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Copper Christmas-Mirrors

Copper Christmas

  Christcooper1 Storybook Woods

    Okay, my theme this year is a Copper Christmas!! BUT, I confess that I do not own a lot of copper things and cannot afford to just go buy a bunch a stuff (plus that is no fun). So I had to DIY and stretch my thinking a bit. I own a lot of silver, gold, mercury glass and hoped this would make the copper shine. So in a way you could call this more of a metallic Christmas, but in the end I think it came out very pretty. I am quite happy.

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   Today I am sharing my china cabinet. We took the back off and use this cabinet as a divider between the living and dinning space. This is a large, longggg room with 3 distinct spaces. The divide really helps with creating cozy space, like one would want in the winter, without closing off the room.

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    I needed to put something in the cabinet and can be admired from all sides. My white village and lots of pale, glittered trees worked well.

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    I purchased 2 white buildings and copper glittered the roof of one and painted the trim with copper metallic paint on the other. I also made little copper wire wreaths for each house.

  Christcooper6 Storybook Woods

    I also made some more glue gun icicles but added copper glitter to them. They are so easy to make. I have to say at night, this cabinet just glows. I am thrilled with the results!

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Bernideen's Tea Time, Cottage and Garden

Everything looks amazing, festive and wonderful!


That's really pretty, Clarice! I am feeling very uninspired by Christmas decorating this year for some reason, I do less and less each year. It might be to do with middle teenaged children being too cool for Yule! But some traditions must stay, so I'll jolly well have to get on with it soon. Perhaps this fourth weekend of advent is a good time. Merry Christmas to you all. Xxx Gill


It's very pretty, Clarice. You know how to work the Christmas magic!

Deanna Rabe

So pretty! And creative!


Your white village with the copper accents is beautiful, Clarice.


I don't comment much, but I love everything you do! Storybook Woods is the perfect name for your blog; enchanted, childlike wonder!


Love the metallic and white together. Very pretty!

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