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Martini Steak

  Martini Steak Storybook Woods

    Good day. I have decided to go back a rewrite some of my old recipes (I wrote this recipe 8 yrs ago).  I made Martini Steak for my hubby and he still loves it. I even made it for his friends at elk camp and it was a big hit. This recipe is especially good for tougher cuts of steaks. Since I tend to buy meat in bulk, I will make up several of these and store them in the freezer. That morning, I just pull out a baggie and let the steaks defrost. Then all ready to go and grill!

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Martini Steak

serves 2

2 steaks


¼ cup liquid from green olive jar
¼ cup gin
⅛ cup Vermouth
1 tsp ground pepper
2 crush garlic heads


Wedge of blue cheese (or Gorgonzola)
Sliced green olives

Add the first five ingredient, the marinade, in a zip-lock freezer baggie. Mix well and add steak. Marinate steaks in fridge for 4-8 hours or in freezer.

Drain off marinade and grill steaks as you like. Serve steaks with sliced olives and crumble cheese on top. Enjoy!







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Sounds yummy!


Sounds delicious!
Love your cutting board.

Children of Eve

Mmmmmmm. I won't be throwing olive juice down the drain anymore. The only thing I've ever used it for is in salad dressing, but this opens up a new world.


I may have to give this one a try, Clarice, as we have a lot of game meat in the freezer and it can be so boring, dry and TOUGH! (Or perhaps I just can't cook the stuff properly!) I'm not a fan of olives, green ones in particular, but I'm sure they impart great flavor in the marinade, and I can forgo the embellishment on my serving! (So, does the marinade stay liquid in the freezer? Alcohol doesn't freeze, I think I've heard?)

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