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Javapresse  I have been getting into bulletproof coffee lately (I will write more about this later) so I got a Javapresse hand-grinder for my coffee, and wow, great product. First off they have the best customer service I have EVER had, sent me a new one (no questions asked) when I had problems with the one I bought. Great website full of helpful info and they have quickly answered any questions I may have. Well done Javapresse!


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Oil Cleansing. Now that I am in my 50's I am starting to deal with dry, dull looking skin. I don't want to look 20, but just maintain what I already have (thank you mom for my lovely skin ;-) Oil cleaning has really become my friend. I put it on when I get in my bath and just enjoy. I add some essential oils too, so it feels like a real spa treatment. I have been using this castor oil (I use on my hair too) and love it. Great product, great company. By the way I make small batches of the oil using half avocado oil, half MCT oil and a dash of castor oil. I just eyeball it. 



2-Minute Low Carb English Muffin   I miss tea and toast. It was a fav of mine on cold, rainy days before I started doing low-carb. Well, this recipe has brought back my love of tea and toast. It is simple (which I love), easy and quick to make. I like that I can just whip up toast and tea when the mood strikes. Make sure have have to good butter on-hand to have with your toast, it makes all the difference. Check out the recipe and video. 



DIY Canvas Clutch   I am keeping my eye out for old paintings, so I can whip myself up a clutch or tote. How charming are these?




The Grommet,  Looking for a gift for the grill'er in your life? Check out the grommet. I bought this for hubby and he LOVES it. "This innovative, bristle-free brush is a smarter way to clean your grill. The double helix design has two continuous springs to get the grease and food particles off the grill grates. No rough edges to cut you, and no need to worry about metal bristles falling out and getting in your food." Made in the USA, well built and works fantastic!



Their Finest  I really loved this movie (and cried my eyes out). A beautiful look at a part of WW11 I did not know much about. I will tell you there is a small, quick scene you would not want your children to watch. So check out the movie on your own first.


    Lastly I will leave you with these wise words ;-) 

PS. I was not paid for any of these recommendations. It is just things I have used and loved!!



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Hello there! I followed Faye's recommendation of your new book to this site, and what a joy it is to meet you :) I blog in Idaho, so we are neighbors of a sort, since you live in WA :) I currently use an oil on my face that has really made a significant change in my skin... I've had dry patches of skin on my face for years that nothing seemed to touch, until I tried an essential oil blend, and the dry skin has disappeared! It is amazing, so yes, I read with interest your oil cleansing method. Also loved all your other recommendations. Hope you are enjoying a lovely summer :)


I like the oil cleansing method too. I like to use sweet almond oil. It seems to work best for my skin. I use it for my moisturizer too. The English muffin sounds good. I'll have to try it. The grill tool sounds perfect. Thanks for sharing.

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