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Ann Kinsella

First time I have ever done this so you have really inspired me! Your graphics are wonderful. I'm going to have lots of fun exploring. Ann

Lisa Richards

Hi Clarice!
In case you don't check back on my blog soon, I don't see any more copies of Blair Castle on eBay, but I do see a few on Amazon for about $15. Have a great Christmas and thanks for dropping by! =0)

Jerry Vreeland

Good Morning Clarice,
What a delight this morning when I stumbled on your blog. I am not an expert with the computer, but am looking forward to checking out every corner of your site. It is fabulous. Can't wait to find the vanilla sugar and extract recipes mentioned
in one of the other comments. You ARE very
inspiring. Thanks, Jerry in Lousiana

Charlen Dunning

Clarise, I am so happy that I found your blog! I look forward to all your recipes and updates. I love everything you post. My husband was so excited when I made the Red Wine Plum Sauce and Ginger Pear Sauce. Thank you for the link to The Organic Vanilla Bean Company!! I ordered a pound Tuesday and they came in today. I have already mixed up a large batch of Vanilla Sugar and started the Vanilla Extract from your recipe. You are inspiring! Charlene in Indiana

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