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9 Years Give-Away


     Well I am just behind on everything. One month slide by before I knew it and Storybook Woods had an anniversary in April. I have been blogging for 9 years! Wow! I marvel at what blogging has become. I do not think any of us pictured this but what a blessing it has been.

    I have been busy locked away in my library writing. I am just finishing the ending of Wren 2 (I am still working on the title). During the week, the girls do the cooking. Chloe got her drivers license! Yeah! It is wonderful to just say " can you go pick up such and such?" This is freeing me up to write. Also I have made a pinterest pin-board for Storybook Woods recipes. I  will be adding more. I am planning on rewriting some of my old recipes when I am done with Wren.

    In honor of nine years of blogging, I am having a give-away. The current issue of Bella Grace, which features Annetta Bosakova. Annetta's work is always stunning and just makes me happy. You will also get a chocolate bar. So tell me whose work you love and why you love it. Also your favorite kind of chocolate and I will pick a winner. Well I am off to my library to write. Have a scrumptious month and good luck on winning xox


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Tammy Lewis

Lol...should have previewed... yes, you are lively...but, meant to write lovely and blog. Oh my kindle. I never have this problem with my laptop. Lol hugs

Tammy Lewis

Congratulations lively friend! Your blig is just beautiful!! My life has finally slowed down and I am about to read Wren 1.! I feel so behinx everyone. Yet, excited because when I have finished ...maybe Wren 2 will be ready!! Hugs, blessings and love


Rose syrup delicious, and so pretty in a vintage soda stream bottle😊
Have you ever frozen it? It's too hot today to even think about canning!


Just checking in again before harvesting my roses to make rose syrup. Other jobs to do are picking and freezing kale, gathering our first strawberries of the year and cutting a huge bed of mint; some to give direct to our hens and some to dry for later. Happy June days in the garden:)

Tracy A.

Congratulations on your anniversary!


Congratulations on your Blogiversary!
I am so thrilled that Wren 2 is done! Well done. You are an inspiration in perseverance, knowing that you are dyslexic, as are my three children. As for an artist I admire, have you seen Tricia Romance´s work? I love her peaceful home scenes. Congrats to Chloe too:) My eldest is eager to drive, he is working on his tractor license this summer. Hugs from Norway.

Kath M

Congratulations! I've followed your blog for years, and enjoyed our "visits" immensely :~) This morning, in fact, I finished reading Wren Bay. What an enjoyable read, and so encouraging. Made me want to jump up and create a vignette!

Hurry up and finish Wren....I'm looking forward to seeing what she is up to now


Congratulations on 9 years! I love your blog! You always share such beautiful resources. Can't wait for Wren 2. My favorite artist would to be Tasha Tudor. (I'm going with a fan club to tour her home later this month, can't wait! I was there and visited her twice while she was alive but only had tea in the room near her kitchen.) Then later in the day the fan club will be holding a doll fair. Can't wait. I will be taking my five year old daughter to the fair. My favorite chocolate is a good old Hershey Bar!


Congratulations on nine years! Just think of how many words and thoughts it has been!
Have you seen the latest issue of "Daphne's Diary" magazine? Lots of artists there!
Again, congrats!


Wow, Congrats! You always have a great blog! I am hoping to win that great magazine too! Dianntha


Happy anniversary~
Love Annetta's work and dark chocolate with bits of orange flavoring.
I also love a friend's work that is in the new issue, beth mcwilliams.


Congratulations on 9 years of blogging. Do you know, I don't even know when I began, I'll have to look it up.
Good luck on the writing. I'm so impressed with your discipline. Chocolate - dark. Can't think of a particular visual artist I enjoy.


I just wanted to drop in and say congrats! On everything! I love your blog. It's sweet, it's encouraging, it's real, it's beautiful! xoxo Lynn


Congrats on 9 amazing years! xoxo


Hey sweets. Love that you're celebrating you blogaversary. Wonderful idea. As to your questions, I can't think of an artist I favor, but really admire women who take that sort of time. I wish I had the discipline. But as to chocolate... White coconut. Yum.

You take care, and thanks for offering the giveaway. <3

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