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Merry Christmas

Cocoa Bar

  Cocoa Bar4 Storybook Woods

    Well the last red & white Christmas post. Last year we had a whiskey bar  so this year we did a cocoa bar.

Cocoa Bar1 Storybook Woods

Cocoa Bar2 Storybook Woods

    Made our own cocoa mix, organic milk and sugar, good cocoa powder. Simple, easy and healthy.

Cocoa Bar5 Storybook Woods

    This was a fun, easy, and honestly frugal theme this year. Which is good, money is tight. Spent about $20 on paper and craft supplies, and then used what we had. It is fun to use only what you have because you do not know what you will end up with in the end. Plus you stretch your creative brain!

Cocoa Bar3 Storybook Woods





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Make do, Use what you have...I've been doing that all year this year and am looking forward to what my brain comes up with in 2016! I was just writng about how much fun it's been and how it has creatively triggered my mind. I think your hot cocoa bar is just lovely and festive!

Melanie Beilner

Clarice, I'm loving all the "peppermint" colors! I'm drawn to those colors this year too; and those Santa mugs! (I got a few good ones at my local dollar tree). I hope you had a great Christmas and I can only imagine your food was over-the-top!


Happy Christmas dear Clarice. Your red and white theme is very Scandinavian, fresh and simple; very effective!

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