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     Happy winter, sorry I have not written. Life speeds by faster then I can keep up. I did have a Christmas Theme and it might have been my favorite. I guess I should post something about it :-O LOL. A lot of my focus has been my health, trying to be in the moment and being available to my family/friends, but still be true to me. No DRAMA is my theme!! I have been meaning to post this recipe for a while. This came about when I was working out hard and having lots of sore muscles. Plus I have been doing a veggie detox on and off. I wanted to make a soak for my bath that addressed sore muscles, stress and detoxing. I love this stuff and keep a double batches by my bath. I also made jars of this as Christmas gifts for everyone. It's simple and it feels wonderful in a long, hot bath!!


Detox Mustard Bath Mix

1 cup dried ground yellow mustard

1 cup finely ground oats or oat flour

2 cups Epsom salt

1½ baking soda

4-6 drops lemon oil

1-3 TBL rose water or 4 drops of rose oil

4-6 drops lavender oil


Sift the first 4 ingredients together in a large bowl. Made sure you a big bowl, so you have plenty of room to work in. Next sprinkle in the rose water, lemon and lavender. I start by using a whisk to mix. I smell and add more oil if wanted. Next I use my hands to finish mixing. I feel for large clumps and mash them with my fingers. Once I feel like it is fairly mixed I transfer the mixture to a large glass jar.

I have a pretty big bath tub, so I use 2 cups. If you have a small tub try 1 1/2 cup but use a good amount to really get the benefits. After bath rinse yourself and the tub with cool water. 




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Hi Susan, mustard bath mixed kind of leaves a little bit of a film on both you and the tub. So you want to give both the you and the tub of good rinse off!


Hey Clarice.
What does "tub with cool water", mean at the end of the instructions?
Thanks! 😊💕

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