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Radiant Orchid

  Radient cab1001

    Did you know radiant orchid is the Pantone color of the year? I know because it is the theme color of the spring issue of Gatherings mag. So the last couple of months I have had radiant orchard on my mind. Which is fine with me but it is one of my favorite colors, a purple with a red cast to it.

Radient cab4

Radient cab3

    I wanted to work the color into my spring decor. I remembered a stack of scrapbook paper I had from a few years ago. I love scrapbook paper. It is pretty, really cheap and easy to use. I just taped sheets of paper to the back of my cabinet with double backed tape. I only taped the top of the paper, it worked!

Radient cab5

Radient cab7

Simple, easy to change out and a quick way to give the feel of the moment!

Radient cab6

Paper Frame


    When I was visiting my father, we went to old town San Diego. Many of the buildings have been turned into small museums. It is the kind of place where you could picture it 150 years ago. Mine kind of place. I loved it. My father gifted me with these framed butterflies.


    Something I will always treasure. I had a hard time picking a spot, for you want a place that will get no sunlight or the butterflies will fad. I finally found a spot but it felt a bit bare. I remembered these paper frames and thought they would be perfect.


    I used roofing paper. It is my favorite paper for crafting and I keep a roll in my basement. That, a ruler and sharpie was all I used. The hardest part (which was not that hard) was the measuring of the paper. I attached the paper to the wall with little bits of tacky wax. Simple, simple but I love it.

Butterfly Love


    Good day, I tell you love makes the world go around and it really is the little things that count. I received the sweetest gift the other day. I thought I would share it with all off you so you could make one yourself.

    Last time I visited my dad, I meet Joy, The Vintage Rabbit. We instantly became good friends and she sent me this beautiful paper garland. Joy simply cut out two butterflies and stapled them together with some pretty ribbon sandwiched in between. To cover the staple, she cut a small body for the center and glue it over the staple. Joy used an old map for the paper which I have to say was a brilliant idea, for the colors go perfect in living room.


    Thank you Joy I love it (and you). Also thank you readers for I have little handmade gifts from many of you around my house. I look at them all the time and think of each of you. Like I said love makes the world go around xox

PS Here is another butterfly project that I thought was charming, butterfly tea bag.

Butterfly tea

A Thanksgiving Feather

Thanks feather 0

I always like to have some small keepsake for my guests at holiday dinners. A sweet reminder of the day. Well I am sick, stuck on the couch. I do not feel to bad as long as I do not get up or try to talk (Akk, it is hard not to talk.). So what do I do, I craft! I was inspired by these paper feathers. I used paper from an old book, that with some glue and wire, easy peasy. I changed the shape of the feather a bit. I will write the year on the back of the feathers and I am thinking each person can write one thing they are grateful for on the back of their name.

Thanks feather 1

As I made these feathers, I have been thinking what am I thankful for? Something besides the big stuff we are all thankful for. Something small, something I overlook all the time and it came to me, my bed. Gosh I spend almost half my life in it. I tell you, every evening when I climb in under my rose covered sheets and sink down in my cozy nest, pulling my down comforter over me, I AM thankful. I always sigh a happy sigh. Add the cold weather and my heated mattress pad, oh yeah baby, my bed is what I am giving thanks for this year. So what is a small, simple thing in your life you are thankful for??

Thanks feather 2 

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Scalloped Paper Candle Holders

Scalloped paper candles 3 

I wanted a simple, clean centerpiece for my coffee table. I also wanted to use what I had on-hand. This wass so easy. I punched out 5 scalloped 3" circles. I laid them in a row, overlapping them, ran a strip of double sided tape down the center and then taped the row around the glass container.

Scal cand 

Tied it off with some thick, black perle cotton embroidery thread. I also found some old miniature spoons and tucked those into the bow. To keep the beeswax candles up, I just use a ball of sticky wax at the bottom and pour in a bit of water, when I light the candles to catch dipping wax. By the way, do you love my vintage mirror. I got that for my birthday, when we stayed at the ocean. I am besotted!!

Scalloped paper candles 

Make a Paper Heart Doily

Paper doily00 

Wishes are the mother of invention. I was looking at my coffee table wishing I had a doily  with hearts on it. Of course that got me thinking and I came up with my own. I used the brown roofing paper (see I love that suff!! any hardware store should have big rolls of it). My original plan was this would just be the pattern and I would make one from oil-cloth (white with red poke-a-dots) but life is too crazy and that is NOT going to happen (I am lucky to get this post written). Actually I love the paper one. Really the sky is the limit, wrapping paper would be sweet too. It isoo easy, anyone can make one. Enjoy!!!

Paper doily 1 

1 trace a circle


2 cut out a heart and mark on each side of the heart where you want it to sit on the circle

Paper doily 2 

3 trace around the part of the heart above the circle. Using a ruler to help you, now trace a heart on the other side of the circle. Do this until, you get the desired effect you want.

Paper doily4 

4 cut out. You can use this use or use it as a pattern for oil-cloth or other paper or whatever you can think of!!! Too cool ha!!


Summer Garland

Summer banner

Summer banner

Hello everyone, I "think" life is a bit calmer and happier now. I had a bit of a health scare but I am pretty sure all is well. I am just waiting on a bit more info. Thank you so much for the kind comments and prayers xoxoxo

I am also glad you like my outdoor living room, I wish I could have you all over and feed you !!! I wanted to share the fun garland I made (if you click on the pictures you can see the garland better). I all did was punch a bunch of pretty 3" scalloped circles, cut a length of thread and glue two circles together, with the string between the glue.

Very simple. I have to say I am not one to have a lot of gadgets, but I LOVE my extra large circle punch, I use it a lot. It makes wonderful tags and has become a have-to item for me.