Encouraging Thoughts
A Year of Storybook Woods

Encouraging Thoughts


Happy New Year!

I have several goals this year. 1.My hubby. We have been very busy the last few years and have not had much time for eachother. That will change this year (we are hiking together). 2.To finish the next Wren novel. 3.Of course my health. To continue to make slow but deliberate steps towards health, including accepting my faults. They make me who I am! What is your goal?


1.bird   2.needlepoint rug  3.knit capelet


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I need to focus on Hubby more this year too. God bless your goals.


Yay! I am glad to hear we can look forward to a new Wren novel.

All of your goals are very important. I wish you all strength and blessings to carry them out.

Happy New Year Clarice!




karen andreola

I can resonate with your goals. Thanks for sharing them. Your pretty collage with its motto encouraged me today too. Karen Andreola


Thanks Doll for these posts the last few weeks, they have been precious and encouraging!

Donna Taylor


Great focuses for the new year. Sometimes I take my husband for granted when he's the most important human in my world.
Good luck on the writing - I'm hoping to do a lot of that this year, too.

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