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Bloom, Being Slayed

Bloom, Browned Butter Trick


Here is a note I posted on FB about my health and weight lost. Thought I would share it with you!!

"Well I weighed myself :-O

    As I have said in the past, when I started this almost a year and 1/2 ago, I do not weigh myself. I do not want to be defined by a number, nor do I want to focus on losing weight. Yes, I need and want to loss weight but even more so, I want to be healthy and I think by focusing on a number is counterproductive for me. Having said that, I know I weighed around 240 lb, give or take. So I finally weighed myself at my dad's and I am proud to say I weigh 203lb. I have lost about 40lb, give or take ;-) Which is wonderful, and not really important, all at the same time.

     I want to share for a couple of reason, first to encourage others. I do not know about you but it really inspires me when I see others meet their goals. Second I wanted to say, low carb and HIGH fat is working for me. Not that you are me. You need to play with what works for you but I tend get a lot of pull back from others who feel that eating fat is bad. Yes, you have to eat the right kind of fat: coconut oil, avocados, grass fed meat and dairy, etc. But I make sure I get a good dose of fat every day. As a matter of fact I am lowering my protein intake (including nuts. I eat them but less now), and upping my fat. I mostly eat veggies with healthy fat. If I eat something like a boneless, skinless chicken breast I make sure I eat a big pat of grass fed butter or half an avocado on the side.

     For me it is eating very low on the carb scale, cutting out most sugar and exercising is what has worked. I will also say I think it is 50/50 on diet and exercise. When I do not do one or the other, I get the same results: bloating, stomach aches, munchies and I'm sleepy. So if you are skeptical about eat fat or just like to hear how others are doing, I hope I have encouraged you. It is not easy, I am not going to lie but there is a sweetness knowing I have lost 40lb. And that I am getting stronger. Thank you for letting me share xox"

    So in-keeping of my love of butter, grass-feed butter that is ;-) I though I would share a simple way to bling up those veggies or plain piece of fish or chicken breast. Brown your butter. It is so simple and easy, and it adds a lot of flavors. It is one of my go to tricks for dinner. The other night we had salad and rockfish filets. I just panned fried them in brown butter, instead of plain butter and it added so much more flavor. I could tell you how to make it but I think it is nice to see, so here is a great video on how to brown your butter.

    Now I will give you another TIP. In the video he pours the butter over his cooked veggies but you can cook your veggies or meat in the butter. Here is what you do, have some oil in-hand, olive or avocado, or whatever you like. When the butter is browned, foaming and smells nutty pour a splash of oil in the butter. This helps the butter from burning. Then you add the meat or veggies. Just make sure you are using something that cooks fast and is thin. If the butter is cooked too long, then will still burn eve with the oil. That is it, a yummy way to get healthy fat into your diet!

Also thank you for the congratulations on my 9 year bloggiversary, I am so grateful for all the friends I have made over the 9 years.  The winner is Dianntha, congratulation xox



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Tracy A.

Wonderful accomplishments all the way around! Congratulations!

Children of Eve

Congratulations on everything! The blog and the good eating and exercise. I eat low carb and lots and lots of veggies, but if there is one thing that would make my eating tasteless and sad it would be to take away my butter! A little goes a very long way on flavor and satisfaction.

Keep up the good work!

Tracy A.

Wonderful Clarice! Keep being so good to yourself!


Congratulations! You are an inspiration! I get so discouraged by those "I lost 200 lbs by only drinking smoothies! Buy this $600 blender now!" weight loss promotions, that it is a joy to see that it can be done reasonably. Thanks for the motivation!


Congrats on your plan to eat better and live better. YOU do inspire me too! I need to increase my fat intake a little better. I love coconut oil and butter, but the grassfed butter is hard to come by where I live and it's terribly expensive. I do love avocados and could eat one every day. I started putting brown butter on our popcorn. Oh boy, is it ever good. I know you're low carbing and we do mostly too, but we have to eat popcorn now and then. Good fiber!

Best wishes on your continued health!

Sharon D.

Thank you Clarice and I am SO PROUD of you!!!! You are doing great and are so inspiring! It feels so good when we eat healthy.


I don't often to pay attention to diets, though I should. But I do love your idea for adding fat into the diet. I sleep better when I have some fat in my diet, but had never thought about it being a way of dieting. Good food for thought. I do need to eliminate carbs though I know I need to do this, but am a bit addicted. Another thing to think on.


Congratulations, Clarice! Low carb is how I maintain my weight, too, and the fat component is important. Love butter and love the idea of browned butter. Thanks for sharing. Have a wonderful day.

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