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Moroccan Burger Mix

  Moroccan burger

    In my attempt to eat low carb (trying to keep my blood glucose down) I am eating basically a paleo diet. Not that I chose a paleo diet, it just mostly suits my needs. I do eat a lot of raw and vegetarian (although vegetarian can be carby, all those beans and rice) but I can only go a few days without meat. Since we buy a whole animal, cows and pigs, we get a lot of ground meat. Which is fine. I like it, it is versatile. Burgers, meat patties and meatballs are served often in my house. I am always looking for a way to change it up a bit and these Moroccan burgers are a big hit. It seems like a lot of spice for only a pound of beef but that is the point. You want these really flavorful, so go heavy handed with the spices. Also play with what you like and what you have on-hand. Honestly, I do not even measure when I make this. I tried to give amounts reflective of how I measure in my mind. A good smoked paprika is a must. I use lots of turmeric and garlic because it is so healthy. My hands are so orange when I make these but it is worth it and a cheap way to bling up cheap food. Enjoy!!

Moroccan Burger Mix

1 pound ground meat

1 TBL smoked paprika

1 TBL ground turmeric

2 tsp dried, powdered ginger

2 tsp dried, granulated garlic (or 2 finely chopped fresh garlic)

1 tsp cayenne or red pepper powder

1 tsp cinnamon

½ tsp ground, dried cumin

1 TBL salt

1 tsp ground pepper

Add all ingredients to a bowl and gently mix together. If you want to check the taste, take a small bit, fry in a pan and taste. Besides burgers, which we loved grilled, this makes great baked meatballs. Add one or two eggs, roll meatballs about the size of a walnut and bake 20-30 minutes at 350◦F

    *Note, you will noticed there is no bread crumbs in the burger or meatballs. That is because it is not carb friendly but feel free to add it if you like. Yes, they are a bit firmer without the bread crumbs but for me, they are fine and a small sacrifice to pay for my health. If you want them moister and do not want to use bread crumbs, try 1/2 cup of grated zucchini. If you peel off the skin, you family will not even know it is there!!

 Also I probably use more, like a generous TBL or tsp. because I do not measure. So really feel free to add a lot and see how you like it.


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I made this after church yesterday for Sunday lunch. It was delicious. I followed the recipe and did not add any of the additions suggested. The only change I made was to cut the salt in half and it was plenty salty. I served it with a herbed Basmati rice and green salad. I will be making this again! Thanks for the recipe.


I'm going to try this. Sounds really good. We eat lots of ground beef and your spice mix sounds like a zippy change from plain burgers. THANKS!

Tracy A.

Sounds delicious!


This sounds amazing and I LOVE exotic flavors. I am going to definitely give this a go. Thank you for the recipe!


Sounds delicious! I would never have thought to put breadcrumbs in a burger anyway.


These sound great. I'll second the almond meal choice Linda offered. Or use coconut flour - just a tiny bit goes a long ways.


Try using almond meal or flour in place of the bread crumbs.

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