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McMenamins Edgefield

Edgefield0 storybook woods

    David needed to run to Portland, so we decided to make it a little last minute date. It was the best discition we ever made. We stayed over-night at Edgefield and what an amazing place! They have a brewery, winery and distillery (I even found a whiskey I liked) all on-site. So my home-brew hubby was very happy. With several pubs and restaurants, live music, a pool and theater, one never even needs to leave the place. It was a sunny day!! We stayed it the Stevie Wonder room (the rooms are inexpensive but you have to use a bathroom down the hall. It was not that bad). Stevie Wonder had performed at Edgefield in 2007 and then were quotes from him on the wall. I have seem him perform in person as a girl, so I was thrilled to stay in this room. Honestly I thought I took way more pictures than I did. But we are going to make this a yearly treat, so I will have more pictures down the road. Here is a peak at what we saw!

Edgefield10 storybook woods
Edgefield10 storybook woods


Edgefield13 storybook woods
Edgefield13 storybook woods

Sail Away Cottage


    Sorry I have not been around. Life has been CRAZY. My mother had a few cancer scares, all are fine. We are just waiting on one more. My baby turned 18, akkkk!! And I have had to make so real health changes (which I will blog about soon).

PaB livingroom Collage

    We were in real need of some R and R, so we headed ot the ocean (Pacific Beach, WA) for a few days. It was gray but we still enjoyed it. We were lucky to stay in the cutest cottage. I was inspired by it and thought you might be too, so I took lots of photos. This cottage was like something out of Country Living. Lots of little touches. Enjoy (also it is up for sale this summer) xox

PaB bedroom Collage

PaB sitting collage

PaB house Collage

This, That and a Thank You!

Coke braclet

    Hello everyone, I hope you are well. I have been busy cleaning and installing new hardwear in my kitchen. Amazing how something so simple as new handles can make a big difference. Oh and I am making new lighting for the kitchen too. I will share soon! Oscar's is this Sunday, the girls and I always watch the red carpet and have appetizers. I am thinking maybe making some roasted red pepper bacon goat cheese truffles and pomegranate margaritas!!

    Hey I wanted to give a shout out to Kelli for this pretty, vintage coke bracelet. It will be a fun accessory this summer. Thank you!!

    Lastly I wanted to let you know I have made a project page. If you look under my banner to the right, you will see projects, just click on it. It is NOT everything I have made. I have been blogging a long time, there is a lot. But this is a list of some of my favorites. It is nice to see someones projects all in one place. Enjoy and let me know what you like to eat when watching the red carpet xox

Shabby Apple Winner


    Hello, I wanted thank all of you who entered the Shabby Apple give-away. Sadly you cannot all win but the winner is Jennifer! I will e-mail you. Remember for another two weeks you can save 10% just enter the code storybookwoods10off

    By the way I have exciting news I have been asked to be a regular writer for Gathering Magazine. My first article with some great recipe comes out after Christmas. I will let you know when but until then I am linking Liz Loves Vintage, she has links to all the contributors!!

Alice In Wonderland

Chloe alice 1

I wanted to share this wonderful Alice in Wonderland necklace I won from a my dear friend Theresa. I have been watching her talent grow and grow over the years, so I was thrilled to win one of her latest creations.

Cl alice

I have to say her Theresa's was perfect because my necklace arrived three days before an Alice in Wonderland party Chloe was invited to. What timing!! As you can see Chloe had fun dressing up as Alice. Isn't she adorable?

Cl alice 6

Thank you so much Theresa for the necklace and bookmark too. Please check out Faerie Moon Creation. Her storybook characters are delightful!!!

Summer Things I Love

Victor chair 
Hey I am off to the ocean but here is some rocken ideas to inspire you, while I am gone. Have fun and I will see you in a week xoxo

Okay, this is not necessarily summer but you must check out Debbie Dusenberry's brilliant scrap chair. It is amazing, plus scroll down the page and see the clever repair of a chipped dish. I am soo doing this!!

Smores pizza, how yummy is this? Imagine it grilled!!

Plastic spoon crafts, Roses or a Laurel Wreath

Vegtable Garden in a Bag for those of us tight on space!

Watch Victorian Pharmacy

Make popsicle bracelets with your kids (or for yourself). We are going to make these at the beach !!!

Baguettes in 30 minutes!!, loved the ice tip!!

Birthday Gifts

Bday gifts4444

Hello everyone, I hope you are enjoying your summer and it is not going by too fast. I know a lot of you are dealing with really hot weather, I am sorry :-(     Here in the NW it just feels like summer has started. My birthday was a week ago and I wanted to give a shout out to a few friends who have given me the most yummiest b-day gifts.

Thank you Angie for the tri-fold mirror. It is gorgeous and a real sacrifice on your part, to part with it. I love it and you xoxo

Bday gifts33333 

Thank you Linda for the beautiful swans, I can see them on my pink, shabby chic tea table. Also the cottage book and vintage place cards. Meeting you has been one of the silver linings to my blog xoxo

A big thank you my beautiful Auberne`for my tea-bag softies (You need to make some of these for your shop and NO I am not nagging you ;- ). You know I have been wanting one for a longest time. I LOVE her, her expression say "Pleas do not dunk me." You are the most clever, amazing girl. I adore you xoox

Lastly to my Chloe who gave me the best gift ever, no work for a whole weekend. She will do all my chores. WOW, now there is a gift I will use. What a giving, loving girl you are and you know your mama sooo well xoxox

Bday gifts1111

Bday gifts2222


Tweet Inspiration


Well life is unexpectedly crazy. Hubby last minute got a week off. It has been cold, gray and rainyyyy but we are still trying to enjoy our week. So I am behind on photos for my next post. I hope you do not mind me sharing some tweet inspiration. I love birds and anything to do with them. I hope they inspire you.

Thank you again for praying for Logan. I am happy to report last week Logan was moved to an intermediate Care Nursery. He is making improvements. But sadly he is having more seizures. At this point I have no more info. but I promise to share more as I do.

I hope you are have a (s)-tweet week xoxox


Sorry, I forgot to save where I got this picture from. I know it is a wedding blog. If you happen to knnow, please let me know. 

From inspirco



a bushel and a peck 


Make a wire cage

Mary Jane Farm Videos

I know I said was taking a break and I am ;-) But I was just tooo excited and had to share now.  Yes, I was one of those kids who unwrapped her Christmas gifts and then rewrapped them and set them back under the tree.

You may already know about this but Mary Jane has videos. Go to this link and you will see ones about her farm, family, tatting, making a bake-over's and more. I could not get the blip.tv video to show (soI am showing youtube) but you have to check it out. Okay I am going back to my brake and eating yummy things xoxox

Bessie, Lily, Victoria and Megan


I have new listing in my shop. Bessie a hand smocked purse, Lily a beaded Lily of the valley pin. Also two cuffs, Victoria and Megan.

I hope everyone is having a rosey day. It has been cold and raining but the sun is suppose to come out. My peas and potatoes are doing well. But I am really wanted to plant green beans and zucchini. Does everyone have a veggie garden?? I actually do not like gardening. But I love to eat and feel I really need to make the most of our property xoxox



Megan 4

Spring Red

Spring red 

Well this is my last spring color post, another vignette from the Christmas House. I wanted to thank you for all the kind comments, it means soo much to me. Especially since I have no clue what I am doing when I take a picture. But you help me to be brave, to just keep on. I am going to take a week off for Mothers Day. Our weekend is in the middle of the week and I want a whole weekend with no cleaning and cooking. That is my gift, (I am sure there will be some chocolate in the mix too ;) but I will be back soon xoxox


This and That


I will be taking a week off, my in-laws are on their way. I have the freezer full of goodies, my house is clean (somewhat clean, but she loves me for me, right ;-p ). I hope all of you have a sunny, happy, yummy week xoxox

I have gotten several email from you readers telling me that bloglines is not letting you know when my blog posts. Well I have bloglines to and I am having the same problem. I have e-mailed them three times over the last month and I have heard nothing from them and the problem is not fixed. So I am thinking of using a different feeder, you might want to do the same thing. So besides bloglines, who love their blog feeder ???

A new big hit in our family are these blueberry bars. I made them with whole wheat pastry flour and they were sooo good.

I hate to leave you all week with nothing to do (I know many of you just sit around and eat bon-bons all day, on no wait, that's me ;-) maybe this list of ideas, will keep you busy. It did me, as you can see in the picture above !!!!

Yarn CSA


A good friend of mine is starting a Yarn CSA and I wanted to let all of you know about it. I have to say, I am lucky enough to have some of LaVonne batting and it is amazingly soft. I also am knitting a cowl right now with her yarn and really am loving it xoxoxo

Serenity Sheep Farm is located in Montana and run by LaVonne Stucky with  the help of her husband, Chris. She raises Shetland and Shetland Romney X  sheep on 40 acres that was part of the original 160 acre homestead that her husband's grandfather homesteaded.  With the downturn in the economy, she and her husband have had to come up with innovative ways for the farm to help make more of their living.  LaVonne has come up with a Yarn CSA. That  stands for community supported agriculture and with the Internet, the entire world had
become a community! 

Typical CSAs are run as farm gardens. You buy into the garden and then receive a share of the bounty.  In LaVonne's case, you buy into the flock and receive yarn in return!  She has a wool mill just 7 miles from her home and will take the wool there to be processed into yarn. The mill  is certified organic and uses solar power to heat the water. This is some very soft wool too! You won't be disappointed!

Check out her blog and sign up for her giveaway!!

Her CSA and other fun things are available in her etsy shop.



The other amazing gift I got was a hand-made doll from my good friend Angie. Angie is very passionate and focused about making dolls and it shows in her work. She does needle-felt dolls, wooden carved dolls, embroidered dolls and many more. She knows I have a Jewish grandma Clare (who I died before I was born and I am named after) so I love my babushka, I call her Bubba. She is cross between my Jewish grandmother and little red riding hood. What I think is really amazing about her is her embroidered eyes. It shows just how talented Angie's is. Thank you Angie and am thrilled to finally own one of your dolls xoxoxo

PS. I just made the raspberry meringue trifle and the pastry cream did not thicken. So I had ti adjust the recipe. I just wanted ot let you know I fixed the post below with the recipe !!!


Edge to Edge

Edge to edge 

I am very sad to post that my favorite store in Port Townsend, Edge to Edge is closing at the end of the month. Joan has such an unbelievable selection on vintage trim, buttons, felted wool, wall paper and soooooooooo much more. It is any crafter, altered arts person dream store. Hopefully Joan will open an Esty store. But if you get a chance to stop by before the end of the month, please do. Edge to Edge is on Water street and open everyday but Wednesday. Please tell her Clarice sent you. It really does break my heart this store is closing. There is nothing else like it around her and I just love Joan xoxoxo

A Tiny Shop


I just had to share the most wonderful postcard I bought from A Tiny Shop. I am soooooo in-love with these. They seem to have a Susan Branch feel but in a cleaner, simpler way. Plus I have to say I was very impressed with the printing. I have not always been happy with the quality of the printing of everything I have ordered lately. But Alice has done an amazing job. I also got recipes cards and a little notebook. I knew I had to share them with you xoxoxo


Tasha Love


I just had to pop in and say how sad I am that Tasha Tudor has died. I should not be sad. She has had a long, happy life. A life on her terms, the way she dreamed it should be. It just sort of seems like the end of an era. I have been soo influenced by Tasha Tudor. Not so much in how she lived. Although I greatly admire how she lived and try to live the simple life she did. But what I really admire about Tasha Tudor is how she decided what she wanted and did it. She was willing to work hard, to stay focused on her dreams and I am sure at times had to deal with those that did not understand. But she listened to her heart and would not be persuaded otherwise. I hope I can be half as brave as Tasha. I think I will go take a moment under my bay tree ( that I growing to match Tasha's) and try to remember and embrace what she has  taught  all of us  xoxox

Molly Ward's Garden


Thank you for the Mother Day wishes. I had a lovely Mother's day. My girls made me orange, chocolate baked french toast, bacon, greek yogurt with strawberries and tea. Aubern'e gave me a Toby Mac CD  with my favorite song right now and Chloe a beautiful purple glass bottle. We went antiquing in Gig Harbor and had an amazing dinner at Molly Ward's. It is an old barn that use to be a yarn shop. Lynn and Sam have taken the land and made some amazing gardens. Which were just magical at sunset. To top off the evening, my dear friend is the pastry chef and I have a praline mouse with hazelnut cookies to die for xoxoxox





Garden photos by my daughter Aubern'e

Thank You's


I have had a very lucky week and won several giveaways. It was Karla's at Karla's Cottage birthday (happy birthday sweetie) and she had a giveaway. Look at all the yummy vintage wallpaper, trims, buttons, ect. She was even kind enough to send my girls come chocolate. Karla has a giveaway every month. I have to say she is one of the most giving bloggers I know xoxoxoxo


This is Queen Bianca who is waiting for a dark and brooding pirate to sweep her off her feet. Isn't she charming. Thank you Heather at Bumblebird, I love her.


I also won at the Pirate soiree this wonderful dexterity game from Melissa Valeriote at Holiday Queen. Thank you Melissa, it was very generous to have a giveaway and the game is a lovely reminder of the soiree.   

Hospital-i-Tea Blog-a-Thon: Stitches-for-Tea


This week on Gracious Hospital-i-Tea Blog-a-Thon the theme is Stitches-for-Tea, sharing ideas and pictures for the for the tea table. 


My post is not exactly what La-Tea-Dah asked for, I hope she does not mind my interpretation of Stitches-for-Tea. I needed a new curtain for my bathroom and found inspiration in tea towels. I had bought a bunch of beautiful linens in OR and got these wonderful towels. I used dotted swiss for the ruffle and added the embroidered linens as a topper. It really picks up the soft grays and pinks in my Victorian bathroom. Every time I see they old towels so beautifully embroidered, I always wonder about who embroidered it. Why they choose this pattern, why these colors, what did they use it for. It is a bridge between now and the past. I think we all need to look forward but also remember the past xoxoxoox

Yummy New (to me) Blogs


Warm Pie, Happy Home

I WANT< CRAVE< COVET her pantry !!!!!!


Knick Knack & Ric Rac

I adore her style.


Elfie and Me

Pixies and toadstools, what more could you ask for.


Magnolia Pearl

I think Robin is one of the most creative, interesting people. She really amazes me.


Thompson Family-Life

Again another beautiful, inspiring blog. I love these cupcake flowers.


At The Pinkgate

All yummy vintage !!!


Nesting Place

A beautiful home with lots of inspiring ideas.

Hospital-i-Tea Blog-a-Thon: Teacup-a-Story


La-Te-Dah is having a Gracious Hospital-i-Tea Blog-a-Thon. Each week, according to the theme you are invited to share a favorite things about afternoon tea. This weeks theme is Teacup-a-Story. Please check out Gracious Hospitality to read more about it.


Oh I had the hardest time choosing a favorite tea cup and I really do not think I can. But I choose this cup because it makes me think of a dear friend Karen Day, who died of cancer. Karen was the most generous of people with a kind, sweet disposition. She loved herbs, gardening and cooking. She had a small herb store, that was full of beautiful things and inspiration. She also loved homemaking and her family so much. She and I had so many discussions about what an amazing daughter she has and how proud she was of her. Karen always encouraged me as a new mother and was one to tell me what a lovely job I was doing with Aubern'e. Aubern'e (a toddler then) dressed in some fun new hat and I would venture into Karen's shop a lot to see what new and interesting thing we could try. Our favorite was the herb candies she sold. I still have the doll she gave Chloe's as a baby with a dried rose-hip necklace.

This beautiful tea cup is from one of the perfect herb teas she gave with another good friend of ours, who is an amazing pastry chef. I will always remember this tea. It was a lovely spring day (which is so rare in WA) on the porch of an old beautiful home. Karen served my mother I and tea in match cups. Except my mothers was blush pink and mine was aqua blue. We both fell in-love with these cups and asked Karen if she would be willing to sell them. Of course Karen was totally gracious and sold them to us. Which was generous of her since they were from her private collection. I always think of Karen, the beauty of herbs and love of home and family when I use this cup xoxoxox

The ButtonWillow Chronicles


Do you ever stumble upon a blog and immediately you know you are at home, you know you have meet a kindred spirit. You see all that you love and adore wrapped up in a blog. Well that is The ButtonWillow Chronicles. It is new blog filled with all things I love. England, tea, Jane Austen, Beatrix Potter, Little Woman, Anne Of Green Gables, Molly Brett, ect.

The interesting thing about this wonderful new blog, is it turned out to be by my friend Lauren at Alice Land. Isn't it funny, how we make kindred friends and we still find each other without even knowing it. Lauren is wanting ButtonWillow Chronicles to be

"It's not "Alice Lands".  It's not real life.  It's life "sweetened".  It's daydreams, and wishes, and hopes.  It's the things I love, the things I wish for.  It's charming and shy.  Quiet and demure.  It's Anne and it's Beatrix, Emma, and Jane.  And, it's those "in the small dwellings".   It's who I try to be.  It's my life, just through rose colored glasses.

And, it's quiet."

So you will see most posts do not have a place to comment. The blog is just a gift from Lauren for us to enjoy. Thank you sweetie xoxoxo

Interesting Blogs


Thanks to Pleasant View Schoolhouse I found  Frills, Frocks and Fancies her clothes are so beautiful and inspiring.


Did you know Sharon Lovejoy has a blog, thanks to By Sun and Candlelight I now know. I  have almost all of Sharon's books, my copy of Hollyhock Days is so dogeared. We have used her books many times over the years. I look forward Sharon to getting to know you more through your blog.


Also thanks to Junie Moon I found The Graphic Fairy If you are on the lookout for wonderful vintage graphics, check out the Graphic Fairy.


Also thank you Manuela for the great tip award !!!!  I would like to pass it on to Homespun Living xoxoxox

Remember Your Childhood


I have something fun for all of you. One of my long time, dear friends, Christy is having a giving-away. Christy is a wonderful seamstress. She has such a perfect eye for charming fabrics and style. She has been sewing clothes for many years (my girls wore her wonderful outfits) and has a business "Remember Your Childhood" She now has started an on-line store and is celebrating with a give-away. Christy has a pair of pants and a skirt to give-away. So please leave your name and if you have a preference here on my blog. On Sunday the 13th I will draw a name for each. You can also double your chance to win, if you post on your blog about the give-away I will enter your name twice (Just let me know and feel free to use the image above, if you like) Good luck and feel free to let your friends know. Remember even if you do not have a child I am sure you know someone who does and would be thrilled with one of Remember Your Childhood creation.

PS. I am hoping you enjoy the new music, Hello Dolly by Louis Armstrong. Hello Dolly is one of my favorite movies. I loved the clothes and ooh I wanted that hat shop soooo bad. But when Louis Armstrong and Babara Streisand sing together, I always get teary-eyed.

If You Are Hungry In Port Townsend



Port Townsend is one of those towns with some really wonderful restaurant. They have just started a slow-food chapter there. Here is two favorites of ours. For breakfast I love Sweet Laurett. I have to tell you the brioche fill with raspberries and lemon curd I had was to die for. Also next door is  the charming Petals shop. I always want everything when I go there.

Sadly there are not very many tea rooms in the area but there is a new one. Dame Agatha Twigs (she does not have a site and is new, so I am going to post her phone number # 360-379-0301.  Tell her storybook woods sent you). It is a very British tea room. Lots of antiques and imports from Britain. She has a yummy high tea and her cheese selection was quite wonderful. But my favorite was her Cornish pastie. It was a lovely flaky crust filled with tender beef, potatoes, carrots. Perfect with a  pot of tea on a blustery day.


Victoria Magazine


Bliss, my Victoria came today. Without trying to sounds too mushy, it was like seeing an old friend you had not seen in years but time had not really passed. I will admit that I was doubtful they could really recreate the luscious magazine from the past, but I feel they did it. They kept with what Victoria was and did a beautiful job. There was so much I loved but I picked these pictures from the article about Tasha Tudor's dress collection. Not just because I love Tasha but because to me it is what Victoria magazine does so well. It is creative, interesting touches but not so over the top. Still Victorian but a detail richness that I will come back to again and again and see something new. A new inspiration.

Now I do not like to be someone who focuses on the negative but for honestly sake (and in case someone from the magazine sees this post) there were two areas were I was disappointed. First the fashion page. After all the richness I saw on the article about Tasha, it was so disappointing and quick frankly (in my opinion) boring. Victoria's fashion has always be a favorite part of the magazine for me. I always took away a little something, a touch to add to my wardrobe. But these outfits were fairly uninteresting.

Second being the foodie I am I was not impressed with the majority of the recipes. There were some really smashing ones. I am dying to try the Grand Marnier Buttermilk Panna Cotta. But herb rolls and eggnog cheesecake, well (sorry) kind of boring. So dear Victoria, you have my heart and subscription. But please step it up just a notch in the fashion and recipe department. And readers if you do not have a copy on October 30th run to the store and get one. Also a good piece of chocolate to have as you savor the magazine. xoxoxox   


Isn't She Beautiful


I do not know if you remember this beautiful pillow case I got and how her face and arms were not finished. Well La-Te-Dah (who I had never meet at the time, but we are good friends now) offered to finish her for me. Isn't she just beautiful. I could never have done such a lovely job. Actually I never would have even attempted it. So thank you soo much for taking the time for someone you did not even know and doing all that work to finish her. Isn't blog-land full of the kindest people xoxoxoxo


I wanted to thank Ohio Farm Girl for my blogging star award. Thank you so much, you have always be such a good friend and a shinning star to me.


Also The Wine Makers Wife gave me the Break Out Blogger award which is very sweet but I think it is the perfect award for you Winemaker. I love that you get my foodie obsession and if I am not in CA eating all that amazing food and drinking all that perfect wine, you can do it for me !!

Romantic Country Party



Well it is a party. Our dear Karla's home is featured in the latest issue of romantic country. I still need to get my copy. But seeing all the amazing pictures of Karla's home I can only imagine. Karla's home is full of creative, inspiring ideas. I always walk away with some new to try for my home.

She is having a "what you love about your home" party. Thank you Karla. I always love a party and am excitedly off to see everybody's lovely homes.

I have lots of favorite corners of my home but since it is autumn my favorite corner is my library. It is very British with lots of black, red and caramel colored walls. This is my sitting nook, were I have my fall tradition every year. In the beginning of fall on a cool gray day (which is easy to have here in the NW) I pull out my copy Susan Branch's Autumn book. I savor each page like an old friend. Even though I adore tea, in my library I have a glass of port. I have a little bar my husand made me to hold my port decanters. The small etched glass is from my fathers collection of glasses he got when I was a child. I am not sure which country this glass comes from but it is my favorite. So Karla as sit in my fall corner, I raise a toast to you dear friend xoxoxox


Thank You xoxoxo


I have several thank yous. Dear Carolyn at Laughing Duck knows how much I love lavender and tea. She sent me some of the yummiest citrus-ginger-lavender tea. It is made by her son-in-law's family Mountain Farm. It is very delicious and we all love it. Thank you Carolyn for even thinking of me. I would love to bake you something yummy as a thank you. But the stress would kill me xoxoxo

Also to Jody at Gumbo Lily for her gingerbread recipe. Chloe was bit unsure when she saw me put mustard in it ;-) but we loved it. And I hardly changed at all. I add a TBL. of vanilla, half whole wheat pastry flour and some chopped candied ginger. I served it with caramelized maple apples and whipped cream. It is a very moist, intense, rich cake. It was a hit, thank you. By the way you just keep a running list of what you want me to cook for you and when you come visit someday, I will make it.


Also to Zee at Pixie Blossoms, who sent me this wonderful little house pot-holder. Isn't it the sweetest. I love it. Thank you Zee, you are so kind !!!

Wee Garden


Thank you for all the encouraging notes. David is doing better and hopefully will go back to work this weekend, fingers crossed. I am slowly trying to pull my home back together. Even though I hate cleaning, I really hate it when my house is falling apart all around me. So slowly life is getting back to normal.

Thanks to Alice at A Number Of Things I found this wonderful shop and blog Wee Garden Oh what fun inspiration. What I loved about her ideas, is a lot were small and doable. Sometimes the fairy house ideas I see are amazing but quite ambitious. I like the idea of just a small simple chair in a tiny pot. Her gardens, well you could spends days there. She sells all the little chairs, arbors, fences, ect. Her book is on my want list. Check it out and be inspired. Her blog is set up a bit different then most blogs. To read her entries, go to blog archives.

Also Echoes Of A Dream has posted an amazing fairy house. Look at the end of the post !!!!


This and That and Thank you's


Thank you ladies for all the creative and cleaver names, much better then anything I would have come up with. I had the hardest time picking a name. I really did love Carol's suggestion of Flora and Fauna but I also agreed with Abby that they should have storybook names. Chloe then reminded me that Sleeping Beauty's two fairy godmothers were called Flora and Fauna. So that settled that. I also loved MizSmoochie's idea of party hats. I was going to make them each their own (I did glitter the hats Ms. Glitter Fairy but you can not see it in the picture) but then I realized Mayra our bunny is into eating any paper she can get her hands on (she also love to kiss Fauna), so sadly only Flora can wear a hat. But as a good mother, she is only holding it for her baby Fauna till she is bigger or Mayra stops eating paper !!!


I received my yummy and amazing goodies from One Hundred Wishes. I loved everything Andrea and it was all wrapped so wonderfully. We loved the lollipop. Thank you and I look forward to my next purchase !!!

Also dear Jill is having a giveaway every month till December for products from her amazing Bittersweet shop. I have been a lucky recipient of Bittersweets soaps and products, not only are they yummy but perfectly packaged and beautifully presented. Thank you Jill, you are one of the most generous and giving (not to mention energetic ;-) person I have ever meet. I know all this blessings you are sending out will come back to you in three fold.

Well the smelly sponge issue, it very interesting. I plan on trying everyones ideas. I did trying microwaving it but it was still smelly. I also tried throwing it in the dishwasher and that worked. But I will try the other ideas. I can tell I do not know much about bacteria, because I am getting the ideas from you ladies that a wet sponge, leads to bacteria and bacteria leads to a stinky sponge. Well I did not know that, I am so clueless. It is amazing my family is still alive. I live in constant dampness. So I am still thinking of what will work best for me. I might knitting some cotton wash clothes and then have a scrubby pad when I need it. But thank you again for all the ideas and input. I will try them all xoxoxo



Island Hearth & Handicrafts


My good friend Angie has finally gotten sick of listen to all of us ladies talk about our blogs and decided to start one of her own Island Hearth & Handicrafts.  She is a very gifted doll maker, as you can see from the elf she needle-felted above. I have posted one of her dolls before. She is also my foodie friend. She is the one I can call when I get all exited about a certain type of whole wheat flour or want to discuss leaf lard. She puts up with me and she is an amazing cook. Both her and I are brutally honest (especially me, see I told you she puts up with a lot) and we know when one of us says something is yummy, we mean it. Also she has her own outdoor wood-burning oven were she makes unbelievable bread. I am sure she will post more of her charming farm and old farmhouse that was her husband grandmother and now they raise their sweet children on this little slice of heaven on Bainbridge Island. ( the girls I and I want to move in or at lest live next door)

Awards, awards


Well this week I have been awarded the Rocking Girl Blogger by Heart Of The Prairie and the Blogger Reflection Award by LaTe Dah. Why thank you ladies, you are both so kind.

Michele I am so glad my blog is like a magazine for you, this is what I am hoping for.

LaTeDah you are soo inspiring to me, it means a lot to me that you would pick me xoxoxo

The Lovely thing about being picked for two awards, is I get to pick twice as many blogs (Although I have a 172 blogs in my blogfeeder, so choosing is almost impossible) and it is a great way to celebrate my birthday !!!!


Girls who I think are rockin'

1. Mrs. Staggs at Happy Miscellany my not seem like a rockin' girl but I know in her heart she is xoxoxo

2. Miz. Smoochie Lips she is a Harley chick after all !!

3. Ms. Jennifer at Sis boom, one could not make all those yummy fabrics and not be rockin'

4. Andrea at Velvet Strawberries she is girly rockin'. This is why we are kindred spirits.

5. Gina who live a life full of creativity and rockin' love for her family


The Blogger Reflection Award originated from the lovely blog owned by a sixteen-year-old, home schooled girl at Lothlorien, Realm of the Lady of Light! This was the description of who should be recipients:

"As for my award, it is called The Blogger Reflection Award. Why? The reason for the title is because this award should make you reflect on five bloggers who have been an encouragement, a source of love, impacted you in some way, and have been a Godly example to you. Five Bloggers who when you reflect on them you get a sense of pride and joy... of knowing them and being blessed by them."

Ladies who encourage me to keep going and serve my family xoxxo

1.Kelli the most creative and fun mother xoxox

2. Isabella of the 21st Century who makes homemaking soo interesting, it actually makes me want to do it ;-)

3. Susan who brings heart to homemaking xoxox

4. Jill who brings energy and creativity to homemaking. I wish you could bottle some of that up for me !!!!

5. Debbie who has such a gentle spirit which I need more of. Thank you for teaching me xoxo

I am off to be a birthday Diva for the weekend

Vintage Storybook Woods


Now that we are finally sunny and having summer like weather, I am busy setting up my outdoor living spaces. I have been going over my summer corners for inspiration (it is fun to go to your own blog and read your own ideas to get inspiration). I am setting up our new "living-room" and reading my past posts reminds me to pull the fondue pot and the giant pick up stick. We had such a blast with those last year. I hope you are inspired to make the most of your space this summer. I am also glad that everyone loves "unforgettable" it is one of my favorite songs.