Encouraging Thoughts
Encouraging Thoughts

McMenamins Edgefield

Edgefield0 storybook woods

    David needed to run to Portland, so we decided to make it a little last minute date. It was the best discition we ever made. We stayed over-night at Edgefield and what an amazing place! They have a brewery, winery and distillery (I even found a whiskey I liked) all on-site. So my home-brew hubby was very happy. With several pubs and restaurants, live music, a pool and theater, one never even needs to leave the place. It was a sunny day!! We stayed it the Stevie Wonder room (the rooms are inexpensive but you have to use a bathroom down the hall. It was not that bad). Stevie Wonder had performed at Edgefield in 2007 and then were quotes from him on the wall. I have seem him perform in person as a girl, so I was thrilled to stay in this room. Honestly I thought I took way more pictures than I did. But we are going to make this a yearly treat, so I will have more pictures down the road. Here is a peak at what we saw!

Edgefield10 storybook woods
Edgefield10 storybook woods


Edgefield13 storybook woods
Edgefield13 storybook woods


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Lady Linda

It was great to see you and David. You gave a nice selection of photos so others can share Edgefield! We are lucky to have it in our backyard.


So happy you enjoyed. About the only time I get there is when they have a special antique show and garden show.


Looks lovely! Which I were closer! Clarice, I wanted to give you a heads up I am sending you a link to my ebook. It will be coming from my hotmail, nurturingnook@hotmail.com I didn't want you to think it is spam! It is a book that is free to my subscribers but I want you to have it. I thought you might enjoy it. It is about a holiday we call Pussy Willow Day and some May Day stuff. I also mention your egg book in it! Hope you enjoy!


I like the sounds of that trip! So nice the two of you could get away. Beautiful, beautiful area.

Kimberly~Nutbrown Cottage

Oooh, looks like a lot of fun!


What a lovely spot to visit, and how nice to finally " meet" David!


What a fun place! Cool photos. We've gotta go. So glad you guys had a good time!


Dear Clarice,

Thanks for the fun trip! ;) I love the little gardens there. It's so nice to have a little getaway every now and then; I'm glad you had the chance.



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