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Encouraging Thoughts

No-Knead Buttermilk Sandwich Bread


    Chloe got braces and this means she cannot eat my artisan bread, the crust to too much for her. So ... (I shutter to share this) I indulged her for a while and bought, (gross and cheap) squishy white bread. But indulgences (and hot summer weather) is over. For years I have been making Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day bread. I keep a big bucket of dough in the fridge and make a loaf of boule every other day. It is sooo easy, even a four year old can make it. But I have never made Buttermilk Sandwich Bread (in Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a day book, page 207) with this method and I have to say is was a big success. Also it is just as easy. I am not not going to post the recipe here because the author has not but check your library and see if they have the book. If you really cannot get your hands on the book, look around others have blogged it. So here are some notes and reasons why you should make your own sandwich bread!!


  • First off bread is expensive, especially is you are looking for organic!! It cost pennies to make a loaf bread. I like to use that money I saved to buy French cheese ;-)
  • If you need soft bread like I do for Chloe the buttermilk version really helps create a softer product.
  • Notes about buttermilk. Number one use whole fat buttermilk! It is the fat that gives you the softer dough. What if you do not have buttermilk on hand like I did not, you can use any of these: soured whole milk, yogurt (just thin it a bit with a TBL or so of water) or kiefer from yogurt or making cheese (mine is from making ricotta). I have not tried sour cream, it might or might not work (again thin it a bit with water). So the fat/acid combo is what you want for soft bread!
  • Like I said it takes like a minute to put together. 2 hours to rise, 30 seconds to shape and 30 minutes to bake. There are tons of tutorials on the subject but here is a great one for shaping the dough for a loaf pan.
  • Note, my favorite pan for making loaf bread is Norpro because I like the bumpy sides (instead of smooth) which allows little pockets of air to get in and makes it easier to remove the loaf from the pan.
  • If you have children, this is a great family project. Actually my daughters will start making this from now on because really the bread is for them.
  • Lastly once you master this dough. you can make a ton of things from it. I made some cinnamon rolls, amazing!! One dough on-hand=lots of options (and money saved)!!




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Can't wait to try this! My son doesn't have braces anymore, but we're glad to have a good-quality soft bread like this anytime!


Hi Clarice:)
I am seriously thinking about trying my hand at baking my own bread. I have heard many great reviews about that book but totally forgot about it, lol...When things settle down around here, I will hve to find it somewhere!!! Thanks so much for the reminder and congrats on finding a soft and enjoyable bread for your daughter:)

Tracy A.

I have this book as well. When life settles down a bit, I will have to take it out and bake some bread!


Dear Clarice,
So are you saying you use the 5 mins a day bread but changed it?
Cause I have the book and use that recipe in bulk too, but don't know which recipe you are talking about


I must try it! Looks so yummy! I have never tried making bread before, but there's nothing more delicious than homemade bread. If I may ask, where did you find that wonderful scalloped cake plate. I need one! :)

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