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Thanksgiving Menu

Thanksgiving menu 2014
 Our Thanksgiving menu this year. We love the technique of spatchcock chicken, so we are trying it with turkey. We will see how it goes. Are you trying anything new for Thanksgiving?

Spatchcock Turkey

Baguette, Smoked Oyster, Pancetta stuffing

New York Style Pumpkin Cheesecake

Sour Cream Apple Pie

ps. I forgot to put Spiced Port Cranberry Sauce and I may add this Roasted Oersimmon and Ginger Custard to my menu too!!


Encouraging Thoughts


Ones health is very important. Having goals and keeping them is crucial but there are days when ones need to just let go and splurge a bit. Have that slice of cake (or pizza). Really, truly, enjoy it. And if you truly for your health cannot have a slice of cake, then redefine what cake is to you. The point is take a day off now and then, just enjoy. Even if it is not good for your health because it will be good for your soul and that is still a good thing l!


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Stir Up Thankfulness

  Thankspon closee

    Every Thanksgiving I make a small gift for each of my guess, as a reminder of that year. This years gift is wood spoons. I have painted them red and stamped them with the saying "stir up thankfulness". In the past I have made acorn cross, bronzed pine cones, paper feather, book apple and cups. I think I will add a tag so each person can write what they are thankful for this year. 

Thank spoon3

     You will need wooden or bamboo spoons with a flat handle. Acrylic paint, painter tape, alphabet stamps and a stamp pad. You could paint over the stamped side of the spoon with some kind of sealer, I did not.


    Start by taping off the spoon, so you can paint the back and sides of the spoon. I found I only needed one coat of paint and then just a touch up in spots. Also I filled the hole with a little ball of painters tape. Tip, if you get paint on areas of the spoon you do not want, I found it easy to sand off with fine grit sandpaper.


    Finally stamp out your saying. I suggest you practice a few times on paper first but do not go for perfection. This is a heartfelt token to remind one of their blessings and that is what counts.

ps. even though I checked the spelling, you can see I misspelled thankfulness. Sighhhh but yet perfect because that is me. Dyslexic, misspelling me!

  Thankspon insta

Roasted Delicata, Mushroom Brie, Proscuitto Pizza


    LOL, well can you tell I am loving my roasted winter squash? I have been putting it in everything, even soup. Even though I am not suppose to be eating bread, we do have pizza night once (or twice) a month. I have tried some alternative pizza crust but really did not like them. So how I handle pizza crust is first to not have it a lot, duh ;-) Second to make myself a small pizza, like the size of a dessert plate. Lastly, I eat all the topping and about half of the crust. My family is thrilled to finish off my homemade crust for me. This seems to be the best solution for me. Luckly I can have small bits of bread and it does not send me into a bread craze. Actually I think small bits now and then keeps me from feeling deprived. There are foods that if I get a taste of (like TJ mango gummys) I cannot stop. I crave them so bad, so I just do not eat them but bread is different for me. This low carb thing, is such a day to day walk.

    When we do pizza night, it is make-your-own because we all want something different (I usually make some weird pizza for myself) This pizza is my fall fav right now. The combo of salty proscuitto, creamy mushroom brie and sweet roasted squash is heavenly. I have added spinach, which is good but usually have a spinach salad on the side instead. Pizza's are such blank slates, so play with your flavors combos!


Roasted Delicata, Mushroom Brie, Proscuitto Pizza

(I am not giving amounts because it is based off what size pizza you are making and what you like).

pizza dough

thinly sliced proscuitto

roasted delicata squash, cut into small cubes w/ skin on (or any winter squash but if you are using other squash, then remove skin before roasting)

mushroom brie (if you cannot get mushroom brie, then plain brie will do)

thinly sliced mushrooms

grated parmesan and mozzarella cheese, combined

Pre-heat oven to 450˚F

Roasted some delicata squash, cubed in 1/2" squares (skin on) earlier in the day or about an hour before you will bake the pizza.


If I have the time I make the piazza dough that rests 48 hours and uses 00 flour. Letting the dough sit a day or two really makes a difference. If you know you will be having a pizza night ahead of time, I encourage you to try this recipe.

Cover rolled out pizza dough with olive oil (no red sauce w/ this pizza). Lay pieces of proscuitto on crust, then sprinkle the roasted squash over proscuitto. Arrange large chunks of brie and sliced mushrooms. Then top with parmesan and mozzarella cheese. Bake 20 minutes or so. Enjoy!



Encouraging Thoughts


I love this quote because I think it speaks to the kind of beauty that is not obvious. You know how you look at something and then keep thinking about it? it slowly reveals itself to you. The longer you look at it the more beautiful it becomes, until you think how did I not see that in the first place? That is because true beauty lies within our hearts and it takes time to see that kind of beauty!


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