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Things I love. What I really love about this time of year? Is just that, this time of year, Autumn. Between now and Christmas is what I love the most. The nip in the air, the deep gold light, smoky smells from the wood stove, the pots of hot tea and snuggling. It does not get much better than that!

Paper tablecloth

Paper Table Cloth, love the look and simplicity of this for the holidays!


David Lebovitz French take of the Cheese Ball!!


DIY Lip Plumper, so easy and just a swipe in the center of my bottom lip works well!




Sharpie Mug, I am thinking of making this mug for Christmas gifts! Image 2 from


Cauliflower Popcorn, I am addicted to this stuff. It feel satisfy and fill that salty, snack need. The trick is to keep the pieces really small, do not over crowed the baking pan and roast the heck out of them! Be generous with your spices!


Bye Bye Red, let me start by saying I am not paid to say how much I LOVE this product. I am not paid to say that about anything I talk about on my blog. So having said that, I have to tell you how much I love Bye, Bye Red. Hitting 50 my skin is really starting to change and my old makeup routine was not working for me. I had heard so much about IT Cosmetics, especially for those who are over the age of 40. I decided to get a free make-over (I know Ulta and Sephora will let you try make-up for free) and was just shock how much I love their foundation, but what I mostly loved was this product. I do not have much rosacea, just some red on my nose, cheeks, some broken capillaries. Basically what you would expect with someone my age. I do not want to look like I am wearing make up. I want to look like I have healthy, dewy skin. And boy did this product do that. A small dot, blended with a small brush and my skin instantly evened out. Plus it last all day, it lasts through my 1 1/2 hour work-out (I get really red cheeks when I work out), and you use such a tiny amount. I am loving it, and it is rare for me to say make-up with worth the high price but in this case I think it is. If your interested, go in and try some. See for yourself.














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I like the paper table covering. I'd like to see my guests and grandkids draw on it after (or maybe before) the Big Meal. I love me a good cheese ball. MMMmmm! I finally found a lip gloss with light tones that I love....I'll try the peppermint oil in it.

Happy Autumn Days to you! ~Jody


Love, love these autumn days:)
OH! So its not just me that is permanently scarlet in the mirror! ( don't even look at Skype pictures!) I wonder if this product is available in

Marqueta Graham

You have such great ideas, dear lady! Autumn is indeed a lovely time of year, isn't it? If only it lasted a little longer!




This is a simply wonderful time of year! My favorite!


I have been reading about makeup too lately, for older skin. I love the You Tube channel Hot and Flashy. Tons of awesome reviews!

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