Encouraging Thoughts
Encouraging Thoughts

Up-Cycled Shelf


   First off, happy 4th. I feel so blessed to live where I have such freedeom!! 

   Now onto my project. I was at a friend shop and spied this beautiful shelf. I loved all the curves and cutouts. I had it in mind for my kitchen but when I got it home, it did not work in the space like I was hoping. Loving the shelf, I walked around my home trying to find just the right spot for it.


    Then it hit me, this would be a perfect room divider. My living room, is veryyy long with 3 distinct spaces, divided by arches. At one end is my "photography studio", the middle is a sitting area and the other end is the dinning room. It is all open to each other.



    I have been looking for a way to make the dinning area feel more separate, all the while still feeling like a part of the space. The only problem is my shelf was meant to hang on the wall. Hubby came to the rescue. The back of the shelf hangs lower than the front. So he put in little feet in the front and now it stands on all it own.


    The shelf/room divider is just what I was hoping for. It helps separate the space without being too heavy. Still lets in lots of light and I can change out the decor with the seasons. I just put out for summer my collection of old bottle given to me by a deep sea diver. Plus if I ever change my mind, I can still hang this on the wall. It will be a keeper I will always treasure (Thank you Molly xox). It is amazing what two little wood legs and some chalk paint can do!!




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A great way to use a piece you love.


Lookin' good, Clarice. And oh so portable too! Thanks for sharing...


now I want to see the photography studio.


lovely :-)



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