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  Hello everyone. I have been busy decorating and cooking. I am not quite ready to share this years theme but soon. I am busy making treats; cookies, candy, etc. It is hard at this time of year to go sugar free but over the years I have discovered I can make healthy version of what I love. I have compiled a list of thing I love to make. I thought it might be helpful for you too. Just to let you know I primarily use xylitol, stevia and coconut sugar. These are low on the glycemic level and my body/blood sugar does well on them but use what works for you.

My number one favorite treat is this No-Sugar Fudge. You can make it without peppermint. I have had it plain or with coffee or nuts added. It is yummy and so simple. You can also make it vegan with coconut milk and oil. 

My second favorite is a recipe of mine, Grain-Free Snowball cookies. We have loved this for a long time. 

Another favorite cookies is Rosemary Shortbread!

Orange and chocolate are a wonderful combo in this Orange Chocolate Cookie-dough Bark

Cafe Cookies are great because you can keep a log of dough in the freezer and bake off a few slices at a time. 

Keto Caramel Sauce, do I need to say more!

Raw Sesame Truffles

And lastly, I just love chocolate disks with toppings of nuts and dried fruit. Just melt a bit of chocolate, paint small circles on parchment and top with toppings. Pop in freezer and they can be enjoyed 15 minutes later.

Do you have a healthy Christmas treat you enjoy? I would love to hear about it!



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They are wonderful !!!


The chocolate disk idea is in my new book. The first time I saw them was in candy stores in Paris. They are so beautiful and delicious.

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