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Encouraging Thoughts

Stir Up Thankfulness

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    Every Thanksgiving I make a small gift for each of my guess, as a reminder of that year. This years gift is wood spoons. I have painted them red and stamped them with the saying "stir up thankfulness". In the past I have made acorn cross, bronzed pine cones, paper feather, book apple and cups. I think I will add a tag so each person can write what they are thankful for this year. 

Thank spoon3

     You will need wooden or bamboo spoons with a flat handle. Acrylic paint, painter tape, alphabet stamps and a stamp pad. You could paint over the stamped side of the spoon with some kind of sealer, I did not.


    Start by taping off the spoon, so you can paint the back and sides of the spoon. I found I only needed one coat of paint and then just a touch up in spots. Also I filled the hole with a little ball of painters tape. Tip, if you get paint on areas of the spoon you do not want, I found it easy to sand off with fine grit sandpaper.


    Finally stamp out your saying. I suggest you practice a few times on paper first but do not go for perfection. This is a heartfelt token to remind one of their blessings and that is what counts.

ps. even though I checked the spelling, you can see I misspelled thankfulness. Sighhhh but yet perfect because that is me. Dyslexic, misspelling me!

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Tracy A.

Wonderful idea and tutorial! Thanks!


Love these! I wonder if my woodburning tool could pen these words!


Of course, you said acrylic - sorry!


Lovely. What sort of paint did you use?


Those are great quickie gifts. Love it.


What a great idea, Clarice! I love it. I may try to make some of these for our Secret Sisters at church. Thanks for sharing your creativity! ;~}


Such a great idea, Clarice!

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