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Wishes Are Like ... A Sample

Wishes Are Like exrta

Good day, I wanted to thank everyone for the wonderful support I have been getting for Wishes Are Like ...

I shared this on Wren Bay's facebook page (which I think everyone can read, even if you do not do FB. I post coupons and extra info there) I tought I would share with all of you, the intro and first 2 chapter. Just to give you a taste of Wishes. Also in my shop, there is a pre-view with these chapters too. I broken down the chapters into 3, to make reading easier. Enjoy xox

Wishes Are Like ... Intro

Wishes Are Like ... Chapter 1

Wishes Are Like ... Chapter 2


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Tracy A.

And congratulations!

Tracy A.

Thank you for sharing!


Loving the book and so many recipies too

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