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    Almost 6 months into this lifestyle change, there are certain things I still struggle with (like not wanting to exercise). I can feel overwhelmed, like I have no power, no self-control. It is like I keep bumping against the same wall over and over but I have to remind myself I do have the power. I just have to pick myself up, click my heels and use that power!!

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What a great (and so true) quote! I want my girls and myself to be reminded of this every single day. Thinking about how to display it- maybe an embroidery. Thanks again for the inspiration.

Keep going, you CAN do it!! I agree with the previous comment, a spoon of lemon curd goes a long way!


I'm proud of you for sticking with it for 6 months. That's awesome. There are always bumps in the road, but you can do it! yes, you can!

Sweet Cottage Dreams

Sending love and encouragement. Sometimes goals and changes are difficult. I'm dieting, but indulge with a teaspoon of Lemon Curd for a tiny treat.

Big hugs......

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