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Susan Albert

Hello, everyone--thank you so much for all your comments, and a special thanks to Clarice for hosting my guest post on her beautiful Storybook Woods blog. It's been great fun to be here and share some of Beatrix Potter's fascinating life story with you. I hope you'll have the opportunity to learn more about her. She was truly an extraordinary woman.

If you're curious about the winners for the Storybook Woods drawing, you'll find them here:

And thanks again!

michele locey

i have been familiar with the beatrix potter books starting with peter rabbit when my son was born in 1977, then moving on to the wonderful jemima puddleduck when my daughter was born in i am anxious to introduce my grandaughter amarayah (she is 9 mos.)to the wonderful world of beatrix potter....thank you for a little insight to that wonderful world...


Wonderful, exciting and just plain fun!! You are an extremely talented Lady.

Susan B

Thank you, Susan, for expanding the realm of the Beatrix Potter characters, and for motivating me to explore the world of blogs.
I am really enjoying the series.


I've also greatly enjoyed this blog tour and look forward to reading your new novel!

Having not yet seen "Miss Potter", I really appreciated the biographical background you provided here. It's always nice to know the real story before watching the film. :-)

Looking forward to more stops on the blog tours and more interesting blogs to explore!


I'm really enjoying your blog tour, and have received interesting insights on your writing of the books. I love the notes at the end of each book. They may be for younger readers, but they have enchanted this somewhat older reader as well. See you tomorrow on your next blog stop.
Oh and I have enjoyed the introuductions to these new blogs as well:)

Susan P.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading all about Miss Potter's life.... thank you so much for sharing!

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