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    Our theme this year is ... TaaaDaaa, A Churchmouse Christmas! Which will probably does not mean much to many of you ;-) On Bainbridge Island is the most charming yarn and tea shop ever. This is the kind of store you walk in and all cares fall off of you. The kind of store you wish would rent you a cot in the corner for the weekend. Full of beautiful wool yarns, Emma Bridgewater ceramics, French linen for embroidery and needlepoint, Smith tea, transferware, English antiques and much more. We are forever inspired by Churchmouse and decided to make it our Christmas theme this year.


    We assembled a list of what we thought encompassed the shop. Along with past years ideas from the shops Christmas decor this is what we came up with.

Tartan plaid, in soft muted shades of brown, moss green, red, blue and black

Velvet trim

whiskey/port station

antique silver and chrystal

deer antlers, transferware, English china

live greenery, plants and white flowers

wool and knitted items (we threw in antique crochet too, as in trying to use what we already had).


(no glitter, bright colors, plastic, wire rimmed ribbon. Only real stuff)


    Today I am sharing our whisky/port bar for it was the first thing we set up. Last year the Churchmouse had a beautiful Christmas window display. There was an antique English table with chrystal decanters of whiskey (well we are guessing it was whiskey ;-)  I pulled out my beige crochet tablecloth made by my great grandmother and ran a length of wool fabric as a runner. Stole bits and bobs from the bar in the library. Cut some greens and add some bone spoons. Just before Christmas, I will cut some holly from our holly tree. Even though there is very little red and a lot of brown, it still feels quite festive. Next I will share the little trees and our gingermen we made!

ps. sorry for the quality of photos. It has been so black and rainy. Makes it hard to get good photos. If the sun comes out. I will share better ones!!





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my grandmother crocheted that same tablecloth - we use it for every holiday and it must be over 70 years old since I surely am. It has suffered wine and gravy and candlewax drippings. Our family tradition is for me to point out each stain to my nieces and tell the story of how they got there. Our oldest niece is now the keeper of the cloth since Christmas Eve is always celebrated at her house. Sure enough when we sit down for dinner she points out the red wine stain and how it got there, the green stain from the candle wax etc etc --- I love your blog Clarice. Merry Christmas


Have always wished to visit that shop. You have renewed my inspiration to make the trip!!

Children of Eve

Teabags! What an idea, the right variety could add a wonderful scent too.


I really love the warm, earthy colors with the festive evergreens and plaid. It feels warm, comforting, and also begs us to celebrate.


Clarice, it is beautiful!! xo Lynn


I've been thinking about you Clarice, and wondering what your theme would be this year. It's lovely!


Dear Clarice,

What a great idea! The simpler palettes always harm, don't they? You have such a knack for putting things together just right; thank you for sharing all you do!



Tracy A.

Our local yarn store closed at this time last year. Your description has me missing it again! I love your assemblage - it is all so beautiful!


I really like this look! That sounds like a store I would love!

Can't wait to see more!


Love your theme. Cloudy days sometimes make better pictures than sunny and I like your photos. I believe I have been in that shop on the island. Very nice! One year I used the theme about the mouse and the cookie, lots of cookies that year. Love little cute mice in stories.


Oh, Clarice! How I would love to pull up a chair and soak up this lovely room! Can't wait to see more! XXXXOOO!!!


How charmingly elegant, Clarice! I love the muted colors, plaid and vintage look! You've given me an idea or two with your list, too! And now I will have to come check out the little tea shop...maybe after Christmas we could meet and have a cuppa! ;-)

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