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Honey oil

Is your hair drying out from all the cold weather like me? Give your hair a warm honey coconut oil treatment. I use this twice a month and it makes my long hair soft and shiny.

2 TBL raw coconut oil

2 TBL honey

Put on a junky shirt. Warm the two together and mix (It might separate a bit but do not worry it will still work). Apply to hair with your fingers, especially the ends. Put your hair up with a band or large hair clip. The longer you can keep it on the better. I leave it on all day, but leave on at least 2 hours. Then wash your hair.

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I was just reading that Beatrix Potter's hair was down to her knees before she had to have it shorn off because of illness. Can you imagine how she felt!


Sounds good enough to eat! :-D
I've also used smashed up avacado (past it's eating prime)! Worked really well!
Now, do you have any hints on how to spark up drab greying hair? :-/ I could stand a little glitz on these old tresses! ;-)

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