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Library Finished

Libredo1 Storybook Woods

     Ha! Well after living here what ... 15 years, we finally finished a room. Our library is done and I am loving it!

Libfir22 Storybook Woods


Libfir11 Storybook Woods

     My in-laws were selling their fake fireplace and I have been coveting it for years, so we snapped it up. I will be honest, the pretties on the mantle will go. A biggg flat-screen TV will be on the mantel instead, but I had to make it pretty for the photos ;-)

Libredo33 Storybook Woods

     We purchased two leather chairs (my first barko-leather furniture. my husband is over the moon). I know everything looks really orange in these photos, but it doesn't in real life. Much more like earl grey tea with milk in it. Well, except my desk which is a dark tangerine color.

Libary Collage

     It is small but I was able to come up with a whiskey/port bar. Every library needs one of those right?

Libfir33 Storybook Woods

    There is even room for elkzilla, as I like to call him. My husbands pride and joy. The things you do to make your man happy. There is a LOT crammed in this room, but I tried to create some space too and it all seems to work. Very cozy on a winter day.

Desklib Storybook Woods

    My favorite thing in the room, is my little desk. It is on old table left by the last owners, shoved in the corner of basement, deemed junk. I adore this table, peeling paint and all. The acrylic chair works great without add more weight to the room. I have a beautiful view of my roses as I write this. So books for me, flat screen for him. This room is prefect for both of us. Thank you for letting me share. One room down, six more to go!


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Lynn Hasty

I love it! Did you know I had planned a yellow library in the old house where I raised my children? It's lovely! Great job!
xo Lynn

Tracy A.

So charming!!


It's great, Clarice! It's got a nice masculine feel with a few feminine touches. I don't drink whisky much, but I do like the idea of a whisky bar in the library. Sounds very British!


Dear Clarice,

You did a beautiful job! Elkzilla is so funny. :) Thank you for letting us have a little tour; I'm sure you will spend many happy hours there.




loaded with your signature charm! congratulations on finishing your library! xo t


Divine! <3


Very beautiful library! Those chairs look perfect for reading/watching tv, and your desk by the window is perfect! Enjoy it all!

logan wilhelm

I love your library, it reminds me a little of our quaint rustic little cabin in the Adirondacks. Comfortable and a pleasure to spend time in. Enjoy it!


I love it! We have a library, but I really have never finished decorating it. This is an inspiration to get moving on it.

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