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Swetpea, Petunia and Miss. Berry

Miss sweetpea

Auberne` has made strawberry softies for her shop, Greenwood Sisters.

Miss. Berry is a deeper red strawberry with pale pink eyes

Petunia is a bright red strawberry with lavender eyes

Sweetpea is a bright red strawberry with light blue eyes

All softies are hand sewn with wool felt. I had to up the price of the softies, because shipping was a more then we thought. They are $8.00 w/ free shipping

Good job sweetie xoxox

Miss Petunia


Greenwood Sisters

Heart 2 

Blue scarf 1 

Red flower

My girls, Auberne` and Chloe, have opened an Etsy shop, Greenwood Sisters. There will only be a few items listed at a time. I will post here every time they list new items. This time there are wool heart softies, organic cotton finger-knitted scarfs by Auberne. Chloe needle-felted flower pins. We are all new to this etsy thing, if you see anything at the shop that does not look right or a better way to do it, please let me know. Thank you xoxox