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Encouraging Thoughts


    Believe it or not, I have a second Wren novel 3/4 written. A much bigger story 80,000 words so far, minus recipes. I have tried to finish it but cannot get to it. So the only way I am going to get this book finished is the way I wrote the first Wren. That means locking myself in my library and immersing myself until this novel is done. I am going to only be posting here once a month and instagram once a week. Hopefully it will only take 2-3 months to finish the bulk of it. So if you need me and I do not get back to you, be patient with me. I will soon xox

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Encouraging Thoughts


Ohhh this was a hard message for me to learn in my youth. I wanted to be a friend to everyone and ended up being a doormat to a lot. It was hard to learn to say no. I ended up looking like a ... well you know what. But I realized I did not have to sacrifice myself for others. Also if someone wanted me to sacrifice who I was, then they really were not a friend in the first place!

PS there is times on ones life where you are called to give above and beyond yourself but that is a specific situation. Not a full time thing.


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Encouraging Thoughts


Happy New Year!

I have several goals this year. 1.My hubby. We have been very busy the last few years and have not had much time for eachother. That will change this year (we are hiking together). 2.To finish the next Wren novel. 3.Of course my health. To continue to make slow but deliberate steps towards health, including accepting my faults. They make me who I am! What is your goal?


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Encouraging Thoughts


I confess I am a Christmas girl. I love everything about it, the good and the bad. I hear all about the commercialization and pressure of Christmas. And it is true but I think it is about what one focuses on, where we put our eyes. I encourage all of us to focus on the joy, the love, the little things that makes Christmas so special: candy canes, a child's excitement, fresh holly, twinkle lights, the birth of Christ.

It is time to put your Jolly on!!!

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ps. I will be taking a week off while I get my house ready for Christmas but I will be back. I cannot wait to share this years theme!

Encouraging Thoughts


Ones health is very important. Having goals and keeping them is crucial but there are days when ones need to just let go and splurge a bit. Have that slice of cake (or pizza). Really, truly, enjoy it. And if you truly for your health cannot have a slice of cake, then redefine what cake is to you. The point is take a day off now and then, just enjoy. Even if it is not good for your health because it will be good for your soul and that is still a good thing l!


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Encouraging Thoughts


I love this quote because I think it speaks to the kind of beauty that is not obvious. You know how you look at something and then keep thinking about it? it slowly reveals itself to you. The longer you look at it the more beautiful it becomes, until you think how did I not see that in the first place? That is because true beauty lies within our hearts and it takes time to see that kind of beauty!


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Encouraging Thoughts


    I confess even though I am 52, have had years of therapy and have moved on in a lot of ways from my childhood, negative thoughts and comments said to me as a child still plague me. It is fun, I find they creep up on me when I least expect it. Like I am having a great day, then ... boom, the smallest thing has me thinking, "you are so dumb"  "you do not even try, if you would only apply yourself"  "you are not going to amount to much". I get in a spiral of negative thoughts and I (or ask my hubby) have to talk myself out of them. I love the idea that my brain has rent and only good renters will reside there!!

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Encouraging Thoughts


    Almost 6 months into this lifestyle change, there are certain things I still struggle with (like not wanting to exercise). I can feel overwhelmed, like I have no power, no self-control. It is like I keep bumping against the same wall over and over but I have to remind myself I do have the power. I just have to pick myself up, click my heels and use that power!!

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Encouraging Thoughts


This message is very close to my heart. I am a crier, emotional and have a lot of empathy of those suffering, outsiders like me but this was frowned upon by some in my childhood. I was told a lot to suck it up and not show my emotions. I was told it made me weak but I realized in time that my emotions were my strength. It takes strength to be vulnerable and those criticizing me, actually were afraid themselves to show their vulnerability. It is a risk to be vulnerable but it is worth it, even if we are rejected. Because being emotional is what makes us human and that makes us a better person.

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