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Just Beacuse It Makes Me Happy

This weeks Pinterest is this beautiful homestead. I was looking for a picture of the lovely Norwegian town I live in. Poulsbo was founded by Norwegian immigrants in the 1880's. It is this tiny town on Liberty Bay, surrounded by Hood Canal and other body's of water. In essence I am surrounded by water. A wonderful way to live. In the summer I never want to travel because when the sun is out there is not a more beautiful place in the world. The green trees glow and the water is such a bright shade of blue. I was sure this photos was of Poulsbo, it looks just like the kind of old homesteads you see around here but it is in Norway. I guess Poulsbo really is a Norwegian town!!

Just Beacuse It Makes Me Happy

Mug rug

This weeks Pinterest is mug rugs. My mother and I were chatting about Christmas ideas she could make. I was saying the girls and I would love a mug rug. They are small.

Rug mat 2

They can be as simple as just some strips of fabric.

Rug mat 3

Or as elaborate as you want.

Mug mat 4

They can have cute tea bags

Mug mat 5

Or rick-rack edges

Mug mat 7

tea cups

Mug mat 8

Or houses

Mug mat 6

The sky is the limit. By the way check out the Scrappy Mug Rug swap.

 Image at top from That Girl, That Quilt

Just Becuase It Makes Me Happy (and a winner)

Bee lables

Happy May day, this weeks Pinterest are these wonderful This Sunday Child labels. They are free download, check them out!

I am happy to announce the numbers generator picked the winner of my giveaway Anne, Fiona and Twig. Congratulations, I will e-mail you. Now all you have to decide is if you want a copy of Wren Bay or my baking book. Thank you everyone for joining in and all you kind comments. I have made so many kindred spirits here at my little blog xox

Just Becuase It Makes Me Happy

Grow collage

This week's Pinertrest is ideas for your garden!!

1. Grow your own celery  and another post you can also do this with romain lettuce, 2. Recycled soda bottle sprinkler, 3. DIY berry picker, I think this is the most brilliant thing on this list!! 4. Square-foot template, 5. Use a pallet as a raised bed , 6. Seed starter soil blocks, 7. Lemon peel seed starter , 8. Make your plants leafier, greener, larger , 9. Bike rim pole bean trellis

Lastly a great tip from LaTeaDah  (thank you xox). Type in your zip and find out what seeds you can plant this week!!

It Just Makes Me Happy


I do not know about you but I need a little serenity today! It is hard to not feel overwhelmed this time of year. Our Christmas is early, I only have 6 days left! Not one package wrapped, I do not have my menu nailed down. We were suppose to make candy yesterday but ended up running errands. A good friend of mine is helping her 101 yrd. Grandmother move into a nursing home!! Life is busy and there are soooooo many things we want to do, need to do. Gosh I had some girlfriends over the other day and I served store bought cookies and used pre-made pie crust for the hand pies. (Shock, thank goodness for Trader Joes).

I am trying to embrace what I can do and let go of what I cannot. I am trying to stop and enjoy the season. I spent a half an hour last night, just staring at our Christmas tree. I sat as low as I could on the couch looking up at our 9 foot tree, remembering how as a little girl I loved to lie under the tree and look up in it branches.  Enjoy these next few weeks. I am off to make candy and if something happens, oh well, I can buy some good chocolate. Love you  xoxo