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Wishes Are Like ... A Sample

Wishes Are Like exrta

Good day, I wanted to thank everyone for the wonderful support I have been getting for Wishes Are Like ...

I shared this on Wren Bay's facebook page (which I think everyone can read, even if you do not do FB. I post coupons and extra info there) I tought I would share with all of you, the intro and first 2 chapter. Just to give you a taste of Wishes. Also in my shop, there is a pre-view with these chapters too. I broken down the chapters into 3, to make reading easier. Enjoy xox

Wishes Are Like ... Intro

Wishes Are Like ... Chapter 1

Wishes Are Like ... Chapter 2

Snowball Cookies, Grain-Free and Vegan

Grain-free snowball cookies 3 storybook woods
   I am re-posting this because the old link got deleted. I have to say this is still a favorite of mine!

   I have several family members and friends who cannot eat gluten and are doing low-carb, so I like to have a few recipes tucked away for them. Honestly, even though my family is not gluten sensitive, I make these cookies for us because they are so insanely good. Enjoy!

  Grain free snowball cookies 202 storybook woods

Snowball Cookies, Grain-Free and Vegan

Makes a baker’s dozen


1 ¼ cup almond flour

¼ cup coconut flour

½ tsp arrow root powder (doing low-carb like me, I use psyllium husk powder instead)

½ tsp salt

½ tsp vanilla extract

½ cup sugar, I use coconut sugar

½ cup melted virgin coconut oil

1-2 TBL mild tasting olive oil

Powdered sugar


Pre-heat oven 325◦F

Melt coconut oil and set aside. Line a cookie sheet with parchment paper or silicone pad.

In a mixer bowl add all ingredients except the oils and powdered sugar. Mix together, then with the paddle on slow setting, slowly add the coconut oil. Next slowly add olive oil. You should be able to gently squeeze dough into a ball. If not, slow add a bit more oil until you can. You really cannot roll this dough, but you can gently squeeze it into a ball. It does not have to be a perfect shaped ball!  

Bake 15-20 minutes, until slightly golden around the edges.. Let cookies cool on baking sheet 5 minutes and then shift some powdered sugar over them. Do not move cookies, because they will brake. But when they are completely cooled then you can store them in an airtight container or enjoy!.



Gluten/grain free baked items tend to be crumbly, so leave them on the cookie sheet (this is why you want the parchment paper) until they have fully cooled.

When you serve them if they are not powdery enough, you can sift some more sugar over the cookies.

You can make them smaller for more of a bite size, but I would not make them bigger.

These cookies store well for a few days, if you put them in an airtight container.

Grain-free snowball cookies storybook woods


Wishes Are Like ... the sequel to Wren Bay

Wishes cover

Wishes are like …


Fragile bits of thread, twisted and knotted and woven into a thing of wonder.

A worker’s heart and dreams go into this small bit of lace.

She painstakingly works each spool, over, around and through until a pattern appears.

Our life is the same.

Fine threads of dreams and wishes we carefully weave and twist until …

the pattern of our life appears.


   Good day! After 5 years I am please to announce my second cooking novel Wishes Are Like ... the sequel to Wren Bay is published. Writing Wishes was like a long labor, but I found out I actually love to write. With Wren, I just sat down to write  a two page story about a doll and out came a novel. Wishes is so much more. I wanted to write a much more compelling story, as well as reflecting what a cooking/crafting blog represents. I feel I have done that with Wishes Are Like ..

   In the first novel/cookbook Wren was adjusting to a new life, as a married person, in a new place, Bay Farm.. Now four years later Wren is dealing with what she wants her future to hold, and that is being a mother but her wish is not coming true. Have you ever been in a place where you know what you want? Your gut can picture your future, but it is not happening. Even more so, there is nothing you can do to make it happen but wait. Waiting for most of us is a very difficult place to be, I know it is for me. Like Wren, I want to make things happen, now. To get in there and push, control, and just plain use my will, to make them happen. But there are times in our lives where we have to die to our wishes and just let things happen.

    This is the heart of Wishes Are Like ... The importance of having wishes but holding them gently. Wren has a wish to be a mother, Devlin has a wish to be what Wren needs, Aida has a wish to be strong and make a hard choice, Luc has the wish to trust again, Sophia has the wish to be able to let someone into her life and Thayer cannot acknowledge his wish. Not all wishes come true, but it is important to wish no matter what because without wishes, one's life would be very small and sad.

    Wishes has 29 chapter, 4 parts, as well as 42 original recipes. Storybook Woods is about taking the simple things of life and making celebrations out of them. Wish Are Like ... reflects this and will inspire you in your own life!

Alphabetical list of recipes from

A review of Wishes Are Like ....

"Clarice Fox-Hughes’ latest novel, “Wishes Are Like…’, will delight readers of “Wren Bay: The Story The Making a Home”. Wren and Devlin have matured and so has Fox-Hughes’ ability to weave a story that entrances the reader from the first page to the last! Familiar characters reappear in the novel, Madam Mimi, Aunt Sophia, Lily, and Mary, but new characters introduce fresh themes to the novel as well, enriching the novel with their own stories and challenges.

 Long anticipated, “Wish Are Like…” promises to leave the reader eager for the next chapter in Wren and Devlin Bay’s lives." Matty Holder

Wishes Are Like... is available in my shop

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DIY Chafing Dish Frame

  DIY chafing dish frame Storybook Woods 3

    Happy October 1st. Fall is in full swing and I am loving it. When I set up my autumn reading corner but the wall felt a little bare. So I scoured around my house and came up with this wonder print from an antique book I owned. By the way the book was falling apart, I wold never tear up an antique book. The printed needed a frame.

  DIY chafing dish frame Storybook Woods

DIY chafing dish frame Storybook Woods 6

    A girlfriend had found me this holder for a chafing dish and thought it would be a great prop for photos. I thought it would make a great frame (and I can still use it for photos). David just put two screws, one in each corner, in the wall and I can hang the frame on the wall. It was free, easy to do and a great up-cyling project. I love it. So next time you see one of the holders for a chafing dish with no insert, here is a DIY idea!

DIY chafing dish frame Storybook Woods 5