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     I have been requested to write a "Things I Love" post. I will be honest, my life has been very small these last 6 months. I have been working on Wren 24/7, which I have to say, it should be published by the end of the month. So, this is more of a "things I would love to do" list, full of autumn themed ideas. I hope it inspires you!


For my family, I want to make this version of pizza

Pizza Pull-apart Stack Bread

  Pizza salad

Since pizza is on my NOT healthy to eat list, I will make this for me!

Pizza Salad with Pepperoni Chips and Roasted Tomato Dressing

  Tartan corner

I want to make a cozy reading corner in my living room. Wish I had this tartan chair for it!

Tartan Corner

  Fox pin

Would these make sweet Christmas gifts?

Fox Pin


I HAVE to make this for myself

DIY Wool Blanket Coat

  Apple bunting

I think this would be perfect for apple night/day

Apple Book Bunting

What is on your love to do autumn list?


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Children of Eve

Loving your loves!

Tracy A.

How love,y to see your list! I share many of the same tastes.


I like each one of these! The pizza foods -- yummy!
I'd love a wool blanket coat.

Karen Andreola

The fox pin is cute.
I like tartans too. I spied a maxi - cut on the bias - tartan skirt in a catalog this season and said, "Great, my ten-year-old skirts will be back in style." I wear them every year anyway - even around the house. Nothing is warmer.
Keep up the good work with those fabulous salads.


I am thinking about a fall arrangement for the table with a pretty white tray full of white pumpkins and dried hydrangeas.


Picking blackberries
Lighting scented candles in the evening as dusk falls
Planting daffodil bulbs
Filling planters with heathers and chrysanthemums
Watching the morning mists lift from the fields and lake
Keeping a log of garden birds at the feeders before they migrate
Running to watch the geese as they fly overhead calling in the early mornings
Pulling on my woollen skirts and long sleeved dresses
Harvest Home :)


That is a good list!


Lots of fun things! I want to make those fox pins!!!


A great fall list. The pizza bread looks wonderful, but so does the pizza salad. Great idea! The tartan chair makes me swoon. Good luck on your writing!

Bernideen's Tea Time Blog

They are all totally awesome and inspirational! The blanket coat is a must do!!!!

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