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Aging Beauty


  Beside cooking, my other passion in life since I was a little girl is fashion/beauty. Really this was a first love. When I was a little girl I would sketch outfits, designed my wedding dress and bought my first wedding mag at 10. I would sit for hours as a teen playing with make up. I have worked as a make up artist, gave classes on homemade facial and how use make a bunch of outfits out of only a few pieces. But then babies came along and instead of focusing on me, I had fun dressing these adorable girls. It is funny how life circles around. My girls are women now and dress themselves :-P When you are young it is all about you, then you have babies and it is all about them. Then it comes back to you. Well really a combination of them and you, as it should be. The best of both worlds!

    Also turning 50 my beauty needs have changed. What worked before, does not now. Plus have you been to pinterest or youtube? There are so many fun tutorials, new products, a better way to do things. So I have been playing. Something worked, some did not. I am fine tuning my beauty routine. I am also taking the time out each day to really take care of my skin and do my make up. I use to be the first one ready, now my family waits for me! Here are some products and ideas that I am really loving right now. What is your favorite beauty tip or product?


Henna, gray hair, ugg. I started off going to a hair dresser to get my hair dyed but could not afford it over time. Then I started dying at home but I did not like it (& it set my allergies off). So I decided to try henna and I have to say I love it. First off henna heals your hair. So over time, I am getting glossier, smoother hair. I find the color is subtle and looks more natural. The down side is washing the stuff out. Look up some tutorials on the subject first. I was not prepared for how it dries and you have to scrub and scrub to get the stuff out of your hair. Do not henna on the same day you have something important happening. It really takes a day before you feel like you do not have little brown flecks coming off your scalp. But after that you will have soft, healthy, gorgeous hair. I should say I am about 50% grey. I do not know how the henna would work if you had a lot more grey but read up on it. Lastly it is a really frugal choice. I spend $8.00 and can do 4/5 root touch ups with one jar. This is the henna I use.

Marula oil. I wrote about this oil in my things I love post.



Foundation brush. This is my favorite new tool, well ... new to me. A foundation brush. I watched video where they took a lemon and put foundation on it. They did it with their finger, a sponge and a foundation brush. The brush gave the best coverage. And it is soo true. With aging skin, I find it is best to do light layers of foundation. The brush gives such control. I can put it heavier in spots where I need it and feather it out where I do not. Plus it waste less make-up. I put my makeup on a little mirror and then use the brush. It picks it all up. I got an ELF foundation brush at Target for $1.00, so we are not talking about a lot of money.

Eye make up remover. Coconut oil makes a great remover.

Eye cream. For eye cream I use Young Living oil, 1 drop of frankincense oil, 1 drop of lavender oil and 3 drops of marula oil that I mix up each day. I put the drops in the palm of my hand. Just be VERYYY careful to not get any in your eye. It has really helped with fine lines, puffiness and blueness.

DIY make up setting spray. I make my own and added a bit of lavender oil. I like how it kind of melts the make-up all together and makes it look more natural.

Covering grey roots, Lastly I LOVE WOW root coverage. Because lets face it, if you have grey hair at all, roots are an issue. This is a powder. Think high pigment eyeshadow. It is easy to put on, stays a few days. I like it too because it is not a flat color, so it matches my hair and highlights better. I would also say I have had it for a month and have barely used any, so I think it will last a while. I got mine on ebay. Check out the video's on how the product works.



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So true. When you have those kids it is all about them and then somehow it does come back to you as it should.

I went through a frumpy time when they were little. Now with a teen daughter who has a very original and pretty style I have been brought back to who I am and who I was before kids. It is fun again! With big girls getting themselves dressed I have time again to dress myself well!


Great tips, Clarice. I'm going to look for that Color Wow grey coverage. I bought some hair mascara and I hate it - sticky and yukky and such a mess to apply. A powder would be much better.


Great tips, Clarice, and they must be working because you look wonderful!!

My latest beauty tips:

I've been using honey as a face wash for several months, and it is wonderful for keeping the skin moisturized and toned. I use raw honey, about the size of a pea, and a little water in my hand and smear it around my face. Then let it sit for as long as you have (10-30 minutes). If you don't have that much time, just wash, rinse and go.

I love coconut oil for an all-over body cream. It's especially great after shaving legs.

One more tip -- go outdoors and walk for a little while each day. Invigorating and good for the spirit and attitude.

Nan York

Very thoughtful post. My one tip for all women is to wear sunscreen to protect their face. It's sun that does the most damage of all and we must keep it off our faces. I have another tip but it's a prescription so I better not mention that one.


What a lovely post! You ARE beautiful - inside and out. Thanks for sharing some of your beauty tips. Greatly appreciated! xoxo

Bernideen's Tea Time Blog

You look wonderful and how creative and capable to make your own makeup items!


Thank you for the reply- I can't wait to give this a try!


Hi Patrica, sorry for not being clearer. Yes, I mix this each day. Since the oils are fragile. I think it better to mix it up each day. I just add the drops in the palm of my hand and then rub it around my eyes. But like I said be careful not to get it in your eye or too close. Clarice


Great tips! I have a question about the eye cream you make if you don't mind answering: is that amount a single serving that you mix up each morning/evening? Or is that a small batch that you get a couple of uses out of? I ordered Frankincense oil a couple of months ago but it was back ordered. I just heard it has come in so I am excited to try this eye cream. Thank you.

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