Encouraging Thoughts
Encouraging Thoughts

Upcycled Chair


    A girlfriend was cleaning out her basement and thought I might like this chair. It has great lines and I thought it would be interesting for photos. It is falling apart thought and cannot be sat on. I took it and then thought of ways it could still be used.


     Actually Chloe is on the one who came up with the idea of using it as a side table. We needed one and the chair just fit. To make it more stable for cups of tea or a glass of wine, we simply pulled out a pretty metal tray. It works beautifully and it was free. Maybe you have a pretty old chair you can upcycle into a side table?


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Wonderful idea, Clarice. I saw a pin on Pinterest where someone took the legs off the chair and hung it on the wall as a shelf. It looked so cool. I think your idea is a bit more practical though. Love those lines!!!

Thanks for sharing, Clarice...


I once had an old turquoise chair that I removed the seat and put a pot of flowers in the seat. I loved it for a long time until it finally fell apart. Love your idea too.


Great idea!


cool redo! i'm rather partial to your use of the tole tray

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