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30th Wedding Anniversary

Wedding Storybook Woods

     Hi everyone, just thought I would share it is David and I 30th wedding anniversary. I have been reflecting on the past 30 years. I was scared to get married, both of our parents had been divorced and so may people made marriage sound so difficult. Well I wish I had not been so scared because it been great. Fantastic even! Plus it gets better and better. I can truly say I have never had a day where I thought about divorcing David. Sure we don't always get alone but its usually a misunderstanding because we have such different temperaments. I think the reason David and I work, is because we are best friend. We respect each other and always have each others back. I never fear David won't be there for me. He is my rock and I am his light. 


Wedding Ring Storybook Woods


     I also wanted to share I got a new wedding ring. Well a revamp of my wedding ring. For the past 8 years I have been living with cheap rings, waiting for a new ring. I originally had an oval 1 cart spinel but lost the stone (broke my heart). So I went to Goldmine Design Jewelers in Seattle and Mary worked with my original band. She widened my band and added a 3 cart ruby. Isn't beautiful? Thank you Mary, you were a joy to work with. I will be getting a new band too but I am still trying to decide what I want, because I am so picky ;-) 


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 (this photo was taken in the first 6 months of us dating)

    I wanted to marry David for a bunch of reasons but really there was one main reason and it is still why I love him. He likes me!!! I am an odd duck and do not get alone with everyone. I get lost in ideas, lost in my head and can float around (so to speak) with all that in going on in my brain. I am picky, emotional, clumsy, private and flighty. In spite of all that David likes me and would not change a hair on my head. He understands me (most of the time) even though we are opposites. All that I am not, he is. David strives so hard to make me happy, to give me the life I dream about. I strive to chase away David's dark corners, to be his biggest cheerleader and to love him unconditionally. I am always on the lookout for new beer for him to try and he buys me several bouquets of flowers every paycheck. We lift each other up and I am so blessed he has wanted me the last 30 years. I cannot wait to see what the 30 bring us my love xox



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Awwww. So sweet. I love love love this post. Thank you for sharing. Needed a beautiful, cheerful bit and this was it.

Dottie Chaddock



Congratulations to you both! You are a continuing inspiration to me Clarice, in so many ways. Even though it has taken me some time (years) I am slowly getting in control of my own diet and weight, cutting carbs and upping natural fats. We have reached the 20 yr anniversary this year, and are simply getting on better and better as the years advance. Our three children are 19, 18 and 14 and seem to be turning out ok so far (that is English for "I really think they're amazing"!) and home life is good.
I am so pleased to see a new post from you and what a lovely one it is. Thank you.

Bernideen's Tea Time,  Cottage and Garden

Congratulations! Well done! Yes, opposites do attract. We are drawn to the strengths of our opposite temperment love. Later, their weaknesses become our challenge. We all have strengths and weaknesses. I love your rings! Very pretty and I hope this is a very special week for you!

Deanna Rabe

Beautiful ring!

I loved what you wrote about your marriage. Marriage is about being ‘for’ each other and encouraging each other!


CONGRATULATIONS and God bless the next 30 years!

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