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    In trying to detox from the holidays I have been drinking lotsss of vinegar water, but also this turmeric tea. Although there is no actual tea, it is more of a hot beverage I keep in mason jar in my fridge. Ready to warm up as I want. I find this quite refreshing. I have to say since Christmas my metabolism has kicked back up. I lost the weight I gained over Christmas plus two more pounds. I really think raw apple cider vinegar is something we should all drink. Plus fresh citrus, turmeric and ginger are also so healing to the body.

Citrus thyme tumeric tea 2 storybook woods


Citrus Thyme Turmeric Tea

makes 1 pint mason jar


1 slice of lemon, I have been using meyer lemons lately

1 slice of orange (if fruit is small use 2 slices)

2 slices of fresh ginger

5 slices of fresh turmeric

some fresh thyme, or fresh herb to your liking


1/2-1 tsp of raw apple cider vinegar


Add all ingredients, except the vinegar, to a wide mouth pint mason jar. Fill jar with boiling water and cover jar with lid. Let the tea sit on your counter for a good 20-30 minutes depending how strong you like it. Strain out ingredients and store tea in your fridge. Heat a cup, sweeten if you like and stir in vinegar. Amount of vinegar depends on the size of cup and your tastes. The tea will keep in your fridge 1 week.









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I moseyed over from a link at LibraryThing on a vintage children's books thread-- what a beautiful blog you have!

I make a large jug (a gallon+) of lemon water and drink quite a lot of it...and have found that adding fresh turmeric slices, and sometimes some chopped ginger, is also very good. Plus - I love eating it: the turmeric slices, the soaked lemon peels, which I slice up and add back to the water.

I buy (for the previous commenters) fresh turmeric at Natural Grocers (Vitamin Cottage) and Whole Foods. I haven't looked online for it, but it's it can be bought there somewhere.


I would really like to try this, but live in an area without fresh turmeric. How much would you add if you were using this from a spice jar? Thanks!


Sounds good. Where do you find fresh turmeric?


This sounds so yummy and refreshing! Can't wait to try. Where do you get the tumeric?

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