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Red wine truffles a recipe from the novel cookbook Wishe Are Like Storybook Woods

   Good day, well I am pleased to share I am just about done with my new novel/cookbook. The title is Wishes Are Like ... a squeal to Wren Bay. I will share more soon but I have finished all the recipes and wanted to share (because I am too excited). There are 42 recipes. Some well know from the blog but 35 new one. I have to say I did not create one recipe my family is not begging for me to make again but the Marmalade Gingerbread (which uses a whole cup of marmalade) was a favorite. Also the Meringues Filled w/ Whipped White Chocolate Cream, was a favorite too. Here is an alphabetical list, to tempt you xox

Alphabetical list of recipes from


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Hi Clarice,
I love the sound of every single recipe on this list and want to cook and taste them all!

Tracy A.

What a luscious list!


It sounds delicious!


So exciting! I can't wait. I think I should dig out Wren and put her on my reread pile by the bed. ( just now I am lost in the Outlander series with Claire, Jamie, Brianna and Roger again...)

I hope your garden has had good Harvest? I spent the afternoon filling baskets with plums and greengages, squash, tomatoes, herbs and runner beans. Now I have to do something with them all! First, a couple of plum cakes to follow our Cumberland pie for supper...I had better get up and get the oven on!!


They do sound yummy!

Bernideen's Tea Time Blog

Oh my - the list of recipes sounds wonderful!


They all sound so good and I am very interested in trying the Lilac Herbs De Provance! I have mountains of lavender and this will make lovely gifts! (Except, now I'm wondering if I will have to wait for my lilacs to bloom next spring?) :-/
Congratulations on finishing your "Wishes"! :-)

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