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Museum Wax


I realized when I posted I should have given some feedback about the museum wax. It has been 3 years (can you believe it) since I wrote the first post, I wanted to say a couple of things. First I do NOT recommend the gel, it just does hold like the wax. So skip the gel. Second I found there are several products out there that are the same thing. Glass wax, adhesive wax for glass, tackywax. I get tackywax at a Christmas store in the area that sell the Christmas villages. They sell little tubs of the wax for $2.50. I always pick up a couple when I am in there. So look around, do a search. Remember, you can reuse the wax. You just scrap it off when you are done, put it back and clean the item with orange cleaner. I do hope you can find some, because I am always finding ways to use mine.

Also I wanted to let you know that Amazon has removed their mark up of my baking issue, so now the price is the same as my Lulu shop, yeah. I really wish I could find a way to get it printed cheaper, so far I have not. But I am still looking. I hope you have a lovely weekend. It is the middle of the week for us, so we will be cleaning, gardening, math, tea outside. Wish you could have tea with us xoxoxox

Amazon and My Baking

Harvest breakfast 

I hope you do not mind me tooting my own horn. I just found out Amazon has decided to sell my baking issue. I do not know how they found it, I did not tell them. It is the soft covered book, not the pdf file. I still have my Lulu store which has both. Anyways I am posting because I was hoping if any of you readers who already own it, would mind going to Amazon and writing a review. I really appreciate it, thank you xoxoxox

I will be back

27 buttermilk biscuits 

Hello everyone, well when you read this I will probably on a plane, that my own sweet hubby has inspected, flying over CA. But I will be back next weekend. I still have a few autumn corners to share !!


I also wanted to thank you for all the sweet comments about my baking issue and my article in Somerset. We all have a home and all work hard to make it that way. I hope my article and blog reflect that. If you have e-mailed me, I will get back to you when I return home. Remember to enjoy the small things xoxoxo 

My Baking Issue

0 cover 


13 pumpkin pie bars  

Well it has taken me a year and half (I say with a red, embarrassed face), but I finally have a second issue of my petite-magazine. It is a baking issue. It all came about because my girls were saying, there is all this wonderful information on your blog but we do not have a book. Since baking seems to be one of their favorite activities, I decided to do a baking issue. It is a compilation of recipes from the blog, but not all of them. I did not want the issue to be too big, but it does have some of our favorites. I also included any of the post were I talk about the recipe. So you have the information, as well as the recipe. I did add four new recipe that are not on the blog. An Over-night Blueberry Breakfast Cake, Sweet Potato Biscuits, Cider Cake and Scottish Oat Tails. There is a total of 21 recipes and the issue is 35 pages. I did a PDF file, you can download and also an actual soft-covered book. Which I have ordered and am really happy how it turned out.

I wanted to say something about the price of the book, after a conversation with a friend. The book is much more expensive then the PDF but this is not my cost, but the cost of actually printing. Believe me, I tried to do this book as cheaply as I can. I hope you enjoy this baking issue and it inspires you to bake more. I hope I have fixed all the grammar problems. Grammar is not my strength, as you know reading this blog. I had a few friends help me and look it over. Thank you Mom, Paula and Angie for all your help. But if I missed something, please forgive me. There is a preview of the petite-magazine at my store. I would love feed-back xoxox

A Winner and An Egg


I just sold another copy of my egg issue and although most of you know about it. I thought I should write about it, as we are entering spring. Some thought it was an Easter theme but it is not. Although it is perfect for Easter, it is more just a spring issue. I choose the theme of eggs because to me they symbolize spring. There is crafts, a menu, recipes, poem, ect. all having to do with the egg (or nest) theme. I am posting the contents and you can read more about it here. I am very red with embarrassed that it is almost a year later and I have no new petite-magazine to share with you. I am writing a baking issue and trying to finish it. Life is to fast and my days are too short, but I am trying.


We have a winner Manuela at   The Feathered Nest. Congratulations. I will e-mail you xoxox

Our new book to win this week is Book Of Colors by Alexandra Stoddard. I choose this book, because with Alexandra being the author-of-the-year for Victoria magazine , I think we are all going back with renewed interest in her writings. This book is about discovering the joy of color in your everyday life. Also color is suppose to be in this year, so she is with the trends ;-) Again next week I will list the winner and a new book. Leave your name and good luck xoxoxox

Reviews Requested


I was wondering if any one who bought a copy of my petite magazine, would consider going to my store and writing a review. I also want to thank you, I have sold 24 issues. I have been asked when the next issue will be out. I do not have a lot of extra time and this next issue will require me to go on several photo shoots in different locations. So it will probably be the end of summer beginning of fall. But I will let you know.

You ladies are wonderful, all comments about my fireplace was very helpful. I did want to say that is was given to me to sell or keep. We are free to do what ever we want with it. I am still thinking about it.


Also thank you Susan and Cynthia at T-Cozy for the wonderful tea. They sent me

Vintage Rose: A step back into the past! This Victorian Earl Grey is a wonderful mixture of Rose Congou, rose petals, lavender, rosemary and natural Bergamot oil. This tea has a sweet, floral taste that is adored by old and young alike.

We loved it (great packging by the way !!!) Thank you soo much xoxoxox

Egg Issue




Okay, wah-laa here is what I have been up to.

A petite-magazine to sell. It is a PDF file that you purchase and save. You can print it up or just read it on your computer. I will say it is very large (24 pages, all with pictures) so it can take a while to download but hopefully worth it.  I chose an egg theme, which seemed perfect for spring and a new beginning. Read below and you can see what there is in the egg issue. It is $6.25 and as I said 24 pages. If you have questions feel free to e-mail me.

Thank you Angie, Mary and Kristin helping me and putting up with my neurotic behavior this past week.

I also wanted to say please do not feel pressured to purchase my petite-magazine or to feel that you should not come to my blog because you did not purchase it. My blog is a gift for all and it can be so tricky to have a blog and sell things. But I never want to take away from Storybook Woods. So just enjoy and no pressure xoxox