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December 2015

A Year of Storybook Woods 2015


    My years list of favorite posts. As you can see there are two months where I did not even post anything. Last year was about finish my novel and trying to stay on track with my lifestyle changes. I am proud to say I accomplished both goals. What is your favorite memory of 2015?

January, Bloom, I Love Food Too Much To Eat That post

February, Luck Of The Irish Pizza

March, Baking Pantry Up Date

April, our trip to McMenamins Edgefield

June, Bloom, Browned Butter Trick

August, Bloom, Being Slayed

September, Autumn Reading Corner

October, My new novel Wishes Are Like ... a sequel to Wren Bay

November, Martini Steak

December, Red & White Christmas theme

Above my favorite instagram image I took from 2015. My home in the spring!




Cocoa Bar

  Cocoa Bar4 Storybook Woods

    Well the last red & white Christmas post. Last year we had a whiskey bar  so this year we did a cocoa bar.

Cocoa Bar1 Storybook Woods

Cocoa Bar2 Storybook Woods

    Made our own cocoa mix, organic milk and sugar, good cocoa powder. Simple, easy and healthy.

Cocoa Bar5 Storybook Woods

    This was a fun, easy, and honestly frugal theme this year. Which is good, money is tight. Spent about $20 on paper and craft supplies, and then used what we had. It is fun to use only what you have because you do not know what you will end up with in the end. Plus you stretch your creative brain!

Cocoa Bar3 Storybook Woods




Red & White Dinning Room

  Red and white dining2 Storybook Woods

    Here is our Christmas red and white themed dinning room.

  Red and white dining4 Storybook Woods

Red and white dining3 Storybook Woods

    All I did for the candy canes, is tape them onto bamboo skewers. Worked great!

  Red and white dining0 Storybook Woods

Red and white dining1 Storybook Woods

    The craft Chloe picked was these paper tree made from cup-cake liners.

Red and white dining5 Storybook Woods






Christmas Menu 2015

Xm menu 2015 storybook woods

    I have had numerous request for our Christmas menu (probably because it is different every year). So here is this years menu's!

Christmas Eve

A potatoes bar with both white and sweet potatoes. Assorted topping; bacon, cheese, guacamole, linquica sausage, pesto, grilled veggies, olives, etc.

A big salad.

Dessert assorted fruitcakes, cookies and candies we have made or been given.


Christmas Breakfast

A traditional German breakfast of assorted meats, sausages, cheese, bread/butter, hard boiled eggs and fruit.


Christmas Dinner

First course lemon marinated shrimp in avocado halves

Swedish Meatballs


Sweet & Sour Red Cabbage

Bacon spinach salad



Brandy mincemeat pie

Grain-free banana bread with mascarpone

Nutella Mousse except I am NOT using nutella (too much sugar and bad stuff in it). I am using Jasons hazelnut chocolate butter






Red & White Wreath

  Red and white wreath storybook woods

    The other project I picked for our Red & White theme was this straw wreath. I was inspired by my friend Jennifer at Tatertots and Jello. I just cut a circle from a pizza box I had and glued the straws on. It took almost 100 paper straws. I found the best deal on ebay. Pretty simple, but did take a bit of playing with. Add a bow and I am very happy how it turned out.

  Xm crossstitch

Also I have had several people ask me about a picture in the last post. It is a cross stitch my mother made. Actually she has made all three of us one. She is extremely talented. Here is a close up of them!!







Red and White Christmas

  Red and white living1 Storybook Woods

    Well I am happy to introduce this years Christmas theme, Red and White. Since last years theme was not your usual Christmas colors, we thought this year it should be more traditional.

Red and white living2 Storybook Woods Red and white living3 Storybook Woods

    This was a fun theme because it opened up so many ideas. And we had plenty of red and white to choose from. Like wrapping white pillows with ribbon and vintage belt buckles. A sweet friend gave me a Clarice, so I had to use her.

  Red and white living5 Storybook Woods 

    Just to give you an idea of how we plan our themes. The girls and I pin ideas throughout the year, based on our theme. Then in the fall each of us picks at lest one idea we really want to do. Some years, such as the up-coming year, we will need to make a few things early in the year because we do not own much of the theme (yes I have next year picked out ;-) )

Red and white living7 Storybook Woods Red and white living8 Storybook Woods

    The back of the cabinet was a nice blank space, so we covered it with wrapping paper. The craft Auberne` picked was a garland made of fabric candies. We just cut rectangles out of fabric, fill with a ball of filling, glued the center/back and tied off each end.  They were easy and fun to make. I picked making this giant star from ribbon as my craft. It took a while to figure out (a few extra holes in the wall!!) but I love it and it really help fill up the wall space! More to come.

Red and white living6 Storybook Woods




Christmas Pantry

  XC pantry7 Storybook Woods

I had fun with my baking pantry this year. With the fridge moved, it opens up the whole room.

  XC pantry9 Storybook Woods

XC pantry2 Storybook Woods

I thought it would be fun to almost have an island in the room decked out for Christmas.

  XC pantry1 storybook woods

XC pantry6 Storybook Woods

XC pantry8 Storybook Woods

It is a bit of a hassle to move around, but I am thrilled with the results. Next post I will share our Christmas theme!

XC pantry4 storybook woods





Take Your Garbage & Make A Gift Tag

Recyle tags storybook woods

    In trying to use what I have this year, I made my own gift tags. I love my 3" scalloped punch. I use this ALL the time (& w/ a craft store coupon, they are not expansive). In the past I have used scrapbook paper, which works great.

  Recyle tags storybook woods0

    But the other day I was breaking down a candy box for recycling and noticed it was in perfect shape. The inside of the box was white.  So I cut the edges off, so I would have nice large piece and sure enough, the puncher worked great on the cardboard. What a lovely (& free) way to make gift tags. I am now checking out all my boxes before I break them down for recycling!!