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Bulletproof Coffee

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    So one of the ways I have kept my 50# off for these three and half years is by eating a good amount of healthy fat. Yes, you heard me, eating fat has kept my weight down. Crazy I know but true. Of course I am talking healthy fats and I still eat way more low-carb veggies, than anything else but health fat has a real place in my diet. One reason is, fat helps my body deal with carbs. If I eat something like bread, I make sure it has a good amount of butter to help my insulin sensitive body, because that is what a pre-diabetic is. Although I have healthy insulin levels now because of my diet. I am not pre-diabetic anymore, yeah! But trust me, if I went back to all my old, my bad behaviors, I would become pre-diabetic and eventfully diabetic. So I always need to be mindful of what I eat and how much sugar I put in my system. So fats help my body regulate and digest sugars.

   And that brings me to bulletproof coffee. I am not going to get in a discussion if coffee is healthy or not and that is not why I drink this. I drink bulletproof coffee as a fat bomb. It sustains me on days where I am running around, it is a great substitute on mornings when I cannot eat another egg :-O  and it is a great on days where I eat lots of carbs. Plus it taste AMAZING!

    There is a lot of versions and information on the net about bulletproof coffee but I was asked to share how I do it. So were it is, but I want to say always listen to YOUR body. Keep trying to find what works for you, what makes you feel good, what helps support you system and what gives you joy. Bulletproof coffee does all that for me.

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Bulletproof Coffee

Makes 1 mug


1 cup hot coffee

1 TBL grass-fed butter

1 TBL MCT oil or coconut oil

¼ of cup or more of fresh coconut cream or raw cream

As your making your coffee, put butter, oil and cream to a tall mug or tall container. Heat cream/butter/oil in microwave for 33 seconds. Just enough to take the chill off so you don't cool down your coffee. Pour hot coffee over cream and with a hand blender or frother blend a few seconds to make it frothy. Then enjoy.


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Add in and extras

I like a few drops of chocolate stevia to this. You are suppose to drink bulletproof with no sweetener but I am not there yet. I have to add a tiny bit 0f sweetener for me. Eventually I will get use to it and will be able to drink it unsweetened. You have to start somewhere.

You can also grate some really dark chocolate in it.

I add maca powder to it. It gives it a smoky flavor, yumm. Also helps me with blood pressure and hormone issues.

Here is a list of more add-inns to inspire you. 

I you don't like coffee, you can make a coco or a tea version of this. I LOVE my earl grey tea this way. Like a super creamy tea!



I like to take my time and make the best cup of coffee I can. So I use Javapress to hand grind my beans and Aeropress to make my cup coffee. I only make a cup at a time.  I LOVE both these products and really recommend them.

I drink decafe and for you local friends I am loving whole beans from Viking Brew in downtown Poulsbo.

Don't use canned coconut cream, unless it is all you can get your hands on. Fresh coconut cream is so much better. If you're lucky enough to live somewhere where you can get raw milk/cream like me count your blessings!

Make sure not to skip the frothing part. The first time I made bulletproof, I did not and thought the coffee was so-so. I told my friend, who proceeded to shake her head (like I was an idiot because I was) and told me to make it again and froth it. SOOOO much better. I love my blender stick for this but you can throw it all into a blender too or use a frother.


PS. I am not paid for any of my recommendations. This is just what I use in my life and love.


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