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Encouraging Thoughts

Baking Pantry Up-Date

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    Well David and I did a crazy thing. We put our 33 cubic foot refrigerator in our living room. I know, what?? We have this odd corner of our living room, that you cannot see unless you go around the corner and nobody ever does. It is right next to the pantry. The fridge was taking up half the pantry and making the room dark. So we thought what the heck, lets give it a try. Yes I have to walk through 2 rooms to get to the fridge. It is not the most convent place but we are trying it. If it does not work, we can just move it again. It certainly opens up my baking pantry. Now the room bright and sunny. Gosh, I am lucky to be indulgent and have a whole room dedicated to baking! Here are some glimpse of what is happening (please ignore the old, gross linoleum. NO, we still have not ripped it up yet and there is hard wood under there too). I am still tweaking the room but sometimes you just have to think out of the box and put your refrigerator in your living room ;-)

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I was lucky to be gifted with two antique meat grinders. We will see if I have to muscles to actually use them. My favorite part is the handles. Maybe I can upcycle them!


It is nice to have this table. It does not take up much room but can be opened when I need to work. the lace curtains hiding my vitamix, mini food processor, vacuum sealer and grain grinder.

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Grain and flour storage!!


I call this my typography corner. I want the pantry to feel a bit like an old pharmacy!


My Russian mixer-cover. It says cake. And you can see I use bottles a lot. Storage, lets in light and is free. Love reuse!!

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karen andreola

Ooo, I like your individual pieces. They make an interesting, homey, and handsome space. The large windows merge nature with indoors and bring in such cheerful sunlight. Soo pretty.

I once looked at an antique house for sale that had the refrigerator behind the basement door - sitting at the top of the basement stairs - beside the kitchen. It really wasn't an inconvenient place - just unusual.

A small walk-in closet in this house is our pantry. I keep my bread machine plugged in there - mostly used on the dough setting.


Very nice! When I saw the meat grinder I wondered if you would want our grain grinder, but then I see you have one. I haven't used it in years and would dearly love for someone to love it. Now must ask my daughter if she wants it, but doubt it.


What a day brightener this post is Clarice. You really do have such a unique out of the box style:) I LOVE it and I love the notion of moving the refrigerator. It really is all about the light!!!

Thanks for sharing, Clarice...


Lovely post!!! Hope you don't mind, I gave your Egg book a shout out on my blog. Love it! Will you ever do another???


It's a pretty work place. I noticed you had a Kombucha bottle. Do you make kombucha? I just started doing it and I really like it.

Martha Ellen

How lucky you are to have a pantry! Such a bright and cheerful area. ♥


What a bright and pretty place to bake!


so so sweet!


What a cheerful room. You sure have a knack for putting things together. :) Love it.


What a wonderful space--I love all the light!

LaDonna Lateadah

It looks so cheerful and inviting! If I lived there, I would want to bake every day! I love it!


Love it! So open and bright! I'm sure you'll get used to the fridge being where it is. I love your out-of-the-box thinking!

Alice Gunther

Beautiful. I always love a glimpse inside your lovely home.


Lovely! I love the view out the windows, too!


Love it! So bright and sunny. The corner display shelves add such character. Had to chuckle over the gin, though! ( it's my favourite brand, too.) Have you looked at Deliciously Ella's recipe book? I am going to be trying some of her recipes after Easter, when my Lenten fast is over.

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