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Jacobite Rose

Spinneretta 4

It has been so un-spring/summer like here. It seems like endless cold, gray days. Actually there has been a few sunny days now and then. But basically cold and gray. I am still living in my polar fleece (it is 47 outside). So we have not been able to enjoy our yard and parks much. I have been thinking we need to pull out out nature sketchbooks again. They are a creative idea for several reasons. Well they are fun, they help you stop and focus on the wonderful world around us. But also on rainy days it is a way to enjoy nature. We sketch looking out our big picture windows, we bring things inside and something we just make up stuff.



I am not very confident about my sketching skills, even after all these homeschooling years. I  am always looking for inspiration and found it at Jacobite Rose. Rachel is one of those people that can take small, everyday things and make them inspiring and interesting. Her nature sketches are very charming and engaging. One of my homeschool motto's is "it is process, not product that is important". Rachel's sketches reminds me of that and encourages me to just jump in and sketch (and not worry how lame-o it all is ;-) Thank you Rachel, I am sure everyone will be inspired xoxoxox 

Spinneretta 3

         Spinneretta 2

More Nature Sketch Book


I hope to post every couple of weeks a different sketchbook. I find it very helpful and inspiring to see others books. I really enjoy Susan Cornelis sketch books. I like that not only does she have nature one, but travel and every day things. I think there is a lot around us that we should observe but do not think about. There are times when I look at that plain white page and do not know what to do. Seeing others books, helps me bravely start sketching !!!


Jane's Sketchbook


Well being a good Charlotte Mason homeschool mother I have my own nature  and art sketchbooks. The girls and I go on walks or sit in our yard and draw what we observer. I will confess that this does not come easy to me. But I want my girls to feel natural about drawing what they see. Now mind you I did not say perfect or talented just comfortable about the whole thing. So I figure I need to embrace my sketchbook, if I want Aubern'e and Chloe to. I am always looking for inspiration and I found it in Jane's sketchbook.  Sorry I do not know Jane's last name, she does not say. I like how she take ordinary things, ordinary life and make a small special moment out of it. I hope you are inspired to.


A Bird Theme


I like themes and since we seem to have a bird theme going on here. I thought I would share a wonderful coloring book, 50 Birds. It is a vintage coloring book. There is one page of the bird to color and one colored page. I actually printed off copies of the colored pages for my mother on her birthday. She framed them and has them in her library. Aren't they beautiful !!!

I am sorry for the crooked picture. I have just gotten my digital camera (Thank you Daddy). I love it but I never took pictures before this camera. So I am shaky and still figuring out what to do. So bear with me.
Chloe is very intrigued by birds right now. But with the rain it is hard to go bird watching. So we sit at our large windows and look for birds and color pictures of them. Enjoy and color. Even if you do not have a young person to color with !!!