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A Natural Christmas

  NCcup1 Storybook Woods

    Well this is embarrassing :-O I have not posted Christmas my theme yet (and Christmas is long gone). Life has been a bit crazy for me. Plus this theme has to be done more last minute, so I did not have the time to do photos ahead. But I will share now and hope it inspires you for next year. This years theme, a Nature Christmas. I use traditional colors with lots of plants, greens and foliage. I made a video on FB giving you a tour, check it out!

  NCwhikbarCollg Storybook Woods

     We could not decide between a coca bar or whiskey, so we did both ;-)

Natrulchr6 Storybook Woods

    LOL, it was  not until after Christmas the my mother pointed out my little bouquet garni message might be for the wrong season. Akk, life with a dyslexic. Never even dawned on me :-O

Natural Christmas Storybook Woods1 Collage

    I loved this years them but it was hard because something I could not do until last minute. Plus I killed 3 plants, haha. I never realized what a black thumb I have. Thank you for letting me share and sorry I am so behind the times xox

Menue1 storybook woods

  Menue2 storybook woods


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Love the red. white and green floral theme! Happy New Year.

Children of Eve

Thank you for posting Christmas! I am loving your post even more now that it has passed. We get saturated with Christmas (which is wonderful!), and then...the festivities are over and the hard truth of winter kicks in. This post is a very needed boost to keep on keeping that Christmas JOY!


You always make holidays so very special. Yummy foods too.
Merry Christmas and now, Happy New Year, Clarice.

Bernideen Canfield

Your menu was divine! You are a star at this and I love the way you pamper your family with delicious food!

Deanna Rabe

I love natural themes! So pretty!

‘He is Risen’ is the reason He came and that’s what we’re celebrating at Christmas time so it is all connected! (Smile)

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