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Library Finished

Libredo1 Storybook Woods

     Ha! Well after living here what ... 15 years, we finally finished a room. Our library is done and I am loving it!

Libfir22 Storybook Woods


Libfir11 Storybook Woods

     My in-laws were selling their fake fireplace and I have been coveting it for years, so we snapped it up. I will be honest, the pretties on the mantle will go. A biggg flat-screen TV will be on the mantel instead, but I had to make it pretty for the photos ;-)

Libredo33 Storybook Woods

     We purchased two leather chairs (my first barko-leather furniture. my husband is over the moon). I know everything looks really orange in these photos, but it doesn't in real life. Much more like earl grey tea with milk in it. Well, except my desk which is a dark tangerine color.

Libary Collage

     It is small but I was able to come up with a whiskey/port bar. Every library needs one of those right?

Libfir33 Storybook Woods

    There is even room for elkzilla, as I like to call him. My husbands pride and joy. The things you do to make your man happy. There is a LOT crammed in this room, but I tried to create some space too and it all seems to work. Very cozy on a winter day.

Desklib Storybook Woods

    My favorite thing in the room, is my little desk. It is on old table left by the last owners, shoved in the corner of basement, deemed junk. I adore this table, peeling paint and all. The acrylic chair works great without add more weight to the room. I have a beautiful view of my roses as I write this. So books for me, flat screen for him. This room is prefect for both of us. Thank you for letting me share. One room down, six more to go!

Autumn Reading Corner

Autumn Fall Reading Corner Storybook Woods 1

    Well I am done writing, Wishes Are Like ... is getting a finally tweaking. Hopefully it will be ready in 2 weeks. So I have been puttering and set up a fall reading corner. I moved my china cabinet to the middle of the room (I will share soon) and set up this corner. I love it. I have lived in this house over 13 years. Moving furniture around makes it feel like a whole new space.

  Autumn Fall Reading Corner Storybook Woods 4

This is Tasha Tudor Corner. Lovelies from my Tasha friends!

Autumn Fall Reading Corner Storybook Woods 2

    I wanted a new pillow for my free chair but did not want to spend any money. So I flipped the pillow to the back side, added a doily and some ribbon. Just pinned it to the back with a big safety pin. A easy, cheap redo!


Baking Pantry Up-Date

  Pantry17 storybook woods

    Well David and I did a crazy thing. We put our 33 cubic foot refrigerator in our living room. I know, what?? We have this odd corner of our living room, that you cannot see unless you go around the corner and nobody ever does. It is right next to the pantry. The fridge was taking up half the pantry and making the room dark. So we thought what the heck, lets give it a try. Yes I have to walk through 2 rooms to get to the fridge. It is not the most convent place but we are trying it. If it does not work, we can just move it again. It certainly opens up my baking pantry. Now the room bright and sunny. Gosh, I am lucky to be indulgent and have a whole room dedicated to baking! Here are some glimpse of what is happening (please ignore the old, gross linoleum. NO, we still have not ripped it up yet and there is hard wood under there too). I am still tweaking the room but sometimes you just have to think out of the box and put your refrigerator in your living room ;-)

Pantry10 storybook woods

I was lucky to be gifted with two antique meat grinders. We will see if I have to muscles to actually use them. My favorite part is the handles. Maybe I can upcycle them!


It is nice to have this table. It does not take up much room but can be opened when I need to work. the lace curtains hiding my vitamix, mini food processor, vacuum sealer and grain grinder.

Pantry202 storybook woods

Grain and flour storage!!


I call this my typography corner. I want the pantry to feel a bit like an old pharmacy!


My Russian mixer-cover. It says cake. And you can see I use bottles a lot. Storage, lets in light and is free. Love reuse!!

Pantry12 storybook woods



Upcycled Chair


    A girlfriend was cleaning out her basement and thought I might like this chair. It has great lines and I thought it would be interesting for photos. It is falling apart thought and cannot be sat on. I took it and then thought of ways it could still be used.


     Actually Chloe is on the one who came up with the idea of using it as a side table. We needed one and the chair just fit. To make it more stable for cups of tea or a glass of wine, we simply pulled out a pretty metal tray. It works beautifully and it was free. Maybe you have a pretty old chair you can upcycle into a side table?

French Kitchen Corner


    We are still working on the kitchen and probably will be for another couple of years (we work slow and David has very little free time). The floor still needs to be pulled up, there is hard word under that gross linoleum. I would like to put in a farm sink and there is work to be done in the pantry but still all is looking good. I am happy. I think now when you come into the kitchen you get a real feel for what I am trying to convey. A victorian French kitchen!!



    Nerina (my gas range) is a free standing stove, so there is blank space on both sides. I have a little storage table David build me on the other side of the range but David is going to make me a narrow rack to hold platters on this side. Since you walk in and see this bare stove, I wanted something to help dress up the space. This is my french corner for the summer. I change it out with whims. I do not have much display space in my kitchen, so I am enjoying this little table!!




Up-Cycled Shelf


   First off, happy 4th. I feel so blessed to live where I have such freedeom!! 

   Now onto my project. I was at a friend shop and spied this beautiful shelf. I loved all the curves and cutouts. I had it in mind for my kitchen but when I got it home, it did not work in the space like I was hoping. Loving the shelf, I walked around my home trying to find just the right spot for it.


    Then it hit me, this would be a perfect room divider. My living room, is veryyy long with 3 distinct spaces, divided by arches. At one end is my "photography studio", the middle is a sitting area and the other end is the dinning room. It is all open to each other.



    I have been looking for a way to make the dinning area feel more separate, all the while still feeling like a part of the space. The only problem is my shelf was meant to hang on the wall. Hubby came to the rescue. The back of the shelf hangs lower than the front. So he put in little feet in the front and now it stands on all it own.


    The shelf/room divider is just what I was hoping for. It helps separate the space without being too heavy. Still lets in lots of light and I can change out the decor with the seasons. I just put out for summer my collection of old bottle given to me by a deep sea diver. Plus if I ever change my mind, I can still hang this on the wall. It will be a keeper I will always treasure (Thank you Molly xox). It is amazing what two little wood legs and some chalk paint can do!!



Silver Plates

Silver roudwall

    I am busy (or should I say lost) decorating my home this week for Christmas. I am quite excited about this years theme (hint, think black) and will share soon. But until then I thought I would share my latest kitchen project.


    I bought this clock for my French kitchen. I love the filigree sides (and the screaming deal too) but the wall around it was bare. It is a awkward space and everything I tried just did not work right. Until I was looking at one of my silver trivets.


    They are aged, look like something from a 100 years ago, very French and I love the way you can see the cutout pattern against the pale yellow wall. A winner!

Silver roundnail

    My favorite is the frame made from a tart pan. It had warped and rusted so I could not use it anymore. David drilled a small hole to hang it. I used some old music paper given to me by a good friend (thank you ;-) It gives that typography feel that my chalkboard wall on the other side of the kitchen has.

Silver wall2

    The plates, trivets and cake mold balances the clock and picks up the the touches of black in the room I want. Between what I owned and $3.37 cents I had to spend, I would say it is a frugal choice too. A big French, Victorian polka dot wall. It works for me!



Chalk Wall

Chalk wall 1

    I am slowly making progress with my kitchen makeover. The long black hardware is up, the grey mable back splash gleaming and now a chalk wall. I picture my kitchen looking like something out the Hugo movie; Victorian, French but a bit more girly. I really want a black and white kitchen but this is a dark, cold room. Plus add all the dark grey days we have in Washington and I felt I needed to go light handed with the black. So I am using touches of black here and there, that and the pale yellow walls I am hoping will add warmth to my kitchen.

Chalk wall 22

    I decided one chalk wall would give the feel of Patisserie that I wanted.The archway goes to my baking pantry (which is stuffed and disorganized, until we can move the refrigerator), so in a way I am a Patisserie. In the left corner it say Mrs. Storybook Woods in French. Am I thrilled with how my chalk writing turned out? No, but I have 10 foot ceilings and was terrified standing on that tall ladder trying to write something (my hands were shaking because I fall off everything). So I am embracing the best I can do. Sometimes you just have to do that!

Chalk wall 3

    I have to say painting a chalk wall is easy, so I encourage you to try it if you have been wanting one. I am loving the look of my kitchen and it inspires me to cook every day. Baguettes is my lastest favorite! Next thing on our to-do list is finishing the ceiling, put up old tin tiles and hang antique, cut glass pendants, which will hang over my French marble pastry table! More to come!

New Dining Table

  Round table2

    It pays to wait, that is my motto. I have been wanting a round pedestal table for a long time. I thought it would fit the space better and I was right. I have been watching craigslist for almost 2 years, for you see I am tenacious! I set a price, a low price and wait. That is what I did for my beautiful antique tufted back sofa. I got it for $100, after waiting for a long time. She start off at $300 and slowly brought the price down. Interestingly enough, right after I called, she got flooded with calls.


Round table1

   Well this dining room table was the same thing. They started out at $200 and slowly dropped. I think the reasons both of these items did not sell is because they had horrible pictures, you could barely see the item. Well is pays to wait, when this table finally hit $20.00, yes, twenty dollars, I thought I could do that. It is not perfect, a little small. It does have two leaves but they are small too. The top is a bit dinged up. I may paint it white but actually I am loving it right now the way it is. I love the caster feet!!


Round table3

   I am still going to keep my eye out for a bigger pedestal table but for $20.00, I will have no problem reselling. So the motto of my story, is wait for what you really want, do not settle, do not pay too much. Just wait!!!


Round table4

Pearl Cabinet


    One of the features that sold me on my home is this built in. Isn't it lovely? Mrs. Mathews owned this home 50 years and she loved pink too. The inside was painted peach but I wanted something that felt like mother of pearl. When we first moved in 13 years ago, I tried painting it but really did not get what I wanted.


    Recently I was gifted a pot of Annie Sloan paint, the color Antoinette. I had never worked with chalk paint before but now I am a fan. I hate painting and find it frustrating but Annie's paint is so simple. It is really is wonderful to work with and if anyone local is looking for Annie paint check out Ole and Inga in Poulsbo. Molly is the sweetest, tell her your my friend!! Because I wanted the paint underneath to still show a bit, I would paint on some paint and then wipe it off. I kept repeating that pattern until I got the look I wanted. You can see brush strokes and some of the dark copper from before. After I was happy with the pink, I painted a light layer of pearl acrylic paint, Martha Stewart. I just used the little plastic bottle from Michaels.



    I reorganized my cabinet. I had so much in there you could not see a thing. It was a hard choice but I thinned things out and put the rest of my tea cups and such below.



    Besides my newly painted cabinet, I wanted to show my birthday gift from my mother. I saw these glasses at an antique store but did not have the money. I love them because each glass has a hand-etched saying, I Love You, My Beloved, Forever Yours, etc. I have never seen anything like them and they go so well with my pink lusterware. Thank you mom.

Pinkcup collage

    Lastly I have one more birthday gift to share. Dianntha made me this sweet flower fairy necklace. I love it, thank you for thinking of me! Well I am off to paint, I have more projects to share soon xox


A Corner Of My Home

  Outdoor plant51

    These steps are my favorite parts of my property. This is the back of our home but it use to be the front porch many years ago. There is a small road behind us but it was the main road and this was the front of the house. The minute I saw all that stone work, I feel in love. It is always shady and peaceful here.

Outdoor planer22

    I wanted some planters but did not want to fuss with a plant. I get so busy, I was afraid I would forget about them and they would die. So what is a girl to do? Plant sea shells and old, broken china cups. What I love about this is the mossier and dirtier it gets, the better it looks!

Outdoor plant1

     The planters are white plastic but I painted them black a few years ago. The paint started peeling off, so I gave them a spray coat of bronze, without covering all the black. I can see some of the copper paint is peeling off but that is cool. Next year I will give them a coat of silver. Each year, a new coat! So do you have a spot when you can plant some sea shells and china?

Outdoor plant52

A Corner of my Home

Sp garden2

    Well right now the inside of my house is a complete wreak. We are working on a huge kitchen project (I will share soon) I have my stove moved into the middle of the kitchen and a temporary work space set up in my living room.

  Sp garden1

    So I have no lovely corners to share but I thought my little side garden is looking pretty.

  Sp garden3

    I have just let the columbine go crazy reseeding. Hopefully when they give out my roses and clematis will kick in. I also have a new little pathway I am putting in. Of course it goes to a front door that does not open but that is a moot point :-O

Cut Off Its Legs!!

    Cut table1

    I bet I had you at the tile ;-) Do you remember my new (to me) vintage couch? Which I love more and more but still have not painted the trim, I will one day. Well it is much long than the couch than I had before. And as whenever you add new furniture, it does not always work with everything you have. My coffee table was just too small and looked silly.

Cut table4

    But I am on a beer budget! A coors light, walmart kind of budget! So I was watching craiglist for a new table and checking out DIY's. I saw people who took dinning tables and cut them down. I realized my pretty pink table, which I use to use as a kitchen island before I got my French marble table would be perfect.

Cut table Collage

Cut table2

    We just cut it down. I left the table on the high side, 23 1/2",  because we work at lot at this table. I love it because I can put both sides up or down as needed. I have never had a large coffee table before but I find we use it so often I cannot imagine going back to small one. So do you have a table you can cut down?

Cut table3

Get a New Hand-towel

Handt 1

Do you ever just walk into a room in your house and hate? Just want to over-haul it all! This is how I feel but I am short on money and time.


I made a scan of my bathroom. What could I do quikly, cheaply? A new hand-towel! The best $4.00 I have spent. It brightens up the room, inspired me to clean the rest of the bathroom and

Handt 3

organize and


create this little basket for the counter. I just added my jewelry candle, dried hydranga from my mother's garden, soap from Linda, some ribbon and a vintage pin. This is our main bathroom, so it gets lots of use. But I decided that I am of vaule and I should have a pretty bathroom, not just my guest. Sometimes just a little, simple change can make our day.

Handt 4

Apple Theme Thanksgiving

Apl thk1

Every year I try to have a little gift at each place setting for my guests. Last year it was paper feathers. The year before that, copper pinecones.

Apl thk2

This year I made paper apples.

Apl thk4

In keeping with the apple theme, I am using golds and reds.The napkin ring is just some pretty ribbon wrapped around a vintage napkin.

Apl thk5

I am am happy with the simple, festive feel of this year's Thanksgiving table!

Apl thk3

PS. speaking of apples I have a great give-away on Monday, so stop by!!!

Cabinet Makeover

Cab makover1

Hello, I have to share my cabinet makeover with all of you. It is amazing what a coat of white paint can do. My kitchen counters were feeling cluttered and I decided to look for a cabinet to hold my larger appliances, like my food-saver, jelly roll pans and vita-mix.


It pays to always shop in ones own home, this green cabinet was in the upstairs bathroom. It was full of books. David added some tall wooden legs. I painted over the green with cream. A paint tip, I did not need much and the paint store had leftover samples. It cost me $1.25 for paint.

Cab make2

David installed a steal rod by drilling a hole on each side a bit deeper than the rod. I used the ring clips (but not the ring part) to hold the curtain, which is just a small square table cloth I was not using.You will be horrified but the cloth was brightly embroidery. I painstakingly took out all the embroidery that someone had painstakingly embroidered :-o  And I felt guilty the whole time but I have to say I am thrilled with the results!!!

Can make3

Cabinet Redress

Cab mak2

Do you ever just want to get rid of all you stuff and start over? That is how I feel but I cannot at this point in my life, so a makeover is called for! I will be honest and tell you this project came about because I am so lazy. As you all know (because I keep whining about it)I hate painting but did not like this big, dark cabinet in my living room.


Old cab22

Here you can see my cabinet six years ago when I first started my blog. I love the little pretzel cabin's we made for President Lincoln’s birthday. As you can see I had a bird theme and lined the back of the cabinet with scrapbook paper.

Cab mak4

For a long time I use to change out the decor of my house every three months with the season. But as I get older (and life gets busier) I find I want things simpler and simpler. I wanted this piece to blend into the wall more but I did not want to have to paint anymore of the cabinet I had to. Here is what I did, I painted only the inside of the cabinet an ever so slight shade of pink, sea salt pink. For the bottom, David cut me a piece of plywood one inch bigger than the top of the bottom piece. I covered it in cheap muslin. Then gathered the rest of the fabric and stapled it to the edge of the board. I simply painted over the staples to cover them. You cannot see it but there are three ruffles. You can lift the middle one to get inside the draws underneath.

Cab mak6

I arranged my grandmother's china and see the sweet portrait on the left? It is painted by a good friend (the same person who made my Wren doll). I am hoping she will open an Etsy shop and everyone can buy one! All the glass bottle (except the one w/ the flowers) came from a friend of my husbands. He is a diver and mentioned to David that he was getting rid of a lot of old bottles. David knows me so well and told the man I would take them. See how grouping the same thing has such impact? In the gravy boat below I have a pile of tiny salt shakers I have collected. I am very happy how this came out. It was not expensive and could be changed out easily. My living room already feels lighter and more open.

Outdoor Livingroom

June garden 2 

In WA, we get soo much rain and gray weather, that whenever the sun comes out, you want to make the most of it!! We hang outside as much as we can in the summer. Which this summer, so far, is not a lot.

June garden 3 

So I tend to think of my yard as an extension of my house. I tried moving the gazebo to a new spot. We will see how we like it. I have my little outdoor kitchen with a work table and a galvenized sink. And on the other side of the yard is our grill.

June garden 4 

I blinged up the gazebo with pieces of fabric tied around the outside, it makes a colorful bunting. And the large paper flowers from my Marie Claire Christmas, look fun hanging inside the gazebo.

June garden 1 

David and I like to eat dinner in here, when we can.

June garden 6 

My garden is slowly coming along. My climbing beans are starting to come up. I love my wheelbarrow full of different types of basil. You can not see it but I have a row of large pots filled with different types of herbs. It is like having my own little herb shop and inspires me to cook. Are you using your yard to your full potential?? We are not yet but we are getting there xoxo

June garden 

A Corner Of My Home

Ivy window 

The internet is an amazing place. It has opened up a whole new world to me. I have met so many kindred spirits who I laugh, celebrate and grieve with. Through blogs I have gotten to know people, their family and the details to their day to day life. It is unlike the type of intimacies I have with my non-internet friends. But all can be not as it appears. I do have to say though, most people I have met in real life are just like I thought they would be but some are not  :-o

It is a bit shocking when someone is not the giving, open, conscientious person I thought they would be. It can make me feel like everyone on-line is fake. I realize we all want to put out our best. Plus blogging is a diary of how we see the world and ourselves. Our view of ourselves is usually skewed. I do not know about you but I do not like to look at my weaknesses. Like when my girls told me this morning I am becoming overly sensitive to things (to which I want to cry and blame it on peri-menopause ;-P but I did not ). By the way I asked what my biggest shortcoming was, they did not offers this information on their own.

This has me thinking about my blog, about you readers. Have I given you a skewed, unrealistic view of myself? Of my life? I hope not! I am pretty transparent person. It actually is one of my faults (but I am learning when and where to be transparent). I do LOVE being a homemaker and a mother. I do love to cook from scratch, putter around my house and creating. But I am not perfect! I tend to want to hide in my library and write. I love cooking but I love going out and have someone cook for me too. I like a clean house but I HATE cleaning it. I have very messy corners in my home and still to this day, struggle with keeping all of my house clean (it seems to rotate, I get one area all tidy and another falls apart). I love people but I love my privacy too. I talk too much, I am loud and not everyone considers me a sweet person ;- )

So please do not think I live a perfect home, with a perfect family, always smiling. Well actually I am mostly smiling, unless I am crying but never yelling. Hopefully, I am being real about who I am on this blog because I do not want you to meet me someday and walk away going, gosh, what a disaster! She is not who I thought she was at all !!!

 Ivy window 202

PS. To prove what a terrible housekeeper I am (and keeping things real), I am posting these pictures. I noticed the other day some ivy in the window of my little cedar closet. After closer inspection, akkk, it was growing through the side wall, INSIDE my house (Plus look at the cobwebs). I mean how long have I had ivy growing IN my house? The joys of living in a old home and a messy closet xoxo

Second image by Auberne`

Spring Garden

Spring garden 202 

Lots of work happening in the garden lately. Veggies planted

Spring garden 505 

New shed built (now what color to paint it???)
Spring garden 404 

Flowers planted

Spring garden 110 

Pond to be cleaned out

Spring garden 606 

Old fallen apple tree needs to be dealt with

Spring garden 909 
Still plenty to do xoxox

A Corner of my Home


Wire collection 303 

Grouping, grouping, grouping, cannot say enough about it. Unsure what to do? Need to refresh a corner of your home? Group!!

Wire coll 2 

I have a large French wire collection that I keep in my upstairs bathroom. I grabbed the smaller pieces and arranged them in my living room. Grouping makes such more of an impact!!

Wire coll 4 

I wanted to give a shout out to Karla. I won her using the good stuff giveaway. Thank you Karla, the girls and I will have fun with these goodies xoxo

Karla giveaway 

Inexpensive Medallion Kitchen Backsplash

Backsplash 1 

I am a firmer believer in dreaming about what you want, regardless if you can afford. Because if you cannot dream it, you will definitely never have it!

Backspalsh 2 

Having said that, one needs to hold their dreams lightly, be real and think out of the box. My dreams for my kitchen is about $50,000.00 worth. That is NOT going to happen, unless the kitchen fairy blesses me.

So I have this running tab of dreams in my head for my kitchen:  bull-nose marble counters, professional stove, antique farm sink, old tin panels for the ceiling and back splash, etc ...

Backsplash 3 

Well one day this last fall while having a rare treat of shopping in Snohomish, I saw these large heavy-paper place-mats. There is a whole collection of these (the paper cheese serving mats are cool!) but I was drawn to the rosettes because they look like those tin ceiling medallions. Plus they were totally in my price range 50 of them for $19.95!! 50 is a lot, so much so, these are temporary. I wanted th make sure I loved them and I taped them up with double-sided duck tape (this stuff is super sticky). I still adore them so we will wallpaper the extras one and coat them with something (I have not done that research yet) to protect them.

I was thrilled to see Ruth (love you Ruth xoxo) sells them in her shop. Check out all the different shapes and patterns and let your imagination flow!!!

Birthday Gifts

Bday gifts4444

Hello everyone, I hope you are enjoying your summer and it is not going by too fast. I know a lot of you are dealing with really hot weather, I am sorry :-(     Here in the NW it just feels like summer has started. My birthday was a week ago and I wanted to give a shout out to a few friends who have given me the most yummiest b-day gifts.

Thank you Angie for the tri-fold mirror. It is gorgeous and a real sacrifice on your part, to part with it. I love it and you xoxo

Bday gifts33333 

Thank you Linda for the beautiful swans, I can see them on my pink, shabby chic tea table. Also the cottage book and vintage place cards. Meeting you has been one of the silver linings to my blog xoxo

A big thank you my beautiful Auberne`for my tea-bag softies (You need to make some of these for your shop and NO I am not nagging you ;- ). You know I have been wanting one for a longest time. I LOVE her, her expression say "Pleas do not dunk me." You are the most clever, amazing girl. I adore you xoox

Lastly to my Chloe who gave me the best gift ever, no work for a whole weekend. She will do all my chores. WOW, now there is a gift I will use. What a giving, loving girl you are and you know your mama sooo well xoxox

Bday gifts1111

Bday gifts2222


Killer Finds


Gosh ladies, thank you for the overwhelming support of Wren Bay. I feels so love !!! I hope you love Wren as much as I do. I will share more soon.

I have been good for a while and not bought anything for my home. I have soo much already and I am trying to be happy with what I have. BUT when your girlfriend calling you Sunday morning at 9.30 and tells you, you need to get dressed and come down to this sale now because everything screams you and is dirt cheap, well you listen. I am soo glad I did. I got all this for $21.00 buck. The cottage dishes will make the sweetest table with my little cottage biscuit box. Another cottage print (it is a Helen Alingham) and who could say no to such, a beautiful, shabby, curvey large platter. Thank you Angie for calling me.

So this is the middle of the week for us. All Memorial day means for us is overtime !! But I would love to hear you plans. I can live vicariously through you xoxo



Just A Photo


Akkk, I just do not have a lot to share right night. I have been busy but not with things I can share. What have I been up to? Well Chloe turned 14, we celebrated her birthday this week. She is very into american girl dolls right now. She saved her money for six months a bought her own. So this year is an american girl birthday. Happy birthday sweetie xoxoxo

I have been taking lots of photos for the secret project. This is one I took that I decided it not right but I am sharing it with you.

My father is coming to visit in a couple of weeks and my house is a bomb, so I am trying to clean. DO I dare confess, I have not spring decorated at all. I just do not care. Shock. I am too lost in this project and it is taking wayyyyyyyyyyyy longer then I ever imagine it to. I am waiting for one thing and then I will hopefully share.

One thing I am into is clothes. Even though it is not very spring like here I am having fun looking at dresses, sling-back wedge shoes, little cardigans, I am thinking of making some flowery jewelry, ect.

So what have you been up to?? Is your house all done up for spring or are you working on some fun craft ?? I hope I am the only unmotivated person around here xoxox

Pantry Makeover

Panrty 22

Okay let me first say, under no circumstances, are you allowed to look at my gross, old, scary linoleum floor. I know it is not going to be easy, it is like looking at a train wreck that one can not take their eyes off. But just pretend, there is pretty old wood floor instead, which there is under the gross linoleum.
Panrty 66 

Okay, now that we got that out of the way, you can look at my pantry. I am finally, seeing some light at the end of the tunnel, on my project (will share soon) and am starting to dealing with my scary house. There is nothing like moving furniture around, to make a space feel new. I took my marble table and put it in the kitchen, where the pink table was. It is almost too big for the space, but I am loving it. So I set up this little vignette. I moved the mixer, to the table in the corner and it all still seems to flow fine. I really am surprised how well, this dressers works. It is so perfect for cookie sheets. You might want to look at your dressers in a new light.

Panrty 55 

Lastly can I brag a bit. I was taking my afternoon bath, perusing through my stack of library books, I had not read Blogging for Bliss, yet. Anyways as I am reading about my good friend Debbie, at Homespun Living, who do I see listed under her favorite reads, me. In a book. You are soo sweet Debbie xox (did you get my thank-you note ??)  This book has been out for awhile and I had no clue !!! So if I am in any other books, will you all please let me know ;-P Thank you for letting me brag and have a yummy day xoxoxx

Panrty 44 

Library Curtains

Libary curtian 3

A note for me:

I am just going to add this to my post. David was in a motorcycle accident yesterday on his way home from work.  He is okay. He shattered his right collarbone, dislocated a finger on his left hand and really bruised his ribs. But we are very grateful because it could have been soo much worse. So if I am not around for awhile that is why. Please be praying, David does not handle pain well, although last night he was handling it better then I thought he would. We will see how today goes !!!! On Friday he see a doctor and we will see if they will do surgery or anything. Also he has his right arm in a sling and his left hand in a splint. So he only has two finger he can use. Thank you soo much for all your love and support. I will be back as soon as I can xoxoxox


Good day everyone, I wanted to share my new drapes I made for my library. For my birthday my mother gave me this beautiful vintage hunting fabric that she had (I have been coveting it forever). I wanted to use it for new drapes but did not have enough, so what is a girl to do???? I found perfect taffeta for the rest of the drapes. I tied up the drapes (there is a second one I just did not take a picture) with pretty ribbon I had on hand and used a long nail as something to tie the ribbon onto. What I love most is the feathers. They are on a long wire that I bent over to make a hook and hooked it onto the knot of the ribbon. It just gives it a little some, some.

Do you like the black wicker chair ? (it now has a new coat of black paint) My sister gave me two of them. I still need to make new cushions, I think I will just use basic black twill. By the way this is my corner where you will find me working on my blog, chatting with all of you, knitting, recharging. I wish you could come have a cup of tea with me xoxoox

Libary curtian 1

Libary curtian 6

Libary curtian 2 

Libary curtian 5


A Storybook Corner

Storybook Corner 5

(Click on pictures to see detail better)

This summer I fixed up our little entryway, but I also redid the the small area when you step from the entryway into the kitchen. This is the space that holds our coats, umbrellas, slippers, etc. I liked the pale yellow I had painted the pantry (on the other side of the kitchen) and decided just to paint over the wallpaper the same color.

SB corner 0

I call this my storybook corner, well looking at it, you can see why. I have my wonderful Cozy Whimsy prints and also my black apple print. I painted a round frame intense blue and put in a red silhouette.

Storybook Corner 7

I have my little paper cottages out. I am planning on getting a few trees and a silver glittered banner that says storybook to hang above the cottages.

Storybook Corner 4

The hooks are new. I have black iron in the pantry and love it. So I found a site with a lot of different black iron hooks. I decided it would be fun to have them all different. I did not realize the hook with the white knobs was so small. So in time I will replace that one. But I love how they are all different, yet have the same feel.


Storrybook corner

My sweet gnome tassel is from Selia, I LOVE him, thank you.

I have my doll from Angie, a gnome plate and other storybook bits. I hope when you walk in and see my storybook corner, you feel you are in for a special visit. 

Storybook Corner 055

The wall needed one more picture. So I took a pretty carved fame, lined it with red polka-dot fabric and added a vintage cottage I had with some museum wax. I am just over the moon with my storybook corner and hope you find something in it to inspire you xoxox

 SB corner 5SB corner 6


Killer Deals

Blue bowl

I went to Oregon to drop off my daughter. She is spending 10 days with her grandparents. I am sure she is having oodles of fun, but I miss her xoxox.

I was only in OR a day but I had to run to Mr. Fosters in Dallas. I always find something amazing and CHEAP !!! Look at these sweet little glass bowls. Only a $1.00 each, the color is just beautiful. Some fun vintage fabric $2.00. But the killer deal, was thanks to my MIL. I was hoping to pick up a comfortable chair for our living room. I saw this strawberry pink velvet chair and they wanted $49.00, but it has a little stain and a tear. My MIL (who loves to barter, I do NOT) got them down to $10.00. Well how could I say no to that. It is very comfy, incredibly soft velvet, swivels and the scale is not too big for the room, I am over the moon. The little pillow is from Paula, thank you sweetie xoxoxo

Pink chairr

Vintage fabric

Out With The Apple Green

Lavender dreams 22

In with the lavender. I was tired of the bright apple green (it was really not the color I was trying to get anyways) so I decided to go in the opposite direction and pick something soft. But I wanted it fun, different. I wanted a lavender but with a lot of red in it. There is just too much gray weather here to use gray tone colors. I envisioned something to perk up the space on a drizzly, cold day. This color is still not perfect. I can not tell you how much I HATE picking paint color. I ended up mixing my own. I took Benjamin Moore purple cream and adding a bit of a deeper mauve paint and a bright blue paint. Just a bit. At first it was soo light, but it has deepened a bit and looks better. It changes with the light and is very Coco Chanel to me. I am loving it more and more.

Also you can see the wood around the windows is all chippy paint. I was sanding it and then decided I liked the layers of yellow and green. So I left it, my hubby thinks I am a loo !!!

By the way all my plants are tomatoes, peppers and basil. It was an experiment to see if they would do better, since that room gets warm but they really have not done much. So I am not sure if it worked. After I take the plants out, I am thinking of using black and white accents. But I can also see cranberry red with it too. Thank you for letting me share and to my girls for painting the room xoxoxo


Lavender dreams 11


Outdoor Livingroom

Outdoor livingroom 3



I love having an outdoor living room, although I will confess lately I am only enjoying it in the morning when it is still cool. Since we are stuck inside with rain much of the year, we are always looking for a chance to be outside.

On the weekends David and I like to sit out here before dinner and enjoy a mango slushy. The birdcage is a wonderful find from Angie (thank you xoxox), I set candles inside as great reuse. Next post I will share the garland, it is so easy to make xoxoxox 



I hope you do not mind me sharing my new chandelier. I rarely get a new light fixture, so I am soo excited. Actually as beautiful as this home is, it has a lot of bare bulbs. But my mother taught me on some things you can go cheap. But some things need to be quality and light fixtures are one of them. So I just patiently wait till I find something stunning, looks expensive but is not ;-) This light fixture was only $98.00 and was from Lowes of all places. I was there looking at paint chips and happened to see this beauty and knew it would be right for my hall.

Chandiler 2

It seems very French to me and is perfect for this odd space. It fills it up and adds interests. I am planing on adding a few more crystals at the top, it seems bare to me ;-) This is hall (between my kitchen, bathroom, basement and library) is small, narrow, very dark and has a door on all 4 walls. Please do not look at the horrible wallpaper, that I need to paint over. I was looking at new wallpaper. But akkkk, can someone tell me why wallpaper is sooo expensive ? I want to do something fun and different. I figured a hall is a good place to try something unusual. It is not like you are going to be sitting there and look at all day. So I am thinking two shade of paint, one lighter then the other and a big stencil to give the look of wallpaper. But now what color ? Robins egg blue maybe ?? Any suggestions xoxoxoxo

Chandiler 3

Shades of Summer Cabinet

Summer cab 

A summer makeover for my cabinet. The big platters in the center are from the rose Limoges china from my great, great grandmother. The green and white bowl is my new $1.50 find. I love those kind of finds.

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer. I have friends who are so hot and friends who are freezing. It has been cold in the morning but sunny in the afternoon. I can finally run around my yard barefoot and it is heaven. My veggie garden seems to be doing well. We are going into our weekend and plan to go strawberry picking in Sequim. I am sure we will get some lavender ice cream at the lavender fields. Poulsbo has their 4th celebration on the 3rd. My girls will be able to sit on a boat in the bay, under the fireworks. Isn't it wonderful how there are things in life that only happen with each season, only come once a year. It is these small moments, small traditions that make life, life xoxoxo

Sum cabnet

Shades of Summer Table


I got this table free for Auberne` (I collect free furniture for my girls, I am such a loo-loo) then I decided to use it. I love it soo much I think I need to keep my eye out for a white, round pedestal table. I usually have a vintage tablecloth but I did not want to cover up this table. So I took a cloth and folded it in thirds and used it like a table runner. Just fill a pedestal bowl with some sea shells and you have a charming summer table. By the way please try not to notice it needs a new paint job, I need Manuela ;-)  xoxoxo



Shades Of Summer

 Summer living 5

In the summer, I always crave the colors of sea shells. Soft purples, blues, greens, corals. I also just have less stuff out. I want light, air, open spaces, lots of white.  

Summer living 3 

Summer living 4

I did pull out a few of my favorite summer children's books. Houses from the Sea by Alice Goodey , Loraine and the Little People of Summer by Elizabet  Gordon, Golden Nature Seashore, Brambly Hedge Sea Story and Leaves From Nature Storybook, Young Folks Library. I am never to old for these books or at lest I do not want to be xoxoxox

Sumer living 

Summer living 2

Victorian Loo

Vic loo

Victorian luee 

I am sure you are wondering why I am showing you my toilet, but I am just so thrilled I had to share with you. I saw this cross tank lever in the June Country Living. (It is only $15.00 at Lowes) I thought what a simple, inexpensive way to make my bathroom feel a bit more Victorian.  Sometimes just new hardware can make something feel unique and special xoxox

Sewing Theme Party

Sew party 55




A group of friends and I had a surprise birthday party for a good friend. She is such a talented sew'er and quilter, so we decided to have a sewing theme. I used my quilted table runner and for napkins rings, just some old wooden spools tied on with yarn. We asked each person to bring a fat quarter for the birthday girl, I laid them out in long pieces, overlapping. I took a tall tin, wrapped the fabric around it, held it together with a rubber band and tided a ribbon over it.

My friend Kristin made embroidered dishtowels for the birthday girl. They looked perfect hanging over the back of each chair. Also another friend Mary, made charming place card holder with scrapbook paper, buttons and mini clothespins holding them up.

It all turned out wonderful, I think the birthday girl was very happy. Happy birthday Tracy, we all adore you xoxoxo

Spring Brown

Spring brown 

Well laziness pays off, sometimes ;-p

I was given some free furniture, including this pretty cabinet. Great lines but boring. I had planned on painting it white. I took it outside to paint, put on my first coat and came out later to check it. It was COVERED with dead gnats stuck to the paint. Half of them came off but left little blood streaks (I know more info then you wanted to know)  SO, after sanding most of it off and quite frankly not wanting to ever see the cabinet again, I stood back and said cool. I love it. I painted the knobs a pretty blue and called it done. Someday day, wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy down the road I might paint the whole thing but it is full of my fabric now and I am happy xoxox

A Corner Of My Home

Whitewindow 2 


I am finally getting in a spring mood. I am craving soft colors and neutrals.


But I still love my pom-poms.

Whitewindow 3 

I thought since I was using cream pom-poms, I could get away with bigger ones.

Whitewindow 5 

This sweet bird is from Paula, thank you sweetie xoxox

Whitewindow 4 

I am finding my neutral window calming. BUT we will see how long till I crave some color ;-)


By the way Storybook Woods is on Facebook

Mini Pantry

Mini pantry 

I have been in a crafty mood but are trying not to spend money. So I decided to look around my house and see if I could find inspiration. I have this miniature shelf my mother gave me years ago. After a while, I just put it away, you know how stuff gets old. Well after about 5 year in the basement it was a dirty mess. I decided to spruce it up. Gave it a new coat of white paint, replace the ribbons, add some more. Tore off what I did not like and added more doo-dads. I am happy with my mini pantry.

So what do you have sitting around your house that you can refresh, gussy-up, give new life ??? If you do I would love to hear about it xoxox

Mini pantry2 

Mini pantry3