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    Well it has been 2 years since I found out I was pre-diabetic and made a drastic lifestyle change. I am pleased to say I am still staying strong. I am completely comfortable eating a very low carb/paleo diet now. My cravings do not get the best of me (most days ;-). I have treat days and seem to make it all work. I was re-reading my 1 year post where I talked about gaining confidence and I have to say I feel even more confident now. Over Christmas I gained 5 pounds (not a big deal) but I was able to drop that weight off in 3 weeks. I have NEVER been able to do this before, unless I did something extreme to my body. It just shows me I am doing what my body needs.

    What thrills me more than anything, and is my biggest goal, I am maintaining what I have lost. If I do NOTHING else, I want to at least maintain. I have yo-yo'ed all my life from 96-240 something pounds. If I can keep this 40/50 pound weight loss off, then I have succeeded. So after 2 years, I would say I am succeeding.


    This brings me to what I wanted to share in this post. I have talked a lot about what I eat, how I move, what food owns me. But what I really want to talk about today, and what I feel like nobody talks about, is being positive. When it comes to lifestyle changes, diet, exerciser, goals, I see so many negative statements. Food is called bad, a goal is not meant unless it is done perfectly and no matter how much weight someone losses they are not happy unless they have hit their target weight. I wonder if this negative talk, unrealistic goals and self-loathing is undermining our health in the long run. I mean sure we can do something extreme, trick our body for a while and get some weight off. But in the long run are we really making true changes that will last?

    I was determined this time around to set small goals, go slow with my weight loss (I did not even weigh myself the first year), and be positive about food. I never say I cheat, I say I have a treat or gave into cravings (which does happen. I acknowledge it and move on). I never look at a day as a failure. Even if I ate something I shouldn't or didn't exerciser or gained weight, I know what went wrong that day, I do not need to point it out to myself. Instead I point out what I did right. I had a great breakfast or I drank lots of water or I did my deep breathing. I keep my focus positive, I keep my talk about myself positive!

    For every wrong thing we do, there is something we did right too. I am glad I set small goals for myself and hold them very lightly. I think this leads to feeling more positive about myself, which I think leads to a healthier body and weight loss. Becoming healthy is lifelong trek. It really never stops, and it is not like we hit some certain line in the sand and then we are done. Everyday is about choices, learning and getting a bit healthier than yesterday. I do not think it is some final destination we arrive at, but more of a journey we are on. So I wanted to encourage everyone to love yourself, be positive about food and look at what you did right today. Be proud of yourself because nobody is more invested in you, than you xox
















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Children of Eve

Congratulations on your healthy life! This is an excellent, encouraging post. My husband was diagnosed with diabetes 5 years ago. He has been free of diabetes and off meds for the last 2 years because he changed his eating habits. It can be done!


Hi Clarice:)
Kudos to you for your positive attitude and your over all approach to remaining healthy!

I've made some lifestyle changes since landing in the hospital last year. Cholesterol is my downfall but, I am staying on top of it rigorously. Yes, I have days that I sometimes slip but I don't let it get me down and forward I go!

Thank you so much for sharing your experiences with us Clarice. May the next year be even more successful!!!

Bernideen's Tea Time, Cottage and Garden

What a wonderful article Clarice and you are an encouragement to everyone who faces these problems and those who just need to loose a few!


Good encouraging words.


What an inspiration you are, Clarice! Well done!

I like to think of the "good things" I've done in a day as "adding money to my health bank account." Focusing on the positive is so important. You've done it well.


You are such an inspiration to all of us!! I was just telling my husband that we needed to get busy on eating healthier, and you have inspired me to do that! Are you following a special diet? Thank you for always being positive!


Lovely, Clarice.... <3


This is a wonderful post. Attitude is so very important. Beating oneself up (figuratively) does nothing but lay on guilt. Congratulations on maintaining your health, Clarice, which is much more important than weight!

Deanna Rabe

Thank you, Friend for this post. I needed to hear it. I've been basically maintaining for the last 6 months ( I go up and down 5), but since I want to still be loosing, I've seen it as a failure. The negativity in my mind has been real.

I am going to change my attitude and stop worrying, and focus on what I am doing right. I'm nearly completely off sugar, I do low carb as well, I am eating very healthy, starting to do exercise, I'm down nearly 50 pounds in a year and a half. Like you I could never lose before nor maintain. I could relate to what you were saying about how it affects your outlook on life and on yourself worth. I need to remember what's been accomplished and be thankful.

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