabulous summer bag !!!

PS. Still working on changing broadband carrier !! But I am trying to get back to normal. Well normal for me !!

Img_0600    Img_0601 



An Old Woman Of The Road

O’ TO have a little house!
   To own the hearth and stool and all!
The heap’d-up sods upon the fire,
   The pile of turf against the wall!

To have a clock with weights and chains
   And pendulum swinging up and down!
A dresser filled with shining delph,
   Speckled with white and blue and brown!

I could be busy all the day
   Clearing and sweeping hearth and floor;
And fixing on their shelf again
   My white and blue and speckled store!

I could be quiet there at night
   Beside the fire and by myself,
Sure of a bed loth to leave
   The ticking clock and the shining delph!

Och! but I’m weary of mist and dark,
   And roads where there’s never a house or bush,
And tired I am of bog and road
   And the crying wind and the lonesome hush!

And I am praying to God on high,
   And I am praying Him night and day,
For a little house—a house of my own—
   Out of the wind’s and the rain’s way.

                              By Padraic Colum

This is why I love a blog because when I find something really fun and have no one to share it with, it just is not as wonderful. I love free embroidery patterns and Needle Crafter has some wonderful ones. I am especially in love with the cottages.

Skirts, Skirts, Skirts


I have a new sewing machine and I am loving it. I never really enjoy sewing on a machine. I would rather hand sew. Which shocks me, I never knew that about myself.  I am finding I do not get as frustrated though with my new machine. With summer here and being fat it is hard to find comfortable cool alternatives to shorts. I am finding flowy cotton skirts are working well. I have a cotton bias cut skirt I got at Ross (for $8, yahooo) that I love and want to wear all the time. Well one day I was looking at it and realized all it was only 2 pieces and a waste band. So I got 2 1/4 yard fabric, laid the skirt down on it and cut out the shape of skirt. I set in a waist band. I did not want a zipper and I am sharing them with my DD. She is a size smaller then me, so I made the back half of the waist band a draw string waist. Easy, easy. So if you have a simple skirts you love I encourage you to use them as a pattern. Then you know what fits you and is comfortable.
If you are not sure you can do this all on your own, here are some skirt tutorials.
There are several how to makejeansinto  a skirt tutorial but I thought this was a good one.
Another circle skirt
WhatTheCrafthas several tutorials
Ohhh and my favorite (I have to make this skirt !!!) is the scalloped hem skirt.I love the way the scallop is only on the back. But you can do what you want !!! She also talks about how to make an un-waist.

10 All American Aprons


I LOVE aprons. I have several and want more. I would like to make a few and am always looking for pattern. Well thanks to Teresa, I found Ten All American Aprons!!!

It is an old booklet with apron patterns to make. They are wonderful. Can you tell I am really excited. I love these cool vintage finds. Thank you Teresa, you are the best. Go the the link and that is the cover. Below is a link to each page. I love them all but I think the gingham girl is my fav. Enjoy and sew !!!! 





























I have been so inspired by Vicki at- Turkeyfeathers. She has stared a flicker group Lambkin Stuffies.  I decided I had to make one and it was so much fun. I took an old wool blanket and used that for the body. Did some embroidery. I did not have a pattern but just winged it. I added some lace and a flower around the neck. The flower is so interesting. It is made of rick-rack and is an old screw-on earring. I want to get some rick-rack and try making some of these flowers. I know Martha has an article about this. I will have to dig through my mags. Too fun. Here is the free (thank you Vicki) pattern to make your own lambkin. Make sure you check out the flicker group and see what other lambkins people made. They are all different. It is amazing to see how each person interrupts something. 


Bird embroidery

I have had several ladies ask me about the birds I have embroidered on the dishtowels I have given Chloe for Easter. I used a free Martha birdembroidery pattern. It is state birds. I have made several. And have used them as a guides for my birds. At first I did my birds true to life. But I was inspired by Turkey Feathers and am now playing with the colors. I have to say one "gadget" that has so helped me in my embroidery is washable wonder marker. It is amazing. You write on your fabric and then you add a little water and it disappears. I love it because if I have half embroidered a design and I want to change it, I just wet it and start all over again. It is not very expensive. I highly recommend one. Also Aubern'e has a light box I use to trace my designs. But Angie (thank you Angie) taught me a trick. You can tape your design on a window and put your fabric over that and use the window as a "light box". Let me know if you do any of the birds and how they turned out !!