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    Wow, it is Storybook Woods 10 year bloggiversary. 10 years! I do not know what to say. It seems like yesterday when I started this blog. I had NO idea what blessings, opportunities and friends blogging would bring into my life. Of course 10 years ago blogging was just in its infancy and a whole another world. Nobody was famous. Nobody had books, TV shows, etc. Just a simple wanting to share and connect with others.

    It has been interesting to watch the medium grow over the years. Like all things, it must grow and change. Some good, some not but I am proud to be apart of the blogging community. My first post in April 2006,

"Hello friends, welcome,

I am very excited about my new little home. I am hoping to share lots of exciting ideas that I make and find. I truly hope you will find Storybook Woods a place of inspiration. A place to help you play. So get  a cup of tea and something to eat and enjoy, Clarice

"What we play is life." Louis Armstrong

   I still feel this way. I truly hope I inspire you, but I have to say, I get much more inspiration from all of you than I ever give. Thank you for that! I did not realize when I started blogging, how much it would add to my life. I never picture being featured in magazines, let alone editing one. I did not imaging myself writing cookbooks, and definitely did not know I had it in me to write novels.

10 year Collage storybook woods

    Blogging has stretched me and pushed my boundaries in a way I never pictured. It is also a beautiful reflection of my life for the past 10 years. The girls are now 20, 25. I no longer homeschool and it was such a huge part of my life. I will be honest, I am still searching for what this new season of my life will be. Taking care of my home is still a joy for me, but I am not sure what I want to do next. Which may very well just be, keep doing what I already do. It is interesting to be a full time homemaker when you do not have children anymore. I am still finding my voice and not sure what I now want to say on Storybook Woods.

    The biggest thing I am grateful for these past 10 years of blogging is the friends I have made. True, wonderful friends who have been there for me in times of need. You readers bring such joy into my life. Because of that I would like to do a give-away. One reader will win signed copy of Wishes Are Like..., and another winner will win this ring. I bought this nest ring 5 years ago when I started Wishes. I did not know how the book would end (those you who have read the book, will know what I am talking about. You will also know the significance of the 3 eggs). I bought 2 rings, one for me and one for a winner of a give-away. I did not know at the time that give-away would also be my 10 year bloggiversary. Funny how life works. I like to keep give-away's simple (like they were 10 years ago :-).  Just leave me a comment. If you have a preference of ring or book, let me know. Just say hi, tell me how long to have been reading SW, and maybe what your favorite recipe or idea is. That would make my day and I will pick the winners in 2 weeks.

    I am not sure what the next 10 years will bring? Both in my life and on the blog, but I look forward to seeing it. Thank you so much for all your support and friendship over the years. I continue to hope Storybook Woods brings something to your life to make it better, to inspire you and encourage you to dream, to make wishes. Remember to look for the everyday joys if life xox

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Kitty Nikolai

Congratulations on all that you have accomplished! It takes a lot of energy to create, and even more to keep up a regular blog (which you do beautifully). I would be honored to enter your contest, thank you!

Laural Harrison

Congrats on 10 years!! In a time of so many different avenues of social media, I'm so glad you continue to blog. Those of us who love your writing, ideas and stories, hope you keep it up for many, many more years!

Brenda Nuland

We just passed the ten year mark living in our house and for the life of me, I can't envision ten years. I'm so glad you started blogging then!


Dear Clarice,

Has it really been that long? You were one of the first blog friends I ever had, and I have absolutely loved having you in my life. You have enriched me in so many ways, even though we have never met! May you be blessed as you seek to learn the "new you" that awaits in this new season.



Sue Neitzel

Congrats!!! I've been blogging for 10 years too just not constant, and I sure do miss it! I'll have to start again soon. Please enter me!

Donna Connolly

I miss blogging, and I'm hoping to get back to it soon <3 You have always been an inspiration to me <3 It is so comforting to read anything connected to you and peek into your life(Thank you for that)... Congratulations on your 10 year anniversary <3
Blogger/google has kept me from blogging(Saying I don't exist, UGH) I'm hoping this posts...
Big Squishy Hugs to you,

Jennifer B

Congratulations on 10 years blogging! That's exciting!
Your blog posts are always so beautiful and inspiring and I enjoyed Wren Bay. Haven't been able to read Wishes and for that reason, I think I would prefer to win the book, although it is a hard decision because that ring is beautiful.

Jackie Dickie

Congratulations, Clarice on your 10 year blogiversary! That is quite An accomplishment. I don't remember when or how I found your blog but my favorite part is that through it I was able to meet you a couple of times in person and share a cup of tea together. I also love sharing all things Tasha! Have a beautiful, albeit cloudy day in your Storybook Woods! Jackie

Theresa MacNaughton

Well, congratulations!!!! I have always loved your blog so much, and I've found so many great recipes, lifestyle tips, and most importantly - a FRIEND! Cheers to another 10 years of blogging bliss! xoxo Theresa And thank you for the lovely giveaway; I'd be more than thrilled with either lovely gift!

Sue Combs

Congratulations Clarice....many blessings. You have given all of us great joy through your writing and we, in turn, wish you nothing but great joy in life.
Thank you for sharing yourself with all of us.
Sue Combs


Congratulations! What a wonderful achievement.

Tracy A.

Sorry to be a bit late in offering my congratulations on your anniversary! Well done!


Congratulations dear Clarice! I have been with you for a long time, 9 years I think, and yours was the first blog I ever followed. I have enjoyed your blog overall, the homeschooling posts, the decorating and crafts, recipes and of course, Wren. Your children have grown up, and even though mine are a little younger, they have grown too. My boys now live in England where they are finishing their education at a fabulous little school ( check it out... Brymore Academy) and my daughter has chosen to apply to study for the next academic year at a lycee in the Loire valley in France! I too face a very different everyday life now.
Which is my favourite post? Perhaps the one you did on Lucia day, which is how I found you, or perhaps your recipe for Rose Syrup, which is standing in my fridge right now, waiting for the rhubarb in the garden to grow a little more and then we shall have rose and rhubarb fool. ( Don't worry about entering me in the give away, I just wanted to say hello!) xxxx

Sharon Demers

Dear Clarice, Congratulations! Your blog was one of the first blogs I found (I'm thinking it was several years ago now). I loved it then and I love it now. <3 To make us choose a favorite post is cruel ;) There are just too many to mention. I love you Clarice!

Dawn Edmonson

Congratulations sweet friend!!! We were the pioneers of the genre, I truly believe that! I've followed you all along the way on this journey and know that you are a precious soul. I would LOVE to own your book! So chunk that into the pot...You know that I wish you nothing but the best...of love, life and happiness. Happy Blogiversary dear Clarice! hugs and love, Dawn

Barbara Weaver

Congratulations Clarice, on your 10 years of blogging. I always enjoy your posts. And I have loved the Wren Bay books --- I bought both of them and and hoping there will be another! Please! I can't say I have a favorite subject that you write about, but I do enjoy your celebrations of simple things. Oh! And I am forever grateful you started Tasha Tudor day! That brought so many kindred spirits together, both in cyberspace and the real world.
Barbara W.

Melanie Beilner

Congrats Clarice! blogging has brought me all kinds of personal triumphs! It's good to take stock of those and celebrate! God is good!

Kelli W.

Congratulations, Clarice! I agree with you on how blogging was when we started. I've tried to get back into it, but for now I just visit the sweet and peaceful blogs that I love - like yours!

Can't believe your beautiful girls are 20 and 25!

Jeanna Morgan

Love your blog. I have been reading it for almost as long as you have been writing it. Congratulations on 10 year. I hope you are up for writing it at least 10 more.


Congratulations on your wonderful blog! I have been a reader for "nearly" the entire ten years. I don't remember when I found you, but I remember how happy I was to find a kindred spirit. Your perspective and your enthusiasm encourage me through life. I am thankful that you so freely share of your heart, your creativity, and yourself. Blessings upon you and here's to another wonderful 10 years!


You have been a joy in my life, Clarice! <3 you and admire you! as ever.. matty

Deanna Rabe

Congratulations on 10years! I am in a similar place though not all my kids are grown yet! They are getting there and I'm looking for what God would have for me!

Linda Poteet

Congrats on the 10 years! I'm not sure how long I've been following your blog but around 5 years... There's a lot I've enjoyed the most! From your friendly and honest disposition... your lovely home and photographs... your eclectic recipes... reading your holiday menu plans... your willingness to try new things and share with us... and most lately your diet and weight loss inspiration. Have a wonderful every day!

\Dottie Chaddock

Hi friend,
Finding your blog six years ago has made my life so much sweeter...

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