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    So I have been doing this super low-carb thing a good 18 months and over all it is not too hard. I have lazy days where I do not want to deal with it, but still it is not hard. I have found ways to make, or curb, or substitute the foods I love. At first, any food I could not eat, I missed simple because I could not eat it but over time I made it work or just did not want it more. Having said that, there is one food that is my nemesis, bread! Oh, and bread that had been deep friend, a double whammy. I have tried making grain free versions and they are good (actually love them) but they're not the same. Unquestionably not the same!

    I have found out over time, when it comes to bread, I have NO self-control. Luckily my food snobbery helps me a bit. It has to be good, fresh, just made bread. Wonder bread is no temptation to me, thank goodness. Normally I would say, "just have a bit, a treat, like once a week". This is what I do with other foods I love but are not healthy for me. I have a bit, savor it and wait a couple of weeks. Bread though goes into a whole `nother category. When I eat bread, I think about it for days, weeks. It calls my name in dreams like my first love. I have come to realized I have no boundaries where bread is concerned. So having a bit of bread is not going to work. Now the idea of never have bread, or a croissant, or a funnel cake ... okay, sorry, I got off track. Well it is just too tragic to think about but I am not sure I can have bread even once a month.

    We all have that something we love, crave and no matter how much we talk to ourselves, pin quotes and write goals, it owns us! I do not think feeling guilty or bad, does any good. It is just a truth, not shame or a label. Besides being truthful is what sets us free. I think the best chance I have at controlling my bread cravings, instead of them controlling me, is being honest with myself. I really do not know yet what I am going to do about bread. Wish I had the answer, I do not. I know that I do not like that I scarfed down a third of the rosemary Parmesan boulé the other night. I do not want to be that girl. So I guess my first step is to be honest. I need bread-anonymous! Is there a food undermining your health? Something you just cannot get control over? Be honest with yourself but do not feel guilty either. Just own it. One day at a time, we will fight the good fight!


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Thanks for your honest inspiration here! Sweets are my down fall. I'm tired of looking at the front of me and being ok with it but then my profile... argh.... anyways, thanks again for writing this, I know I'm not alone and I'm inspired by your success!


Oh I just love the setting and the photo. One of my favorite venues, table/chairs, flowers, tea all in the garden. How very special.

Children of Eve

You are so wise to realize that you can't have just a little. Some things are "all or nothing". So opting for the nothing right now is the right choice. That doesn't mean it is forever.

I have found that the healthier I eat, the more I lose my desire for the unhealthy things that I once craved. It has happened to me with cheese, bread and even coffee. If you told me 2 years ago that I could walk by those things with no taste for them at all I wouldn't believe it.
The more you feed your body the things it wants,( not what you want ) the cravings will subside.


I love a good homemade loaf of bread too. And I like potato chips. If I don't have them in the house, they are no temptation, but I buy them sometimes when I think they'd be a treat.....and eat almost all of them.


I kept going back to bread for a long time, but I think I've finally lost my craving for it. It just took time, a lot of time. I think your right though if I ate it again I'd be right back where I use to be. It's one of those things I'm better off not having at all. Mine lately has been potatoes, but I noticed I'm starting to get tired of them. I'm thinking of trying to replace them with sweet potato and winter squash come winter. They would be a little better. I get tempted to eat those foods when I'm bored with the usual or sick.


Bread is mine, too, Clarice! Because my Dr. strongly suggested I don't eat anything white, eating whole grain bread is a good place to start when replacing my favorite soft white bread! I do try to cut down on how many times I eat bread (or pasta or potatoes or other carbs) during the week, and eat more fruits and veggies than I did before. Having lots of activities like hiking, walking in fun places has been what helps me the most. I don't think about what and when I am going to eat when I am busy and "distracted" by doing something fun! Having said that, I have gained back some of the weight I had previously lost because I have been making meals for my elderly mother and aunt who are very particular about what they can and will eat-mostly the things I am not supposed to eat! This has made things difficult diet wise since I don't want to be constantly in the kitchen cooking separate meals for them and us! Just have to do the best we can -helping them is my priority now. :-)


Oh Clarice, you're right. It's best to be honest and own our cravings. I hope at some point you come to a truce in your dysfunctional relationship with the loaves you love. I feel you, my dear. Great post!

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