Encouraging Thoughts
Encouraging Thoughts

Things I Love


I realize I have not done a Things I Love post in a long time, so here we go. If there is anything you have been loving lately, please share!

Emma Block  I am a HUGE Emma fan. Her work just makes me happy. Emma's shop


I started using marula oil on my skin and hair. I am LOVING it. My hair is thick and shinny, lines on my face are softening. It is extremely high in antioxidants, vitamin C and E. I buy it here and is reasonably priced. Also Bittersweet Soap makes an amazing Marula face and body cream            image above from


Trader Joes Turkish Honey

What can I say about this honey, except that I am beyond addict. I am not even that big of a honey fan but this stuff ... well think of a floral honey that has been caramelized. That is the best way I can explain the taste. Unlike anything I have had before. My favorite way to eat it, besides off the spoon? Drizzled over fresh pineapple or plain cheesecake. Heaven!

Not another

Some movies I have been loving but I will say these are for adults. There is no sex scene (one does have a scene in a strip bar but you do not see anything). Like I said not family movies.Also all on netflix instant watch My fav is Barefoot. Also   Not Another Happy Ending and Elsa & Fred

Wren and Devlin's new song is I Fall For You from Lorne Balfe from the movie Not Another Happy Ending move. I just cannot stop listing to this song!!!


DIY Strawberry Milk

I love the whole idea of making my own strawberry milk (and I am not talking milkshake). As someone who drinks raw milk, now I can have strawberry milk!!



Rose tags, to print  These are just so dang pretty and that is enough!!




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Oh my. That song is amazing. Found it on Spotify, and I'm sure I'll be hitting replay over and over. Love the minor notes. Lovely. Thanks for sharing. :)


I love your "Things I Love" posts! Good stuff I will certainly check out.


Nice list of pretties.
I am loving each step my grandson makes.
Also loving the clothes I am finding at on of my favorite antique malls. They aren't old but the shop owner picks out such fun tops. Haven't told my husband there is a new top hanging in my closet yet.

\Dottie Chaddock

You favorites are now my favorite things...
Clarice,you are a charming woman.


What a lovely post, Clarice...I haven't seen Trader Joe's Turkish Honey but you can be sure I will be looking for it on my next trip!

Thanks for show casing Emma Block. That picture is simply charming:)

Winter is playing havoc on my skin and hair. Perhaps I should check out that Marula line.

Thanks for sharing, Clarice...

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