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Encouraging Thoughts

Roasted Pear Sauce Cake, grain-free


    So I posted last week about my Roasted Pear Sauce , which I have to say is brilliant (and I am not bragging, I took some to my mom and she LOVED it)! It is amazing all on it's own. With potato pancakes, homemade yogurt or shortbread cookies but I wanted ot create a recipe using the pear sauce. I mentioned on FB (as I often post what I am cooking for dinner) I had made this amazing cake using the pear sauce. Everyone wanted the recipe, so here we are. It is grain-free (because that is what I can only eat but you can use the pear sauce with any apple sauce cake recipe) and easy but please read all my notes below the recipe. Not that I am trying to make the recipe harder but I think if you understand a recipe, what you are trying to create, you will have a better produce in the end. Plus if someone cannot explain to me what and how their recipe is all about, I am weary of their recipe. Enjoy!!



Roasted Pear Sauce Cake, grain and dairy free

Makes 8’ round cake

Please read all my notes before making the cake.


2 ½ cup almond flour
2 TBL. psyllium husk powder
1 tsp baking powder
½ tsp baking soda
½ tsp salt
½ cup sugar
⅟ᴣ cup coconut oil, melted
2 eggs
1 cup roasted pear sauce

Pre-heat oven 300◦F

Grease a round cake pan (or a loaf pan). Start by melting your coconut oil and then set aside. In a large bowl shift all dry ingredients. In a small bowl whisk together wet ingredients and then add them to dry. Stir the wet and dry together. Scrap batter into pan. Bake 40-50 minutes (see notes on how to tell when the cake is cooked). Let cool in pan and then enjoy! The cake is good and moist for at least 3 days.



1. Now about how to tell when the cake is cooked? I will be honest, it is hard to tell. This is a veryyy moist cake. Plus almond flour cakes have no gluten and do not bake up firm like a regular cakes. This is what I look for when baking; the center to feel like the edges. The cake will rise a bit but it is still soft. Not totally mushy like when it is first baking. Since the edges cook first, I look for the center to be similar to the edge. Also let the cake completely cool in the pan. It will fall apart if not.

2. You will see there are no spices or vanilla in the recipe. That is because my pear sauce already has so much flavor and I want to highlight that. If you are using a sauce with no spices, you would want to add them to the batter.

3. The amount of sugar is somewhat reflective of the sweetness of your sauce. If it is very sweet you could cut down the amount of sugar to a ⅟ᴣ cup and if it is not sweet at all you could add a bit more. It is really about what you like and how sweet the pear sauce is. I use coconut sugar but brown sugar would be really good in this.

4. The cake can be made with apples sauce too. I try to look for fruit that is ripe and smells good BUT still a bit firm.

5. If I have ripe pears on-hand I cut them into bite size squares. Set them in the pan and pour/spread the batter over them.

6. If you cannot get your hands on psyllium husk powder, you can use coconut flour too. I do not like it as well but in a pinch it will work.

7. I also make these in muffin tins. They will make about 12 muffins and bake more like 30 minutes.


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Linda Colantino

You have me slobbering again! Always enjoy your cooking skills and adventures.


HI Clarice,
I asked about the Metamucil because I have been using it in baking quite successfully since hearing about the benefit of the added fiber. Marion always has it on hand and we were wondering about its uses once and gave it a go. It does have a tendency to bind baked goods which is rather ironic, lol...It adds a citrusy falvor too. I've been wanting to post about it for a while but just haven't gotten to it. I've bookmarked your pear cake and will try it. Perhaps by the time I do my post I will have baked it! Thank you so much for getting back to me, Clarice:)


Good day Louise,
I had to look up what is in Metamucil and I see it is mostly psyllium and some gelatin. So first I would check that the husk is ground to a find powder. If it is I think it would work but I would just use 1 TBL and see how it goes. I have made the cake w/ 1 TBL and it works. I just like it better w/ two. If it is great and you like it, you could try upping the amount. The psyllium helps give the cake a more batter/cake mouth feel. It also helps bind it a bit. Good luck!! Clarice


P.S. The link in your post to the pear sauce doesn't work but the one on the side bar does:)


Hi Clarice!
Wow! That is one dramatic looking Pear Cake! It looks awesome. Tell me, were you reading my mind? I was just looking at those lovely pears sitting on the counter and wondering what or what I could do with them, lol...I will definitely be checking out that pear sauce and pinning and saving this recipe.

Thank you so much for sharing...

P.S. Do You think I could use Metamucil for the psyllium powder?


I am thinking my daughter would like this one. I will share the recipe with her.

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